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Published: Thursday, April 11 2013 6:45 p.m. MDT

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LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

68 - 13

Sen. Lee is correct about one thing...

Passing this is NOT a faliure at all,
but the beginning of a huge success.

Keep going!
Close the loops of weapon sales to criminals and mentally insane,
and Universal BackGorund Checks!

[Sorry Senator, you are a very small fringe minorty]

Saint George, UT

"...Sen. Lee says effort to stop debate on gun control bill not a failure...".

You either make it happen or you make excuses.

Lee has chosen to make excuses.

tremonton, UT

The guns used in the Newtown murders were legally owned weapons. The person using them was mentally ill. Instead of gun control which has never worked anywhere in the country it has been implemented, why not get the mentally ill off the streets and away from guns? His
mother who paid the ultimate price, knew he had a problem yet was not a responsible gun owner. Maybe some education about gun safety in the home would have prevented him from ever killing all these children. Very sad outcome which could have been prevented. Background checks would have done nothing to prevent it though because they weren't his guns.

Clearfield, UT

The Utah Legislature has gerrymandered U.S. House districts which is at the center of the gun control debate. By eliminating a urban-suburban district for diversified legislative districts, the voice of those whose primary cultural environment isn't a rural gun culture, the State Legislature has deprived those of us with much different social living environments a voice in Congress.

Mark B
Eureka, CA

Not a failure? I bet if the 68-31 vote for cloture had gone the other way, Lee would be crowing "success" pretty loudly.

Far East USA, SC

"why not get the mentally ill off the streets and away from guns? "

Of course a great concept. But how do you do it?

"His mother who paid the ultimate price, knew he had a problem yet was not a responsible gun owner. "

In the Newtown shooting, this was the single biggest breakdown. His mother KNEW her kid had mental issues but chose to keep accessible guns in the house.

She was NOT a responsible gun owner. We need gun advocates to scream loudly rather than to always defend the irresponsible actions of gun owners.

Instead, we get the mentality of

Any Gun
by Anyone

Durham, NC

I stil haven't had anyone explain to me how making sure bad people don't have easy access to guns through the back ground check process is creating a constitutional hurdle to owning guns.

Yes, checking IDs to buy alcohol hasn't stopped minors from obtaining what they want on Friday nights.... but it has made it harder on them. But we don't abandon ID laws because they can be gotten around either. And having ID laws doesn't prevent those who are of legal age to drink from obtaining what ever they want either.

Lee and the other NRA surrogates are just raising red herring issues to slow this down. I applaud their fight to keep gun access for law abiding citizens....but fighting common sense legislation to make it harder on the wrong people from buying guns is totally out of touch with most Americans.

Background checks we not prevent any law abiding citizen from obtaining a weapon.

Murray, UT

There is nothing brave or noble about holding your breath. I bet the senator was known as child of taking his ball, and going home if he started losing at basketball. So now if you cannot make any rational argument,you just stand up and waste everyones time.

Springville, UT

Spin city. Holy cow! I guess he revealed the most ardent servants of the NRA.

Ricardo Carvalho
Provo, UT

Dear Senator - Please quit participating in the bogging down of our political process. Many of us share your views on gun control. Many of us do not. Almost all of us, however, prefer a Congress that works together to give issues an honest hearing and then takes a vote on what they and their constituents think is best for the nation. Please be part of a Senate that works together to get things done rather than one who attempts to silence debate in a way that will can only deepen the political divide. We have too much to do as a nation to be caught up in such political pettiness.

Salt Lake, UT

What I don't understand is why it is so important to shut down discussion on this important issue. What can Mike (and Orrin) be so afraid of? Are they concerned that discussion will somehow break through their concrete minds and change them...thus losing their income from the NRA? The Senate and the Congress is supposed to be a place for consideration and thoughtful contemplation. Not place for fear and loathing. What a shame and embarrassment that our Senators are afraid of debate.

Far East USA, SC

None of the recent mass shootings have been done with fully automatic weapons.

Why do you think that is?

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

I don't regard background checks as gun control at all.

Lane Myer
Salt Lake City, UT

Far East USA, SC
None of the recent mass shootings have been done with fully automatic weapons.

Why do you think that is?


Could it be that they have become HIGHLY regulated. Yes, you can still own one, but the background tests and registrations process is VERY tenuous.



Adam Lanza had a gun safe in his bedroom. Investigators also found a card and check written to Adam to purchase another gun from his mother. He tried to buy another gun shortly before the massacre, but didn't complete the purchase because of a 14 day waiting period.

On a sad note, Rev Rick Warren's son purchased the gun he used through the internet.

As for the argument that gun control won't stop gun crime:
Burglar alarms don't stop all burglaries. Seatbelt laws don't stop all car accident deaths. Speed limits don't stop speeding, texting while driving laws don't stop all texting. Should we repeal these laws?

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

60,000 gun deaths every year and Senator Lee refuses to even talk about legislation to prevent it. How is that a "success" in any way shape or form?

Castle Valley, Utah

I don't know how the self-proclaimed constitutional scholar reconciles his position on this when all the while there is any number of arms we cannot bear because they are illegal to possess - a shoulder-fired missile, let's say. The large majority of us understand that the 2nd doesn't guarantee the right to own any weapon we might want to have. So in a way, it's just splitting hairs when we're talking about restrictions on high-capacity magazines, and the like. But how significant such a small change might be for our safety!

Salt Lake City, UT

I encourage Sen. Lee to continue standing up for freedom and the Constitution. Too bad we don’t have a lot more politicians with the courage, principles, and wisdom to do so.

Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

Not a surprise that even his own partisans muzzled this obstructionist. Forestall all debate? Forbid any discussion at all? That's what Lee wanted, and thank heaven he didn't get it. Un-elect Lee in 2016!

Provo, UT

I for one am hugely embarrassed that one of our senators would try to prevent even a discussion from happening on this important piece of legislation. Whatever your views on the topic, this debate is important and it needs to happen. Also as the majority of Utahns support expanded background checks, it is greatly irresponsible of him to try and block this vote. So, Senator Lee, I'm sorry if you don't like being called an obstructionist. But I say if the shoe fits...

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