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Published: Tuesday, April 9 2013 11:05 p.m. MDT

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Kakashi, I'm not a Ty fan. I did hear Pat Riley talk about not coaching again unless he could pick his team. That team included at least a couple all stars and a dominating center like Alonzo Mourning. Likewise Jackson comes out of retirement when the stars align in LA. I'm not sure you could teach the triangle to Jefferson, he can't even rotate off of the pick and roll on defense. Corbin doesn't have that much talent to work with. Jefferson kills them on defense, and is a ball stopper on offense, yet Favors has been an up and down player because of his age. As great as Burks has played at times, he has stunk it up other times. Marvin can't shoot in this offense because he is a slasher, hard to slash when you post up big slow guys in the middle. Marvin has played stellar defense on some tough guys too. Hayward has his moments, but still can't finish and turns the ball over too much. I've been made at Corbin all year, but in hindsight he has a bad mix to work with. cont.


In 04/05 Sloan had Bloozer, Running in mud Okur, Mr hustle Harpring, give me a chance Humphries, I was an All star AK, I will be a star Bell, and I can shoot if I get something from the post Giricek. Sloan posted a awesome 26 win season with that group. I think Corbin isn't any worse than Jerry. If fact it's the same offensive sets. Jerry would pull his players at exactly the same time every game, it didn't matter if they were hot or not. Sloan had plenty of seasons with similar records to this one, why wasn't he roasted. He never won a title, and got blown out of the first round plenty of times. I think Corbin has done a fairly good job with all of the very young up and down talent that has. My point was that Jackson or Riley wouldn't even attempt to coach a team like this.

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