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Published: Wednesday, April 10 2013 3:20 p.m. MDT

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Ogden, UT

Most expensive public transportation system in the NATION! Gotta love it! You'd think we had hit the big times and were the thriving metropolis of DC or NY or LA. Nope, we're the thriving metropolis of SLC where the whole state of Utah has just over 3 million people and these other BIG cities where public transportation is cheaper have millions of people...NYC...over 8 million.

SLC gal
Salt Lake City, UT

Brave Sir & other haters - if you think nobody will take it, not needed, blah, blah, blah, I would guesstimate you have never been to the State Fair. A public transit option besides the bus is sorely needed.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

Too bad they'll stifle usage by limiting early and late hours of service. And how do connection times look at the intermodal hub? If I take frontrunner what are the odds of a wait for the trax line?

South Jordan, UT

In the last year I have lost count of how many times my daughter has driven up from Provo to pick up roommates at the airport. Just because your friends CAN pick you up doesn't mean they want to.

Tooele, UT

Re: "A public transit option besides the bus is sorely needed."

And, it will still be sorely needed after TRAX opens its airport line.

This run is even a bigger joke than the rest of the lines, none of which will ever garner enough ridership to be profitable.

UTA collects excess revenues from bus and UTA Vanpool riders to subsidize East-bench elites and their TRAX toy.


Yeah but
South Jordan, UT

One of the other problems with this line is that, unless you live along the green line, you have to transfer to another line - and UTA planners have taken yet another opportunity to prove how inept they are. For example, they have the Front Runner and Green Line leaving the North Temple station at exactly the same time all day long - meaning at best a 15 minute wait, but up to a 30 minute wait, depending on the direction of travel. Well done, UTA!

Sandy, UT


Buses aren't cheaper! Not by a long shot. According to the data from the National Transit Database for 2011, It cost UTA $5.00 per ride taken on a bus and the riders covered 19.38% of that via the fare box, leaving $4.03 for the taxpayers to pick up.

It cost UTA $2.27 per ride taken on a light rail train, and the taxpayers only had to pick up $1.45 per ride there.

They spent $34.8 Million to move 15.3 million rides on light rail and $107.8 Million to move just over 6 million more rides by bus or 21.6 million rides. It cost 3 times as much money to operate the buses and they couldn't even move 2 times as many people for that extra cost.

Sandy, UT


There are no "excess revenues" from the buses. In 2011 according to the National Transit Database, not UTA, UTA spent $107,815,451 operating the buses and only collected $20,899,706 in fares. That's an $86.9 Million deficit in revenues. There isn't any excess to siphon off to subsidize something else.

Sandy, UT


By what measure do you claim that UTA is the most expensive system in the US?

NYC charges $2.50 per ride for the subway & bus.

NYC spends in one year enough money to operate the entire UTA system for probably 10 years and that's just the buses & subways. I didn't include NYC's commuter rail numbers.

NYC is currently spending nearly $2 Billion just to extend 1 subway line about 1.5 miles.

City, Ut

Have been dreaming of, hoping for, and then waiting for this for almost 25 years.

Oh the JOY of just getting on a train at the airport, like so many other US cities.

The car rental companies are going to miss me......

I shall NOT miss them, and their excessive airport taxes.

Now, if we can just get a UTA bus from the northern most point of Front Runner to Logan/Cache Valley---and my joy will be complete!

Sandee Spencer
Longwood, FL

I'm confused. People have posted at least 2 different schedules for the TRAX and I can't find one on the website. Additionally I tried their plan a trip tab to figure out arriving at the SL Airport (had to look the address up-serious?) to Provo or Orem stops but it insisted I list a Provo address and when I did it reported there was no such route. How do I find out what line to take, where to change lines etc. ?

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