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Published: Thursday, April 11 2013 9:20 p.m. MDT

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Cool Cat Cosmo
Payson, UT

It's certainly disturbing that those who claim to always seek out the truth avoid talking about the truth when it doesn't coincide with their political views.

Yet isn't it interesting that since the Sandy Hook shooting, the media can't seem to get enough of any story involving a gun...? Political bias at its worst...people (on both sides of the political spectrum) are more and more living only in the reality that they want for themselves, while ignoring anything to the contrary.

This glaring example of that certainly isn't going to help us as a nation come to any sort of reasonable consensus on these divisive issues. One has to wonder how much more divisiveness our nation can withstand before it is literally split apart.

Seek to understand
Sandy, UT

We live in a time of great wickedness. This week alone we read about 2 fathers who murdered their babies. Now, we learn of a "Dr." who murdered hundreds of babies. Certainly we cannot argue that this is depraved and a representation of how truly evil our world is becoming. Yes, this has happened in China (killing of babies) for many generations, and genocides have taken place in many places over the past centuries, but it has not been the norm in America and we ought to do all we can to protect the innocent and try to reclaim our nation.

Woods Cross, UT

@Cool Cat Cosmo:

I believe that in this post-modern era, the truth has become so prone to interpretation, that our cultural elites have decided to interpret it the way that they want to. Hence, Harry Potter is as relevant as the Bible, and the latest movie is as accurate as the evening news.

Philadelphia, PA

I live in Philadelphia. Our newspaper, which is as left leaning liberal as they come, has had this on the front page multiple times. The trial just started but the arrest was almost a year ago. We have had almost a year of coverage of this story.

All of this complaining about lack of coverage is simply not true. This case is not politics or right vs. left, it is a grotesque crime. Are we to complain when national press fails to report every local crime a year after it happens? Because if that is the case the Deseret News has failed to report about 300 shootings in Philadelphia from last year as well.

Albert Maslar CPA (Retired)
Absecon, NJ

A society is judged by how it protects the most vulnerable, those unable to protect themselves, In the case of abortion on demand magnified by abortion just before or just after the baby is born, America has been found wanting. Who speaks for the smallest who cannot defend themselves? Defense of Dr. Gosnell actually had the audacity to admit that the baby that was living is now dead as a result of procedures beneath human dignity. Jesus said, "Whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me." That should be a frightening thought for perpetrators who proudly admit to their horrendous deeds.

Salt Lake City, UT

With all due respect, the Philadelphia newspapers have provided the ONLY significant coverage of this mass murder. The reason it has not been carried on any of the major TV networks is because it conflicts with their political positions on the "choice" issue. They are not doing their jobs!

Suburbs, AZ

Having some connections to the Philadelphia area, I have been exposed to regular and extensive coverage of the very disturbing trial.

If the Deseret News hasn't covered the story, that's the Deseret News's problem, and there's no reason to paint your lack of coverage as a sinister cover-up by the "liberal media."

Ultra Bob
Cottonwood Heights, UT

All media are business operations, owned and operated by businessmen for business purposes.

Not one word about a murder trial for food processors who kill people by not following regulations.

Will the owner operators of the bad medicine be charged in the multiple deaths of people?

How about the people who die accidentally in medical procedures in hospitals.

How about the people and children who die because of the lack of health care.

Of all the murders committed in our society, the least cruel is probably the abortion of life at conception through birth.

Tucson, AZ

For those of you who follow local Philadelphia media outlets congratulations, but this article points out a glaring problem in the national media. When national media covers idol contestants, a divorced parents who kidnapped his/her child, Starbucks prices, and celebrity fashion ad nauseum, is it too much to ask for them to report something like the Philadelphia case in an objective manner? I'd completely forgotten about the case even though I read national media every day.
What is the media saying if they decide not to report on something of real national importance, replacing it instead with an article about Britney Spears' clothes or lack thereof?


So why didn't DN write an article about the trial?

Instead, it writes about a media conspiracy theory about the trial.

DN takes its talking points from the radical right. Everything is a conspiracy, a cover-up, a "war" against. It is sad more and more DN resembles a tabloid than a serious high quality newspaper.

Kaysville, UT

The power of the press is about as strong as the power of the gun relating to the Constitution of the United States of America. Journalism and Journalists used to have integrity and honesty, overall, with some on the sideline that practiced yellow journalism. The need for 24-hour news has probably made it so just the numbers of reporters and not journalists have watered down the process. The quality control of news agencies and publishers has probably also gone down with the number of papers have been bought out by the big guys and not just in the United States of America.

It comes down to agendas of the people that bought the papers and airwave and Internet papers out. The sources are not always verified and it has become a Hollywood way of sensationalism that is impacting on morality of the issues. Moral issues have existed since the world has existed. People have choices to make, good or bad. However, the press and news rooms are making items that used to be good, bad and bad items look good.

We accept as a people more infiltration of images, messages and thoughts that don't improve our lives for good.

American Fork, UT

It's great when you can get coverage and outrage to support your cause, eh?

Hayden, ID

@Hutterite. What is amazing is that this seems to be acceptable to you and others.

Enumclaw, WA

Even a nationally recognized and respected columnist for the liberal Washington Post sees a problem here: "Krauthammer: Media Ignoring Gosnell Trial Because It Puts Abortion Issue ‘Starkly Into Relief.'" Although it may have been well-covered locally,such a sad case in a nationally-debated issue would usually attract national attention. That it hasn't speaks volumes about media bias.

Saint Louis, MO

Well done by the Deseret News. This is a horrifying story and symptomatic of the malaise in our society. With Hannibal Lector now "staking" his claim to prime time coverage, the proliferation of money making violence is astounding and tearing our society apart by targeting the young and impressionable.

Kearns, UT

The simple reason for not having any national coverage on this horrible crime is, this case, because it is about the evils of abortion does not fit with the mainstream media's morals and beliefs. They support abortion for any reason and for them to report on this would make them look bad.

Kearns, UT

By the way, this "Doctor" very much deserves the death penalty. Don't know if PA has it, but he very much deserves it.

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT

Outside of Philadelphia the only coverage you would see on this story in the last few weeks is on conservative or pro-life websites - NOT in the mainstream media - despite the horrific implications of the story.
There are lies – then there are lies by omission. The MSM can cover its rear easier by ignoring inconvenient facts than it can by overtly lying about them (I.e. NBC lying in the case of George Zimmerman came back to humiliate the network)
It is sad indictment when the blatant lack of coverage about a crime becomes as newsworthy as the horror of the crime

Ultra Bob
Your rationalization of after birth murder is precisely why I am repelled by the hard left

Saint George, UT

Ultra Bob, try as you might, trying to get everyone to turn their head in another direction is sickening. Ultra Bob, you made it through the sieve that has killed 55 million innocent children the last 40 years. Be grateful you weren't one of them tossed in a corner garbage can. I teach school and even middle schoolers are beginning to see the hypocrisy of the abortion on demand mentality that seeks to excuse those who were irresponsible to begin with and then compound that irresponsibility by aborting what they chose to start! How sad for them and you. Children are a blessing, a gift from God. Hope in society is tied to how we treat babies. Their voices will be heard, if not now, someday.

West Jordan, UT

@Ultra Bob

"Of all the murders committed in our society, the least cruel is probably the abortion of life at conception through birth."

The least cruel? Are not all murders cruel? How do you judge one to be "less cruel" than another? And are you conceding that abortion is, in fact, a form of murder?

I find this comment to be extremely disturbing, but, sadly, exactly what I have come to expect from the godless left.

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