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Published: Thursday, April 11 2013 4:45 p.m. MDT

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just a thought. I've seen plenty of rifles and shotguns that have a shoulder pad and a pistol grip. also, all over the internet you can find pistol grips for this shotgun that can be installed on the regular stock. the attorneys are saying that this was sold illegally, but they settled out of court without admitting guilt. It sounds like the only ones to get rich on this are the attorneys.


There was a great opportunity for the right thing to be done here and they blew it. The lawsuit should have been against Trolley Square for not allowing its patrons to defend themselves by lawfully carrying a firearm on their property. Trolley Square made the decision that criminals could have a weapon on their property but decided that law abiding citizens could not. As a direct result of their policy, people are dead.

Columbia, SC

Unless the legal definition of a shotgun requires it to only be shot from the shoulder I don't see why this lawsuit wasn't immediately dismissed. To me a weapon should be define by it's ammunition. If it fires a shotgun shell, it's a shotgun.

Sneaky Jimmy
Bay Area, CA

How stupid can the courts be. Like mulrich says, if it fires shot gun shells its a shot gun (yes, i know, some pistols fire a .410 gauge shot gun shell). Better to change the law to make it 18 or 21 years for any gun purchase.

Boise, ID

A "Mossberg 88 pistol-grip 12-gauge weapon" is indeed a shotgun. The defendants must've felt there was a reasonable chance of losing, and settling up was the course to take.

I feel horrible for this family and the other victims. And I'm in favor of ANYTHING that can realistically be done to keep deadly weapons out of the hands of mentally-unstable people and criminals. However, that desire must be balanced against the right of law-abiding citizens to have such weapons.


By the tone of the story, you would have thought that this was a great victory for Tuft's and the American people. It looks more to me like a "definition" decision. Does a shotgun become a pistol just by changing the grip? I would have agreed with the pawn shop on this and thrown this lawsuit out. I feel sorry for the family, but I think they were played by the Brady group and the only winners here were the lawyers.

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