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Published: Tuesday, April 9 2013 9:30 a.m. MDT

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Cottonwood Heights, UT

Mormon's rock! That was legit. Good work Elder!

Just an Observer
Salt Lake City, UT

Hmmm. Nice little puff piece, but does it qualify as news that needs to be on the Top Stories list? And yes, I'm LDS. Happy to share the Gospel, happy to counter same-gender "equal rights" talk, etc. Just... don't use a slow news days as an excuse to put this in the Top Stories.

Bountiful, UT

This is dumb. Why promote this kind of thing in the DesNews?

Pleasant Grove, UT

Boooorrrrriiiiinnnnggggggg!!! Why is this news?

Herndon, VA

I try to be a good person. Not against apple pie or moms. Don't mean to stir controversy. However the publication of this article was not good.

This couple's engagement sounds wonderful. However it is the clear exception rather than the rule. For that reason it should not be celebrated publicly this way.

The First Presidency recently and over the last several years counsels our youth strongly: "Avoid steady dating" in high school.

For every single happy ending for those who disregard this counsel, there have been numerous tragedies. President Hinckley said of teenage romancers: "The longer a couple are together, the more likely they are to get in trouble." Meaning transgression. When you pair off like this the only options are either to marry or ultimately start having problems. Only the blind would disagree with our Prophets and Apostles' counsel.

Each says "I'm the exception." It's a deception. We can easily fall for "airplane syndrome." Airline transportation has proven safer than automobiles. When one crashes that incident gets all the attention. The few couples (a huge minority) who disregard the counsel and successfully thread the needle this way ought not be applauded.

Ticonderoga, NY

Loved it, to me, this is the kind of news I always want to hear. I'm 65, I know the ups and downs life can bring. These kinds of memories will help carry them through the tougher times...

Park City, UT

Awesome, good for them! Why do some people want to hate on a happy ending story? byufootballrocks wants to point out all the bad, instead of liking the good. Sadly, that is the problem with many members of this faith. Very judgmental and they want everyone to know that they are good and those around them are sinners. very sad.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Gah! Embarrassing.

Mount Pleasant, UT

I for one, felt this was a most uplifting and fun article. I am so happy for them and there is no reason why anyone, unless unhappy with their own situation would begrudge this happy young couple.
A couple that is not sexually active, just faithful children of God of whom is very pleased with their choices. Good for them - I hope they will have a very healthy, happy and rewarding life together.

Philippines, 00

I don't see anything wrong with that... Those who gave negative comment, to be judgmental! That attitude isn't good for us being an "LDS". Rather, be happy for this couple. I can see through this video that they will going to have a healthy family (eternally).

This video will serve as a very good example to every young couples out there who will going to be far away with each other for 2 years serving in Full-Time Mission. This video will encouraged them how they will endure with their relationships...

Gosh, there are still a lot of negative thinkers out there even you have the Gospel in your life already...

For Josh and Britt, I am happy for you... You're such an encouraging couple...

Phillip M Hotchkiss
Malta, Mt

Lighten up people. It was fun reading about Josh in the box.the people leaving negative remarks reads to much off the bad that goes on to laugh at people who love life and each other

Herndon, VA

Re: Josey Wales and those who choose to judge the messenger:

I wasn't "pointing out the bad." You only get 200 words here. Please don't gainsay what I chose to focus on. I mean no ill will toward this couple and wish them well.

What I was pointing out is that stories such as this can be misjudged by our youth who sometimes are misled to believe that they are in the minority among LDS youth when they choose to follow the Prophet in dating matters.

It's a wonderful thing that they are getting married and that he served his mission.

Nevertheless our youth are being counseled to put off serious relationships and pairing off until they are in college and preferably when the young man is back from his mission. To emphasize this story in my view creates confusion. It's right there from the First Presidency in "For the Strength of Youth." President Packer said it, President Hinckley more than once; it's the emphasis in our Church magazines, and on lds.org. I don't know how our leaders could be clearer.

Our youth have every reason to feel good about waiting to get serious.

Ogden, UT

Cute little story. But, I, too, do not understand how this constitutes news that shows up in the feed as one of the most important news stories. How is that? It is a story that easily fits into the Church's magazines. But, in a newspaper? One that is supposed to actually give us news? I am disappointed in the Deseret News for the decision to run this cute little vignette of life. Come on people. Newspapers are to disseminate news, real news. Not little stories about people jumping out of boxes after having been gone for two years.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

"I didn't put any restrictions on Brittany..." he said.


Somebody thinks he's in love but doesn't really know what love is.

Woods Cross, UT

She should have been working on her education. YW should never "wait." They should make the RM's run to catch with them!

Salt Lake City, UT

Nice human interest story, thanks. It appears that some DN readers have had a bad day and want the same for others.

Spanish Fork, Ut

This is going to be one awkward video in two years when they've both married someone else.

Uncle Vic
El Dorado Hills, CA

OK, for all those that asked why this had to be listed as Top News, I get the Deseret News e-mail most every day, and THIS story was the only story I read in the e-mail from that day. So blame me, and people like me, because I'm the customer they were trying to please.

Thanks for publishing that, Deseret News, I enjoyed it.

Salt Lake City, UT

Cute story, good luck to the couple. I hope this unusual homecoming celebration will sustain their dream marriage happily thereafter; and not the match makers' fantasies...

Dan Maloy
Enid, OK

Wow. Lot of bitter, short-sighted people here.

I, for one, proposed to my wife in a very public setting....at a church dance in front of 300 people with the participation of all 300 people. It was a blast. My only regret was I didn't videotape it.

My advice to this soon-to-be-couple is ignore those here with small minds and smaller hearts.

Marry. Be kind to each other. Be happy.

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