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Published: Wednesday, April 10 2013 6:15 p.m. MDT

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Provo, UT

It's not right for someone to be arrested for putting on a jacket over their open carry gun.

Clearfield, UT

I hope next year that the Legislature will strengthen the permit process so that like driver education, people can demonstrate that they can actually shoot a gun safely and not kill somebody accidentally because they can't aim their gun properly. This is not like driving a golf ball.

one old man
Ogden, UT

excellent comment, tabuno.

washington, utah

the constitution dosen't guarantee the right to drive a golf ball and voters remember who didn't support this bill

Taylorsville, UT

There is no comparison of shooting and driving as in any way an comparable. Driving is a privilege and requires skills and focus and training. Shooting a gun is point and pull and a right. When and how to point and shoot is the right of the american to choose and decide, not any governor or law vindictive left wing radical who does consider himself worthy of his rights. Shooting from cars and horses is a skill and may need training though.

The infringement clause of the 2nd amendment by concealed carry permits are infringement of other laws legalizing possession of and carry of the same weapons and gun that CCP license us to hide. It is not a law you must have a gun, but there is a law that you can have and carry and posses a gun if you wish. Left wing radicals do not have the right to stop our ownership or possession of guns. Seeing guns is proof we exist as a free nation.

The United State Constitution calls all citizens the militia and for freedom and rights should always be armed, even if left wingers don't want our protections.

Provo, UT

"The United State Constitution calls all citizens the militia..."

No, it does not.

But even if it did, the key clause in the 2nd Amendment is "A well regulated militia..."

Hence, there are regulations controlling who can own guns, what kinds, and under what conditions.

Nothing unConstitutional about that.

murray, UT

The Legislator sponsoring HB76 said the purpose of this bill was to protect the rancher or hunter riding his fence line giving him the legal ability to put his coat on over his gun if the weather turned bad. So we are to pass a law that would adversely affect the entire population of the State of Utah because of this antidotal story? This was just an excuse for our guns ‘R’ us Legislators to make Utah’s gun laws even more liberal and nothing more. The Governor did the right thing and I just hope enough Senators and Representatives come to their senses and we don’t see an override vote. I for one am very tired of seeing the gun toteing folks marching in our streets and rallying on the Capital steps with their assault rifle on their back and hand guns strapped to their hips waving the Confederate and Stand Your Ground flags. This goes too far and enough is enough!

the truth
Holladay, UT

@I M LDS 2

As usual the extreme left seriously misinterprets the 2nd amendment.

"well regulated" means working or functioning properly, or in proper balance (to the federal government).

The founding fathers did not want the federal government to have tyrannical control over the people (unlike the left, or as the BOM called them "the kingmen").

Believe it or not freedom works.

They passed a constitutional carry law in Arizona a couple of years ago, and no one has noticed any difference.

Therefore concealed laws are unnecessary, an unnecessary infringement.

"shall not be infreinged" is just as important as the common wrongly leftest interpreted "well regulated"

The government should fear the people not vice versa.

Provo, UT

the truth,

I am a lifelong Republican.

Who are you calling "the extreme left"?

And upon what basis shall we trust your (mis)interpretation of the 2nd Amendment when you claim things are in the Constitution that are not in the Constitution?

Salt Lake, UT

The lame rationale for this law, that cowboys would get arrested if they put on their raincoats is laughable. What it means in reality is that anyone, anywhere can carry a firearm hidden under their clothes. Anyone...crazy Aunt Mary and gansters and your favorite drunk. Even Utah is no longer in the 19th century, without any law enforcement, needing armed citizens to protect themselves from coyotes, varmits and bears downtown.

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