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Published: Friday, April 5 2013 6:55 p.m. MDT

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Lancaster, CA

I agree with Claudio! It is about time that sisters are included and given leadership responsibilities over each other in the mission. I'm not a feminist applauding "equal opportunity." Don't get me wrong. It's just that there are things that are difficult for a young woman to discuss with a young man. And, there are things a young man would just not understand about a young woman. (see it often in marriages). Sisters have a lot to contribute to each other and this is a great move forward to ensuring the needs of the sisters are being met. It's wonderful!

San Diego, CA

I'm not about to say that sisters should hold the priesthood and do everything that the men are doing, etc, simply because I'm not the prophet.

However, why is it so hard for the church to give sisters leadership roles over men? Are we afraid that they will climb over our heads someday?

And what kind of name is sisters training leaders? Whaa? Try harder. I can assure you that district leaders and zone leaders are not priesthood-required positions.

Boise, Idaho

the mission Presidents wife, has always been called the mission mother. Having lived in Lithuania, in the mission field, I cheer to hear of seeing sister leadership in the missionfield. I also see the need for Branch or Ward interviews to welcome new members, and secure greater comminication in the vital role of member fellowshipping.

Richland, WA

One of the facts about sister missionaries is that they can be older sisters, including some who are widows or divorced, which is not the case for male missionaries. There will be a number of these mature sisters who can provide their wisdom and insight to the younger sister missionaries. And building a network of sister missionaries with their own communication line to the wife of the mission president can help sisters get special help and encouragement that a district leader, zone leader or even the mission president could not give as well.

The fact is that the younger generation of sister missionaries is going to increase the number of adult women in the church with a sense of accomplishment, heightened faith, and tested ability, who will be an asset in any congregation they belong to. We will have better female teachers and leaders and member missionaries. And they will accomplish even more in education, careers and community service.

Waco, TX

You burst a favorite bubble. I thought that I was cute yet no sister missionary cried on my shoulder.

John Pack Lambert of Michigan
Ypsilanti, MI

I have see some suggest calling the mission president's wife the "mission matriarch", in fact I have done that. She is also at times called the "mission mom". I have also known people who refered to the time when they presided over the mission as being "mission presidents" in the plural, suggesting both the husband and wife is president.

Personally though I think the best term is "mission presidentess", and think I will start using the term.

John Pack Lambert of Michigan
Ypsilanti, MI

I had a mission companion who had smoked his last cigarette far less than the reccomended wait time before being baptized, but he was a faithful and diligent member. On the other hand I have known people who had exceeded all the reccomended wiat times and still feel away.

There may be some cases where missionaries are too lenient in interviews, but there are also cases where adding stumbling blocks to conversion kills a growing faithfulness to the gospel needlessly.

There are many reasons that people leave the church. To lay the blame on the missionaries makes no sense at all. Finding people to introduce to the Church is members responsibility, fellowshipping is members responsibility. Entering the church is a priesthood function, and the keys are held by the mission president and he can only delegate these keys to his direct subordinates. That does not include bishops. Some missionaries may make mistakes in interviews, but it is far too easy to blame others instead of accepting that we ourselves need to do more to reach out and lift others.

John Pack Lambert of Michigan
Ypsilanti, MI

Actually from what I have seen recently I get the impression that at least in my ward the bishop regularly does welcome interviews with new converts. This is slightly more likely with men than women, but I get the impression the bishop regularly does it with both.

Bluffdale, UT

The Mission President is ordained to receive the Priesthood keys of the Mission. The Bishop does hold the keys for the ward of the new convert too. If assigned, mission leaders do not have to hold the keys for Baptism interviews.

The President's Assistants, the Mission Elders, and the Sister Missionaries are all "Set-Apart" by the laying on of hands under the direction of the Melchizedek Priesthood. They all work and magnify the Priesthood.

That leaves the Mission President's Wife. I hope she is not "Set-Apart" as the Mission President's Wife. They are both Presidents.

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