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Published: Wednesday, April 10 2013 8:05 p.m. MDT

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Hey Baby
Franklin, IN

Great decision Star!

Sacrificing TV time for sharing with 50 family members and friends...

Unselfish...like the program you helped build my man! A Utah man...

IRS Agent

Wise beyond his years. Great choice Star, and one you will never regret.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Hey baby,

what specifically makes the Utah program unselfish. I not trying to be a ute hater I would say the same to a BYU fan if they said the same thing. I just think thats a weird thing to say

Omaha, NE

Class Act Star...they will all be there for you when you finish your career too...


West Jordan, UT

Wonder who will be drafted higher, Star or Ziggy? Should be interesting!

Las Vegas, NV

hatch - I think baby was referring to Star being unselfish in his time at Utah - could have been a first round pick last year, but chose to stay to help the program and better himself.

Great guy, happy for him. A true class act!!

Blue - who cares who gets drafted first? It's what is done in the NFL after the draft that counts. That is why the U is so WELL represented in the NFL, other schools, not so much! I hope Ziggy does well in the NFL, he is a great story, as is Star. I hope they are both top 10 picks - it will be great for the state. However, who gets picked first will mean absolutely nothing. It will be good for Bronco, though, to FINALLY have someone taken in the draft!

Salt Lake City, UT

It sure would be interesting if Star gets drafted #1 overall. What will Goodell do without the obligatory posed photo holding up the uniform and one finger?

Hey Baby
Franklin, IN

I like the selflessness of Star...and I also think that either the staff at Utah and/or the players have put the team first and individual second.

I'm sure White and the other injured Utes last year would have loved to try and play a little hurt...but sat out for the betterment of the team. I think Nelson/Doman/Mendenhall might be guilty of putting player first last year.

Clearly there were at least two QB's at BYU at seasons end that were better than Nelson.


Eagle Mountain, UT

I probably would not agree. Nelson was a disaster last year. hands down there is no argument about it. I wouldn't say him trying to continue to play was selfish. The other options were not as good as you think. Yes Lark was impressive in the two games he played in but those were two terrible teams anyone can throw for a million yards against new mexico state, and our best option for quarterback in the bowl game would have actually been kyle van noy. I don't defend nelson at all, he was terrible, but lark has never shown any bit of promise since he was there. '

On a brighter note congrats to star! great player, terrorized byu and i am glad he is gone. I wish him the best. My original comment was just that his unselfishness and the ute's program "unselfishness" dont really match up or make any sensse.

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