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Published: Wednesday, April 10 2013 12:10 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

"rural Americans are increasingly without lawyers," I haven't heard any rural Americans complaining that they don't have more lawyers.

I feel sorry for many of these new grads strapped with so much student loan debt, which by law is inescapable. The institutions that loaned them so much money should he held to account too.

The US needs more engineers, people that design and build things. More lawyers will only contribute to the problem of litigation that the US already has.

m.g. scott
clearfield, UT

Well, there is the military JAG Corps. You won't get rich, but if I'm not mistaken, they will pay your debt in return for some years of service. Truth is, if grads from the top law schools in the country are having a hard time finding work, then there are just too many lawyers in the country. Law (no pun intended) of supply and demand.

Gainesville, VA

JimInSLC - the institution that allowed the loans is our very own government! They back the student loans and that is why they cannot be defaulted on. It's a wicked web! Just like the housing crises I hope people have learned that borrowing for school is just not worth it. You can wander into debt but you can't wander out. Go to a school you can afford.

Cedar Hills, UT

Barack and Joe said we are well on the road to recovery...remember 'recovery summer' back in 2010? Yes most of these law students voted for Barack so now they get to stand in the unemployment line ... or maybe fill out a Wallmart application. Better still let Barack find them one of his 'shovel ready' government jobs that are so plentiful. Maybe next election these young college grads will use their heads to vote rather than just voting for a 'Joe Cool' empty suit.

Star Bright
Salt Lake City, Ut

I bet they all voted and expected something different!

American Fork, UT

Attorneys are so prolific they have their own section in the phone directory. Hopefully some of these newly minted lawyers head to the trades; a good tinbasher or electrician is a useful human being who will never be out of work.

Cedar Hills, UT


How would you like to spend 100k on law school only to end up making $9 an hour as an electrician? Yes sir that is the 'progressive future' for most college grads I am sorry to say. Say goodbye to the good ole days when companies actually recruited at college campus's. Now the 'only jobs' are Barack's government jobs .... I guess perhaps they could grab one of the many new IRS jobs and start suing all the 'non-compliant' Obamacare citizens. The only way young people will finally 'get it' and understand socialism is a dead end is if they keep graduating to unemployment and giant student loans.

HS Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

The GOP will put them to work to litigate Obamacare. That will keep them employed for years!

Meadow Lark Mark

We have way too many attorneys in our country right now. In general many prosecuting attorneys are leaches trying to make a very large living off of the rest of us. I know of one attorney firm that takes a 40% plus cut off of any winnings they get. They drive around in nicer cars that what I could ever dream of owning. I really don't have much sympathy for prosecuting attorneys. What our country needs are many many many many fewer attorneys and a much more honest and upright citizenry that doesn't want to sue the life out of everyone else.

Charlotte, NC

The market has spoken. We don't need more lawyers. Major in something else.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

HS Fan,
you mean the way dems keep them employed fighting legal elections in CA or litigating the 2000 Florida vote count, or hiding fast and furious evidence, or protecting Obamacare?

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

We need more lawyers like fish need more bicycles.

Lawyers do not produce a single thing of value. They only redistribute the earnings of others.

Although the legal predators will insist otherwise, a large part of the cost of health care, durable goods, and virtually any product made or sold today is there to defend against inevitable lawsuits against any person or corporations with deep pockets.

And, if Hutterite above knows any good plumbers who work for $9 an hour, I would like to get their names and hire them.

The cure to the glut of lawyers, and the problems of impressionable youth who entered the field based on too many TV shows glamorizing the field is to enact "loser pays" and end all the frivolous lawsuits. That will also end the repulsive practice of settling baseless lawsuits for big bucks as the lesser evil than going to trial and spending even more to defend yourself and win.

Instead of bright people going to law school, we should encourage them to go to medical school, although the work is harder, and the pay is much less.

Salt Lake City, UT

Unemployed lawyers? That's what I call PROGRESS!

Salt Lake City, UT

Start working PRO BONO and help right the wrongs of the past 100 years!

All you Lawyers need to get together and start defending anyone under attack by Obama!

Go after the ACLU as well. Once you prove yourself useful and show you are not going to add to the problem then I'm sure you will have many job offers.

Until Monsanto and other corrupt giant companies are out of business then you have a lot to do to better the world.

Serve first and show you are not part of the problem!

Get to work!

A Guy With A Brain
Enid, OK

America's demise was started by lawyers, or more particularly, by those who believed they were "too special" for the common sense and wisdom the very laws they were supposed to defend contained.

Dishonest lawyers: the only group of people, as a profession, that Jesus Christ mentioned specifically in the scriptures in a chastising manner.

Dishonest lawyers: the poison in America's waters of freedom.

Dishonest lawyers: at the Federal level, they comprise 90% of our dishonest lawmakers in the House and the Senate.

Sue! Sue! Sue! It's the American way!

So.....do I feel bad that a lot of newly graduated law students can't find a job?


Unemployed Law Grad
Sandy, UT

The law school administrators these days are simply a bunch of crooks feeding at the federal student loan trough. They never would be able to charge such high $$$$ tuition for a degree that is getting more and more worthless by the day. The lazy professors who work about 10 hours per week--I challenge you to show me one who is even on campus for 20 hours per week--ae beneficiaries of the scam.

All this greed and laziness has come to a head and now maybe a few heads will roll. Anyone who goes to the U or BYU law schools these days is just wasting their time and throwing their money away. You need to go to Harvard or Stanford law to even have a chance at making a living as a lawyer now.

clearfield, UT

Re: Unemployed Law Grad

You mentioned that even at BYU this stuff happens. That is a sad story. I'm thinking that the legal profession should do what the medical profession has done. Control the number of doctors that are graduated each year. That way, medicine has been able to keep the supply of doctors low and the demand high. With lawyers, one can graduate from anyone of hundreds of programs throughout the country. Some excellent, some off the back of a matchbook cover. Maybe make the bar exam so difficult that there are only a small number of lawyers who can be liscensed to practice each year. In any case, something has to be done. Our legal system is out of control and getting worse.

Rock Springs, WY

They seem to be the ones creating the mess we have to put up with in government. Hopefully the good ones can help change our country around.

Virginia Beach, VA

Reminds me of visiting my sister at Duke Univ about 20 years ago. I met a friend of hers who was in the medical school trying to balance his studies and family. I met another friend of hers in law school trying to balance family, and his daily nap.

Ivins, UT

Let the loaning institutions suffer it out. It was their decision to get into the student loan business with this generation. The government has no business interfering with this problem.
The country is in a mess beause of government intervetion by well meaning politicians.

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