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Published: Friday, April 12 2013 12:30 p.m. MDT

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Scottsdale, AZ

Utes fans should be concerned. As the saying goes, "if you've got two good QBs, you've got none."

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


Are you concerned about the QB situation down there in WACistan? How many good QBs do you have? Because by the tone of your last comment, it sounds like you have only just the 1. Utah had only 1 good QB back in 2011 and 2012, and we didn't do so hot. You must be absolutely freaking out right about now. You're looking down the barrell of about 5 months of sleepness nights. Poor Indy-WACer.

Scottsdale, AZ

To be fair, Whittingham probably learned how to be overly optimistic when he was down in the bubble during his playing days. That being said, Duckhunter is right about the Utah QB situation.

In order to do anything better than 4-8, Utah fans better hope that Whittingham is acting like there is a QB battle only to push Wilson. Surely a heavily recruited Sophomore with PAC-12 experience is heads and shoulders better than a nobody from rural WI that didn't get any offers from any teams, right?????

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"...now he is telling us a sophomore coming off a pretty average season and a walk on no one wanted are both 'upper echelon' qb's in the pac12,...I can't wait for your 'frantic and emotional' reply."

Well it sure didn't take me long to hear YOUR frantic and emotional reply. Your time stamp indicated a 37-minute difference, but considering my post was delayed by the moderators, it was actually a lot sooner than that. Whittingham said "MAYBE even upper-echelon". "MAYBE"!

Now here's what the Pac-12's ESPN writers had to say about Wilson:

"Of course, Wilson was a true freshman last year...it's worth noting that his efficiency rating was better than Washington State's Jeff Tuel and Connor Halliday and essentially equal to Washington's Keith Price...He's got potential...The Utes might surprise some folks." -- Ted Miller

So it would appear that Whittingham isn't the ONLY one who thinks that Wilson "MAY BE" an upper echelon QB in the Pac-12. If a "true freshman" playing only 1/2 a season is drawing comparisons to upperclassmen like Tuel, Halliday, and Price, he can't be THAT bad.

Las Vegas, NV

Oh what fun it is to read a Utah story then read the frantic troller posts that follow!! Sheer entertainment!

Go Utes!!

Bluffdale, UT

I for one hope to see Utah get back in the qb business. I will say this, after watching both teams scrimmage, it is true that Utah has two pretty equal qbs battling it out; however, BYU's top three are so much better than the Utah qbs, they are out of their league. Not even close. Hill, Olson, and Mangum were hitting receivers in stride over and over on deep bombs down the sidelines, not to mention hitting crossing and out patterns on a consistent basis. I don't think that is how we should judge the Utah qbs simply because it is spring. What counts is what they do in games, and like I said earlier, I hope Utah finds a good one.

Scottsdale, AZ


As a BYU fan, you spent your precious time watching Utah scrimmage? Furthermore, you viewed each scrimmage without bias? I find that hard to believe.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

It's funny that utes think they can beat good teams. they never beat good teams.

Orange County, CA


Objectively, can you really say you think Wilson has better skills than Hill? I'm a Ute fan through and through, but having watched both I'd much rather have Hill. I've not seen Schultz, but I've seen plenty of Wilson, dating back to his high school days. He's okay, he's who we've got, so he's who I'll be cheering for, but objectively, HIll is both a better passer and runner. Also, Harbaugh's a better judge of QB talent than either of us, and he recruited Hill to Stanford. If you think it's impossible to watch both scrimmages without bias, then your own bias is glaring. C'mon, man!

Bluffdale, UT


There are a lot of things you don't know. And yes, for reasons I will not mention on here, I spent time at both scrimmages; on the field. What can I say other than both scrimmages were fun and very beneficial. Oh, and did I mention, I hope Utah is able to have a very good qb this year and in the future? You should pay more attention to my posts. I do not dislike Utah, I dislike Utah "fans" who are haters. Big difference.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

I want shulz to get the job. Wilson looked fair at best. IMO

Bluffdale, UT

Spokane Ute,

It is very close between the two qbs. Whoever the coaches choose, you can take solace in the fact that you have a solid backup. Wilson is very good. He just needs to work on accuracy and timing with the receivers. His footwork is solid and where he lacks in his ability to read defenses, he will make up with his patience. He doesn't seem to get rattled too easily. Stuff that can be worked on and he could really come out looking good this fall. Shulz is feisty and has heart. To step in and challenge Wilson says something.

Salt Lake City, UT

79Utes wonders "Objectively, can you really say you think Wilson has better skills than Hill?"
Pessimistically, I'd take the QB who is not coming back from a season-ending knee injury. Ute fans thought Wynn's shoulder was good to go. Cougar fans should pay close attention to whomever the number 2 quarterback is. They may see a lot of him next year.

Richmond, VA

@ Cougar1,

"I do not dislike Utah, I dislike Utah "fans" who are haters. Big difference." Amen to that, brother! And that goes the same with BYU fans who act the same way towards the Utes. There's just no excuse for that and I wish it would stop. I especially loathe those who posts insincerely just to solicit hateful responses.

I do hope the Utes dominates all their opponents except against the Cougars! I can't wait for that game to happen. Hope it'll be an epic game with my cougars coming out on top!

Bluffdale, UT


That is a very good point. Which is why I have paid close attention to Ammon Olson this year, who appears to be every bit as good as Hill minus the experience as a starter.


Amen. I love to talk football and I love a little friendly banter with my friends who are Utah faithful. Maybe that is what some Ute and Cougar fans are really trying to do here, however when done in writing the translation seems to be lost. I realize that.I also realize that some are just trying to be haters.

Oceanside, CA

Re: 79 Ute

Your gushing over Hill is interesting. From the the brief look we had of him last year he looked like another all run, no throw QB, not much better than his predecessor. I don't care how good he was in HS, this is the big time. Well, in BYU's case, kinda big time sometimes.

Bluffdale, UT


Good point. He showed some serious skills in his passing game this spring. The question is, will it translate onto the field this fall? I hope so. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that we had an o-coordinator who kept running the option and a running backs coach whose specialty was the option. Maybe with Anae and Atuaia we will see what Hill is really capable of.

Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

The 4th string BYU QB is better than these guys.

Highland, UT


So you post a reply at the same time you whine to the moderators to remove my post.


Salt Lake City, UT

On Hill:
I know it is a relflex for Y fans to annoit their qb as the second coming of Steve Young every April but the fact is Hill is coming off a serious knee injury along with other problems. Hill is very athletic but uses that that athleticism at the expense of his read progression. He locks onto his primary reciever or takes off running way to early. Hill's test will come as teams not named Hawaii specifically game plan for him.
On Wilson:
Size and experience are on his side but I will wait to see if there truly is an improvement in arm strenth. Arm strength and accuracy were not awful but you expect a guy of his stature to really sling it and fit the ball into smaller windows. Has he developed enough mentally to have the coaching staff take the training wheels of the offense. Lets see what Wilson can do, if the Utes do not throttle up the offense don't plan on bowling.

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