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Published: Sunday, April 7 2013 6:50 p.m. MDT

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sandy, ut


Less than 2 years ago in my stake conference a high ranking church member stated something to the affect of how great it was that the Aaronic priesthood holders have more authority than the pope in Rome.... Not only is that an inflammatory remark, but if I was a catholic investigator in the congregation at the time I would have walked out. These comments do still exist. They may be getting less and less, but they do still happen. Plus, how do we know that a 12 year old has more authority? Mormons teach it, but don't know it for sure...


L Valfre,

Joseph Smith seldom mentioned Catholicism but when he did it wasn't negative. For example:

"[the] old Catholic Church is worth more than all [the other churches]—here is a princ[iple]. of logic–that men have no more sense–I will illustrate [with] an old apple tree—here jumps off a branch & says I am the true tree. & you are corrupt–if the whole tree is corrupt how can any true thing come out of it — the charr[character] of the old ones have always been sland[ere]d. by all apos[tates] since the world began" (Thomas Bullock manuscript)

The LDS are taught to be tolerant of others. It is enshrined in our 11th Article of Faith:

"We claim the privilege of worshiping Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience, and allow all men the same privilege, let them worship how, where, or what they may."

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY


I am certain I know the inspired version better than any of my evangelical friends.

Bill in Nebraska
Maryville, MO

Brahmabull: I find nothing wrong with the comments pertaining to the Pope nor do I find anything wrong with what Joseph Smith had to say. Both are factual with our doctrine. If you find them demining then again YOU choose to be offended. That is a choice that one makes. We all say or do things that some find offense with. Again it is a choice to be offended. FOr myself I know what they said is true but may have not been the best tack. I also do not always use the best tack but again one must choose to be offended.

layton, UT

RE:Twin Lights. I know the inspired version better than any of my evangelical friends.
Did you know the first 6 chapters of Genesis(JST)contains 311 verses, while the Septuagint and Masoretic texts each contain 184 verses?
JS adds 27 verses. Yet there over 120 N.T. quotes which support the Septuagint and Masoretic texts.
Do you believe(Genesis 50:33 JST)? “That seer… his name shall be called Joseph(Smith), and it shall be after the name of his father. JS:, prophecy about himself”. NOT found in Greek LXX(Apostles Bible).

RE: Ebed , The LDS are taught to be tolerant of others. It is enshrined in our 11th Article of Faith. The 11th Article of faith,1850 Edition, ”We believe in the literal resurrection of the body, and that in Christ will rise first, and that the rest of the dead live not again. until the thousand years are expired.”

Salt Lake City, UT

Whew. Lots of folks straining at gnats here, forgetting "the weightier matters of the law--judgment, mercy, and faith . . ."

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY


Yes and Yes.

sandy, ut

Bill - I was not offended at the comment, because I am not catholic. I was shocked at the comment because it is a rediculous statement to make. Do you think catholics talke about how their pope has more authority than president Monson? I doubt it. The fact that you think that it was an appropriate comment to make in church definately shows that there is a problem.

Leesburg, VA

@ Grace
As a seeker of truth, I have to tell you that among the many denominations so called Christians. The LDS Church is the one that most research for truth. In the name of truth, I also have to say that there is a lot of myths in the LDS teachings.

About the Bible, the more I read the Bible and about the Bible the more I realize that is a book with some beautiful teachings and some horrend action on the part of its god and his followers.

I think the LDS church and its member have a long way to go. But don't we all? To think that evangelicals and/or catholics, Jehova's Witnesses are better Christians, that is highly arguable..... may be individually but not as an organization.

I believe and trust God with all my heart and I see his work all around me.

Personally, I see the work and spirit of God in all faiths (Islam, Hinduism, etc)and people of good will ( even atheists). It is we, who in our weakness attemp to look for validation believing that my church is better than your church.

The Scientist
Provo, UT

Only when the horribly intolerant things said in LDS scripture (e.g., Joseph Smith History 1:19) are officially removed from the canon will anyone have reason to take statements about tolerance seriously.

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00


I find the Amish to be the best "Christian".
and, I find Hindus to be living better examples of "Christian" lives than most Christians.
The Muslims running a very close neck-and-neck 2nd place to them.

For Latter-Day Saints, who I believe have the most correct and truest "Doctrine" from God,
I find the "actions" of the Latter-Day Saints (Utah Mormons) to be sub-par, out of sorts, and falling behind.

As stated just days ago in General Conference, by the Brethern, and multiple times -
the Latter-Day Saints living in extreme poverty in the developing World,
THEY are the truest Saints...

Incidently, there's is the most in common example of the early "faithful" Saints of the 1830's-1880's.

We should be looking at them for our examples -- just as the Bretheren said.


This is very hard counsel to follow when there is so much intolerance and hostility towards our own beliefs. But Jesus and the first apostles went through far worse. I suppose we should be grateful.


Grace's comments seem to illustrate a profound degree of "biblical ignorance" of her own, if she believed the words of a bunch of anti-Mormon hatemongers over the testimony of living prophets. Every doctrine of Mormonism is firmly and solidly grounded in scripture. I have come to learn that myself as a convert to the church and it shocks me how many of these supposedly Bible-believing Christians embrace doctrines that are wholly contrary to what the Bible teaches. A selective interpretation of the writings of the Apostle Paul, the embrace of unbiblical doctrines like the Trinity and Priesthood of All Believers, and ignoring virtually the entire Old Testament do not indicate strong reverence for the Bible, as most Mormons have. But that has been the basis of Protestantism for centuries. Without living prophets there is no true church. The Bible makes that abundantly clear.

Bill in Nebraska
Maryville, MO

Brahmabull: The largest problem is when it said with intolerance or belittling. Neither one of the comments you mentioned even came close to that. Catholics look at the Pope as infallible, in other words what he says goes with out question. Many LDS do the same with our Prophets but when one really looks at what is said there are more important matters that indeed require tolerance and kindness. None of what was said is unkind. I have heard very few references that have ever been mentioned. One that was said for years was that the Catholic Church is the abomnible Church. I can see where that comes from when one reads the Book of Mormon. However, read it carefully and one sees that is not what it is saying. Just because I agree with the comments doesn't mean they were wrong. To me they spoke very clear doctrine. A 12 year old deacon can weld more power than a thousand Popes or arch-bishops can. Why because of the Priesthood Authority he holds. That is not an unkind statement. It is a matter of fact.


Bill - I have noticed your conversations and I must correct you. No it isn't a matter of fact. It is your opinion based on what you have been taught. There is no way to verify that fact. Please don't come back with the spirit because that same spirit teaches catholics that the pope has a direct line from Peter, the first pope. So no, you cannot state that as fact. You are entitled to your opinions, but your opinions don't equal fact.

Open Minded Mormon

Do you mean the faithful saints in the 1800's, that drank beer, smoked cigars, and used coffee and tea? Yes I agree, that would be great to be more like them.

Salt Lake City, UT

I think, during Sunday school, as they taught us about who we are, I began to believe that we are all the same and nobody told me I had to worry about what religion a person was or what color of skin. In my mind, we were always the same. So, I have a hard time, as an adult, when I see so much that goes against what I learned. we were meant to share our lives and grow from that. People of other faiths can give us so much. I believe the greatest thing we can do is to give love to others and receive it also. It is so easy to let things get in the way.

m.g. scott
clearfield, UT

The LDS Church has always claimed to be the only true church in the world because of the restoration of priesthood and such. At our conferences our General Authorities do not get up there and say "My church is better than your church." Instead we would only say that we can provide more of the gospel of Jesus Christ to your lives. I think Brigham Young said something about helping people who are Baptists be better Baptists, or Catholics be better Catholics. But the LDS Church has never shyed away from proclaiming that they have the truth and authority of Christ. I'd think that a Catholic for instance should/would believe that their Church has just as much truth and authority. As for the Protestants, I can see your problem with both the Catholics and the Mormons. I as a LDS respect your faith in Christ. I just think that you could have more. That is what the LDS Church offers, take it or leave it. Your choice, but thousands of missionaries will try to provide the opportunity per Mark 16:15.

Leesburg, VA

@ m.g.scott

I converted to the church in 1974. Before that, I was looking for a church to join. I had left the Catholic Church and was attending services at different denominations. It took me awhile to accept the LDS church but eventually I did. I served my mission, was very active in the church for several years.

I guess, some LDS would say that I was baptized but not converted, because I always had some nagging doubts in the back of my head.

Before, during and after the LDS church in my life, I have studied the gospel and absolutely any religion that have crossed my path. Some of the doctrine of the LDS church still is able to elevate my heart and spirit. Yet, I still can find a powerful spirit in a Catholic Mass or other type of religious service.

The only true church in the world? I have heard many people say that in the LDS church. However, that doesn't make it necessarily so. I sincerely wish it did.

This last conference, any difference in the meaning of the word "tolerance" between Elder Packer and President Monson?

If there is a difference? Why?

Beverly Hills, CA

To follow up. I love being a disciple of Christ, I love serving others, I love doing all as a a member of the LDS Church. During the recent US Presidential Election and subsequent election results, a few of my fellow LDS said some awful political things. Our mutual friends on Facebook who are not LDS saw the posts and were appalled. None of them are interested in hearing about the LDS Church because their perceptions of Mormons is one of a nasty and disagreeable people. Everyone needs to take a step back and realize their political posting not only represent themselves but how some view the LDS Church, fair or unfair. There is nothing in the doctrine of Christ that condones using his name to badmouth political candidates.

m.g. scott
clearfield, UT

Re: Baccus0902

I'm a convert myself, went on a mission, have had periods of inactivity, ect. But I never looked to any other Church, because from the first time I gained my spiritual witness that the Joseph Smith story was true, I knew that there was no other reason to look further. The only thing I'll say to you is, there are not that many possibilities to look at. For instance, the first question is a 50/50 question. Is there a God or not. Then is Jesus his son or not. Then does Jesus have a true church or not. Then if there is a true church, is it the Catholic or LDS, or some other. I have absolute faith in the LDS Church and its leaders. My seeking the purpose of life is over. Now I'm trying to achieve it.

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