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Published: Friday, April 12 2013 11:40 a.m. MDT

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Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Trust me, this is not a two for one. (However don't read the handwritten comments explaining why it was structured this way. Something about Holmoe's word of not accepting anything but a home and home arrangement.)

River Falls, WI

This looks like a great series. Arizona is no powerhouse, but having regional games where BYU has a large fan base makes a lot of sense... and we need some easier games on the schedule. They can't all be Notre Dame, Wisconsin, and Texas. Go Cougs!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

This will be the closest BYU ever gets to a Fiesta Bowl...


Psst...UteNation. It's closer than the Utes got to a bowl of amy kind last year, and probably closer than you will get this year. Just sayin...

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT


BYU already has played in the Fiesta Bowl (1974). If you are going to attempt bashing BYU, at least check your facts.

This series looks interesting. I lived in Tucson for a year back when the fan base claimed they didn't have a football team, having fgone winless in conference play for two straight seasons. I am glad Arizon is no longer a winless doormat of a big name conference. Arizona makes bowls, gets ranked and is competetive each year. The doormat is reserved for some other PAC-12 bottom-dweller!!

south jordan, UT

Love Independence!...I guess BYU may not fit as a member of the PAC, but at least PAC schools are willing to play BYU and go against the prejudices of their Conference presidents. I see more PAC schools scheduling BYU, and BYU announcing more series with the elite around the nation. Exciting times.

Pomerene, AZ

BYU played in the Fiesta Bowl in 1974 against Oklahoma. I was their first bowl game appearance. I went to the game. Gary Sheide was quarterback and was injured during the game. BYU used its backup quarterback.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

@Who am I sir?

You're right, this isn't a two-for-one...it's actually a two-for-zero. Arizona will buy out the final game just like all of BYU's major-conference opponents have lately.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

Way to go Cougars! The pesky long range schedule sure is filling out!

Mcallen, TX

UteNationAlum--Just remember. The utes, and buffalos were brought in to pad an extra two wins for the others to become bowl eligible. Extra cash flow with more bowl worthy teams.

This business decision also effects basketball.

It's just that simple. BYU is the University of Utah.

Highland, UT


Uh....BYU already played in the fiesta Bowl, 30 years before utah even dreamed of it.


Highland, UT

@cowardly robin

BYU will probably have more fans at the game in Phoenix than az will.

LOL at your "frantic and emotional" claim though.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Definitely a home-away-neutral series - BYU has a very large fan base in the Phoenix area. It wouldn't be a bit surprising for BYU to have the majority of fans for the game in Phoenix.


BYU played Oklahoma State in the 1974 Fiesta Bowl, BYU's first ever bowl game.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

The moment I saw the headline indicating this would be a THREE game series, I KNEW our jealous little brothers would come on here and boast of how this proves Irrelevance, er, I mean Independence, is such a smashing success. I KNEW they'd try to spin 2 games in Arizona as neutral, citing the size of their "large fanbase".

I also KNOW that there will be a lot more of these types of scheduling arrangements because nobody down there in WACistan dares call out Holmoe for these quasi 2-for-1s. And it IS a 2-for-1. Glendale may not be the Wildcat-haven of Tucson, but it's a LOT more Wildcat than cougar.

Steven S Jarvis:

The Fiesta Bowl back in the early 1970s was equivalent to the Poinsettia Bowl of today. It was "small ball" on the grand scale of postseasons. Utenationalum was referring to when the Fiesta was a MAJOR bowl. You haven't been to any major bowls of that scope.


"BYU played in the Fiesta Bowl in 1974 against Oklahoma."

Actually, it was Oklahoma STATE. And they were a 6-5 team heading into the game. Weak SOS.

Salt Lake City, Utah

The minute I saw that BYU had scheduled another THREE-game series, I KNEW that our jealous little navelet would come on here trying to minimize another hit to his fragile ego.

BYU played in the 1974 Fiesta Bowl representing the WAC as conference champions, something that our jealous little friend on the hill has a hard time even contemplating since his sorry Utes NEVER played in a single bowl intended for the WAC champions in Utah's 38 years in the conference.

Orem, UT


"BYU played in the Fiesta Bowl in 1974 against Oklahoma.

Actually, it was Oklahoma STATE. And they were a 6-5 team heading into the game. Weak SOS."

Remind us again how many bowls the mighty weak Utes played in from 1965 to 1991.

Baltimore, MD


"Actually, it was Oklahoma STATE. And they were a 6-5 team heading into the game. Weak SOS."

LOL at your misinformed spin.

BYU's 1974 Fiesta Bowl opponent, Oklahoma State, finished 7-5 in the Big Eight.
Utah's 2004 Fiesta Bowl opponent, Pittsburgh, finished 8-4 in the Big Least.

Oklahoma State 1974 would have shredded Pittsburgh 2004.


Navel Vet

Have you ever been to the Phoenix area? Not only is it chuck full of Mormons; many of which are diehard BYU fans it is also home to a ton of Arizona haters in the form of Arizona State fans.

All rivalry bias aside this is a pretty great setup by Holmoe and Company. This is not a 2 for 1, but a great home, away, and neutral. BYU will be anything but lacking for support when they play the Wildcats in 2016.

Mcallen, TX

Only no bowlers will cheer on a Boston Terrier over a Greyhound, and BYU led the state in both football, and basketball.

State championships smell good.

Salt Lake City, UT

Love the hypocricy of Cougar "fan" now telling us how great a series this will be after doing nothing but bad mouth the PAC 12 for years. For such a miserable conference, BYU sure seems to want to schedule a lot of games with the PAC 12 member schools.


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