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Published: Wednesday, April 10 2013 3:20 p.m. MDT

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Tooele, UT

Re: "'The airport line is one that everybody is going to use, whether you’re an employee or patrons that ride for travel,' said UTA senior project manager Jim Webb . . . ."

Meaning that anyone not living along the Wasatch Front is simply not considered in his elitist accounting of "everyone."

Why am I not surprised? We pay, same as everyone else, but, since, in your mind, we don't exist, we'll never be able to use the shiny new toy trains we bought you, Jim.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

"The airport line is one that everybody is going to use."

Oh the arrogance of this statement. Well Jim, unless you get a law passed forcing people to use your boondoggle, count me as one who won't be riding. Why? Because I can have somebody drive me from downtown to the airport in about 5 minutes for less than $1 worth of gas. That's opposed to taking the train for 20 minutes at a cost of $2.50.

Provo, UT

He could have meant out of everyone that rides the trax/UTA/fasttrack etc. the majority will ride that line, or even that for most people who don't use the public transportation, they will make an exception and ride that line. I don't think it was intended to hate on anyone.

BYU Track Star
Los Angeles, CA

@BS Robin,

If you have nobody to take you to the Airport, absent the trolley, you have a several options 1.) Parking at the Hourly lot ($28/day) 30-day max or the economy lot at $9/day a 30-day max. 2.) taking an Airport shuttle Probably about $10 or 3.) a Taxi, I guess about $20-$30. I'm looking forward to it opening, it is cheap and it goes alot of places often. I would assume the Taxi drivers who do the Downtown to Airport run aren't too happy about the trolley coming on-line neither.


I grew up in Utah but have lived and worked in Asia and the Pacific for the last decade. I have a daughter starting at the U this fall and it will be nice to arrive in Salt Lake and take a train home without making her or one of my brothers drive out to the airport to pick me up.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

@BYU Track Star

If you can't find somebody to take you to the airport then you need more friends. Does anybody honestly park at the airport for any reason besides business travel? The only reason I'd even consider parking at the airport is if the company is paying.

BYU Track Star
Los Angeles, CA

@BS Robin. When I took my Family to Maui we parked off-site at L.A.X Having "friends" is a variable. BTW, will you always have friends the chaffeur you to and from Lindberg Field?

Tooele, UT

Re: "I don't think it was intended to hate on anyone."

No one's suggesting UTA's elitist dismissal is born of hate. That would require Jim to actually think about Utahns not living along the UTA track lines.

I have serious doubts he's spend the energy necessary to do so on anyone he dismisses so easily.

No One Of Consequence
West Jordan, UT

"The program thus far is coming in at approximately $2.3 billion, UTA said."

Couldn't you run a lot more bus trips for that kind of money? Why is it so important for UTA to be a railroad instead of a bus company?

When they opened the FrontRunner line to Provo, bus schedules were reduced. Now just in time for this opening they have raised fares. I am a frequent UTA rider but I'm not a fan of UTA management. In my opinion the UTA is not operated for the benefit of the riders and transit-tax-paying citizens of Utah,

TrAX: the 'r' is silent.

I Bleed Blue
Las Vegas, NV

I think it is great that Utah has the light rail to the airport. Salt lake has entered the big time and it will be used. Salt Lake is becoming a big time player and big time players have great mass transit. Back east, people ride to the airport in droves in cities like Boston, Baltimore, Philadelphia and DC. To have this 'service' in the heart of conservatism speaks well of Utah.

Jewell in the Crown
Spanish Fork, UT

Having willing friends to drop you off is one variable. Not wanting to have them use a lot of gas is another. I've got a flight out on the evening of the 21st - the $2.50 it would cost to take this to the airport is less than the 2 gallons of gas it would take to have my wife drive me from Sandy to the airport and her to drive back, and means she has to drive 45 minutes less (from south of Provo to Sandy and back, as opposed to from south of Provo to the airport and back.) It does not help all of us, but it helps some of us, yes. I do think Mr. Webb was over-generalizing a bit, however. But probably accidentally.


I would tell Brave Robin the same thing that I did my students at a school for the blind. "Never depend on others for what you can do for yourself." I explained to them that while their friends had cars while they did not, cars were a major expense. So when they did receive a ride to a class, etc. they always offered more than just the cost of gas. I hope Brave Robin is using all his good manners of reciprocation.

I'm happy to see the train running. Many times when I fly my children have busy schedules and I prefer to rent a car. What a sign of progression and convenience. I can't think of anything but positive about it.

Tooele, UT

Re: "Salt Lake is becoming a big time player and big time players have great mass transit."

You've just stated the real reason liberals demand we spend ungodly sums on a worthless system that only a tiny cabal of East Bench liberals will ever use -- foolish, unyielding pride.

How can they hold their heads up with their "progressive" buddies in San Fran, NY, and Chicago if we don't have a dangerous, expensive, useless mass transit system?

We could save a lot of money by just buying all liberals a latte and a new pair of Birkenstocks, rather than this horrendouly expensive, totally unworkable toy train system.

Ogden, UT

Now that UTA has finished their Trax projects, maybe they can focus on making user friendly improvements to their existing transportation. Like a pedestrian track crossing by the bus drop off point at SL Central making it easier for the bus riders to access the Frontrunner platform when their bus just makes the connection. Or the bus schedule nightmare on the west side of town with it's many 25 minute broken transfers. Or fixing the street parking sinkhole; mudhole mess at SL central. Or fixing the broken tap-and-ride posts. Or making the the Davis and Weber county Frontrunner platforms easier to access than the current one entrance at each end of the block long stations.

Salt Lake City, UT

All I want to know is, does the Airport line run every 15 minutes (20 minutes weekends) all night? I don't want to arrive back in town on a delayed flight arriving at 1 a.m. Sunday morning, only to find that the next TRAX train arrive in four hours. Couldn't find the answer from the article or the link. I don't care about riding TRAX for a can of food just for the scenery experience.

Houston, TX

5 minutes and $1 of gas from downtown?

How about the time your friend has to drive back, and gas? How about the time your friend prepare to pick you up? When you think you save 15 minutes of your time, you did not really save it, you transfer the expense to your friend. Be a smart boy OK?

Herriman, UT

The reason this is dead in the water for me is that I can't rely on public transit here to run at all hours. My flights often get in at 10PM or later, and sometimes leave at 7 AM (and even when they don't, changes happen often). I can't trust my trip home to a system that won't be running if any delays occur. I guess that keeps the cabs busy at night - I am also guessing they are going to hurt badly during the day.

The airport Trax hours are:
Weekdays 6:12am - 9:45pm
Saturdays 7:20am - 10:09pm
Sundays 8:30am - 6:17pm

Altamont, UT

I'm betting the park-n-ride lots are hating this idea...I am definitely going this route when I fly. Awesome!

Salt Lake City, UT

Excited it's opening (I'll use it).

This typo made me laugh: "Under construction since January 2009, the new $393 TRAX extension is one of five rail projects UTA has had on its construction agenda in the past few years."

That $393 was the best bang-for-the-buck ever!! (Yes, I know they meant $393 million... Just funny.)

Salt Lake City, UT

Is TRAX convenient? Yes, for some people. Is it cost efficient, I doubt it. It is 19th Century technology spruced up in bright colors. Have I used it? Yes. My gripe is that since the funding is seen as "free" money by so many, they don't consider the cost to the taxpayer as a whole. They have always chosen the most expensive way to do things. I suggest that instead of trains, electric articulating buses on dedicated lanes (where the present track are) would be more efficient, both in construction costs and operating costs. Inter-urban buses would be more flexible and could use the HOV lanes, negating the cost of building the rails and associated support systems. Changes in routes and stations could be made to accommodate future growth and changes. In addition, they can be re-routed in an emergency, when one breaks down, or is stopped for whatever reason, another can be dispatched to resume the route. The citizens support UTA with significant taxes and we do not receive helpful service. UTA’s monopoly forces people to their schedule, ignoring the needs of the public.

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