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Published: Monday, April 8 2013 12:10 a.m. MDT

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Ogden, UT

@The Real maverik
--This article isn't about religion...if you want to talk about religion, go to church!

Ogden, UT

I'm graduating in two weeks with my bachelor's degree and I did not take out one college loan. I worked full time my entire time going to school and went to school full time graduating in 4 years. I also paid for my "religious study abroad" (as maverik calls it) all by myself and I will have over 100k saved up in the bank by the time I graduate. Why? because I was raised on a farm and know how to work hard to make ends meet and I'm not like all of the other college kids these days who play video games in their parents basements while never having worked a day in their life and never have had a real job. I will NEVER let my kids do what these kids did. I will teach them hard-work and responsibility just like my parents taught me. Some of the blame has to go to how these parents raised their kids.

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