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Published: Sunday, April 7 2013 6:50 p.m. MDT

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Bountiful, UT

So very grateful for his loving, caring words. Thank you, President Monson!

Bountiful, UT

My heart was filled with peace throughout Elder Holland's touching, beautiful talk. Thank you, Elder Holland!

Moreno Valley, CA

In order to get respect from other religions, we must respect theirs. We must be very patient.

Proud L.D. S.
Huntington Beach, CA

I really enjoyed all the talks. I liked Pres. Monson's talk at the end of conference. I think that most people are tolerant of others and what they believe. I think that it works both ways though. I guess it depends on how you were raised and were you are from when you talk about respecting others religions and beliefs. I'm thankful that I learned that long ago.

Cache county, USA

It's simple, practice much more humility, and listen to that still small voice.

george of the jungle
goshen, UT

I not all that concern about what anyone thinks about what I say, Belief is only what I can count on or depend on. It doesn't mater how good or bad of people my friends are their my friends. Their who I count on and depend on. I'm their friend and I try to do my best to be there for them. That is [to me] the Spirit of things. The name of the Spirit is Jesus. I believe in the spirit of things. Spring is hear and time to resurrect the friendship that has been cooped up all winter. I believe in; the you mater thing. Call it Jesus or the spirit of things. It's what I count on and depend on.

george of the jungle
goshen, UT

Where ever you go or where you are. Whether their alive or dead your friends are with you. There in your heart or on your mind. There will be remembered.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

Whether or not non-Mormons regard the LDS as Christians is not as important as Mormons accepting them as fellow Christians whose religious heritage deserves reverence. The tolerance and kindness President Monson calls for are essential steps in loving our neighbors as ourselves.

Bakersfield, CA

Despite the lovely Conference talks and comments here, despite the many good works/programs/charity of the LDS, these comment sites prove that LDS remain a very defensive lot, terminally Biblically-ignorant and not capable of solid rational theological debate.

I still pray for "my people". After 35 years in the Church as a 6th generation LDS, at the top of every calling & service project in every auxillary, including stake callings, BYU-educated and a church teacher, I thought I knew my Mormon theology. When I read the "anti-Mormon" books to disprove the ex-LDS and studied deeper, I found the "Maze of Mormonism" (Dr. Walter Martin) to be spot-on. Not only did we not have an authentic Biblical foundation, we could not discern other Christian dogmas that preceeded 1830 by centuries.

Instead of finding 'kindness and understanding towards others", I discovered deep antipathy and abysmal ignorance in all ranks, including our intellectual groups. I've lost count of the myriad of opinions given from leaders and Church brethren in SLC. The form letters were the typical response. The "Ask your Bishop" bandade a non-starter.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO


"....Not only did we not have an authentic Biblical foundation, we could not discern other Christian dogmas that preceeded 1830 by centuries...."

My view is that all Christian denominations have an authentic Biblical foundation. And they all selectively interpret the Bible to justify their respective theologies and doctrines. I agree that LDS appreciation of the rich and variegated 2,000 year history of Christianity leaves a lot to be desired.

The LDS Church has come a long way in 183 years. I am confident that as the world changes in successive generations there will come new perspectives and deeper appreciations on all sides.

Bakersfield, CA

I should add that all my family, leaders and former professors were very diligent and sincere in seeking to answer my questions and critiques. I feel part of the problem was mainly in our general disinterest and non-scholarly education of other denominations. That remains true 25 years later. Just send out a 10-question survey to 100 members and you will be shocked at the ignorance, prejudice and confusion- irrespective of position or elite degrees. (I can't even get the 10 questions posted, let alone answered here.)

I could never understand why the form-letters referred me to my Bishop, when they often had fewer years membership or study than I did. With all the modern technology listed in this article, it is obvious that the Church can answer on-line/directly to any inquisitors. Why rely on teenage missionaries or BYU publishing professors?

It is disingenuous to publish books by esteemed BYU professors on controversial subjects, only to have the eternal caveat that "these are the personal opinions", etc of the writer. Seeking to absolve the SLC leaders' input on controversial issues has been a huge eye-opener to outsiders. Own all your doctrines.

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY


Yes some are defensive. True also of many evangelicals as well.

But “terminally Biblically-ignorant and not capable of solid rational theological debate”? Please. I know the Bible better than many of my evangelical friends.

Just to be clear, I (and many I know) can certainly “discern other Christian dogmas that preceded 1830 by centuries.” It is, in part, because of those dogmas that we are in the church today.

Other than that, I guess this is where I apply that “kindness and understanding towards others".

God bless you and yours.

Provo, UT


I grew up attending other churches because my anti-Mormon father did not allow us to attend or join the LDS Church. My father often left anti-Mormon books and pamphlets. I researched the content and it strengthened my testimony tremendously and learned their methods of pulling things out of context and twisting meanings. You say Mormons are "Terminally Biblically-ignorant". I had constant discussions with ministers and others about the Bible and never lost an argument but I finally learned that it never did any good. Contention drives away the Spirit and without that, no good can be done and they become angry when one uses the Bible to show the truth. Even though I had remained gentle and calm, only love and patience helps.

My biggest issue with your comment regards your words about our lack of kindness, our abysmal ignorance, etc. Your words are judgmental and hateful. You do not practice what you preach.

Hayden, ID

@ Grace. In the spirit of tolerance, I want to say that I read Walter Martin's book and all I had to do was to insert Christ and early Christians into all the points he made against Mormons being cultists and I found remarkable exact comparisons. Every point he used to defame the LDS church would have exactly fit Christ and the early Christians! My favorite was Martin's point that "new cults have additional scriptures other than the Bible". Early Christians added 4 Gospels, 21 epistles and a book of Revelation to the existing word of God. Therefore, according to Martin, early Christians and Jesus were cultists. And to every point Martin made, the exact same thing could be said of the early Christians and Jesus Christ. Great company to be in!

Beverly Hills, CA

My fellow LDS need to take heed of President Monson's words. I have had too many people express no willingness to hear about the Gospel because of some people's harsh words regarding politics. Being a disciple of Christ does not give one permission to be disagreeable and nasty. I believe I will be held accountable for those I help point the direction of the Gospel too, I also believe I will be responsible if I drive people away.

Danville, KY

As a Mormon turned believing in no religion, I will find it very interesting to see all of the Mormon social media posts that are praiseworthy, yet I post something deemed as an Atheist (non militant, more humanist) post and see the backlash from Mormon friends and family. The tenet of Mormonism is to say that they are being tolerant and loving, but the missionary program presumes people want to hear, and they never relent. Tolerance is respecting others beliefs or lack thereof and not bothering us "heathens" with continued testimony on Facebook, and allowing other views. I hope members of the church follow Monson's counsel and not Packer's limited view of tolerance.

Provo, UT


While what you say is true, having grown up attending other denominations, almost all of of those churches occasionally attacked Mormons from the pulpit. When I was nine I asked the minister if I could have just a few minutes the next week to address his 45 minute anti-Mormon rant that day. I explained that it was only fair but he, of course, didn't agree. I have never heard a negative word about other churches preached from an LDS pulpit. We are taught not to do that.

Yes, we can and must do better but we shine a light on actively improving our attitude and conversations with other religions. How I would have loved it if that had been the standard practice in the churches I grew up attending, 3 of which cast me out when they learned I was a Mormon. As a 14 year-old, I was thrown out of a Christian church and called an anti-Christ even though I begged them to leave the issue alone and pointed out that I had not said a word about my LDS beliefs and shown nothing but respect for theirs. I had learned arguing gains nothing.



"I have never heard a negative word about other churches preached from an LDS pulpit. We are taught not to do that."

What did Joseph Smith have to say about Catholicism again?

layton, UT

RE: Mountanman additional scriptures other than the Bible. The Hebrew Bible,600 years before Jesus was born, the Prophet Jeremiah said God would make a New Covenant(N.T.) with Israel. (Jeremiah 31 verses 31-34 ).
Paul, wrote: … the good news of Messiah. It is the power of God to save people from their sins, for everyone who has faith, to the Jew first, and also to the Gentile." (Romans 1:16).

A Marvelous Work and Wonder, a Modern Translation. Therefore I will take awesome vengeance on these hypocrites, and make their wisest counselors as fools. (Is 29:14 LB.
Is 29:14 is not a prophecy about the Bom But God will punish the Jews for spiritual wickedness; He will remove their discernment from their hearts. Fulfilled in that they rejected Christ.

RE: Twin Lights, I know the Bible better than many of my evangelical friends. How about the Inspired version?
Is 29:14 JST, But the book (BoM)shall be delivered unto a man(JS).verse 16 by the power of Christ, verse 17,..the three witnesses. Not supported by the Dead Sea Scrolls , Septuagint or KJV.

Provo, UT

L Valfre,

Joseph Smith lived in a very different time when preachers were viciously contending with each other for converts, even preaching that other denominations would go to hell. People were straight forward, not caring if they offended people. Joseph used a lot more tact but he was also the prophet to bring forth the ancient truths and explain the reality of the current situation. We do teach that the Catholic Church is not a continuation of the ancient church and that must be understand for people to see why a restoration was needed.

In the last few decades, our church leaders have spoken more and more of using gentle, kind words with other Christians and not to address anything from the pulpit. Some members are negative and needed to hear the prophets admonition on this. My point was to stand up against anti-Mormons coming on here and throwing stones before reviewing their own practices of negativity toward Mormons.

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