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Published: Friday, April 5 2013 5:50 p.m. MDT

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Ogden, UT

@ old man I forgot your other question. How about and I know this is difficult for you. "We hold these truths to be self-evident...all men are...
endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men."

"What are those unalienable rights with which we are endowed? They may be described in many ways, but English jurist Sir William Blackstone wrote in 1766, ".these may be reduced to three principal articles:"

the right of personal security (life);
the right of personal liberty; and,
the right of private property.." And along came the Bill of Rights

Does that work for you?

Orem, UT

I feel for the family in this tragedy. The whole emphasis on the tool used to kill this little one is very misplaced. Far more children are killed by things other than firearms in this age group, particularly with children being left alone in bathtubs. The press ignores these reports as that it would frighten mothers. However guns are considered evil. As others have said this depressed and most likely drug addicted father would have done a similar act with some other weapon or tool.

FYI, reports from the CDC show that roughly 150 children ages 0-14 die from fire arms annually. Over 3,000 per year die in car crashes because their parents don't properly restrain their children Yet where is the public out cry like on this sight to stop the use of cars because they kill children. More common household items are used in household murders and suicides than firearms. Knives being the most common tool to kill.

Lets leave the mechanism alone but hope and pray for peace for this family.

Ivins, UT

A sad story brought on by a child having been raised in a violent society. Fifty years ago we never heard of such violent acts against children. Society has changed for the worse. This is a tradgedy for this family. Remember them in your prayers. We live in the Last Days. Homeowners lock up your guns. Keep them out of the hands of mentally ill people like this young man.

The NRA has nothing to do with these acts of violence. Gun safety and responsibles ownership under the second amdndment is promoted first of all by the NRA.

one old man
Ogden, UT

mo, it's not hard at all for me. As a trained and experienced former law enforcement officer I carried a gun to work for a long time. But how about this: You say we have
the right of personal security (life);
the right of personal liberty; and,
the right of private property.."

I agree. But how can you rationalize the way guns deprive so many people of those three rights?

Here's one for you. In 2011, the FBI's homicide records indicated firearms were used in a total of 8583 murders.

ALL OTHER weapons accounted for only half that number - or 4081.

In a nation in which firearms are virtually unlimited, in which almost anyone may obtain one (as it now stands) without any background checks or required training, isn't continuing with the same madness simply madness?

Universal background checks may help stem some of that storm. Responsible, properly educated people with good histories will still be permitted to possess and use them. The irrational fear and paranoia being spread by the NRA and others is nothing more than insanity.

Arguing that children may be killed in other ways does not lessen any tragedy.

Salt Lake City, UT

The issue seems to have morphed into a gun debate. My take, I seem to recall the Lafferty brothers doing another senseless crime without a firearm. It's the person, not the weapon. Oh, cars killed some 30,000+ people last year, maybe half involved impaired drivers. Need to control alcohol and drugs - oh, we tried alcohol didn't we? Drugs seem to be gaining the upper hand, so maybe we focus on the dramatic and unusual because we accept and even promote the common more "accepted" means by which the foolish and evil wind up killing others and sometimes themselves.

A sad story about a very sad person whose values and outlook led him to an act that caused a lot of people a lot of pain. Maybe we should outlaw the precursors of his value system - literature? Entertainment? Associates? Parents? All of which led him to kill his son. Maybe it's just his fault and he chose to do this act and should be held accountable for same.

the truth
Holladay, UT

The problem with gun control nuts is their short-sightedness.

Are we to believe this crazy man could not or would not have been able to kill a 5 month old without a firearm?

Having more and more stricter and egregious background checks all about taking guns away,

all about control,

by disarming the the people.

Where do background checks end? Do we the people want government to be able compile lists of guns and gun owners?

Is not the 2nd amendment the people's check against government?

Do the people not have a right to self defense even from the government?

Already we stories of more and more people being deprived of their second amendment rights,

If you inherit a gun you become a felon.

If check yourself into mental hospital for medicine correction your guns are taken away.

If Your son has picture taken with gun, or tells teacher they want own a gun, the parents guns are taken away.

During katrina, your guns were taken away, you could not protect your own property!

IF a child draws a picture of gun, makes gun out of pop tart, or pretend having a gun, they are branded, punished, humiliated.

Woods Cross, UT

Most Truthful and Patriotic: I wouldn't know. I am not a member of the NRA, but you do make a point. They politizie every time they can. Shame on them for doing it. All I do know is a child is dead, shot by his father. This is tragic and sad to me, regardless of my political leanings.

the truth
Holladay, UT

@one old man

It's not the gun it's the person.

Guns were pervasive before all these gun laws, and we did not have all these problems, perhaps it would better to ask why?

Progressive trying to turn our country into secular "progressive" country has not been a good thing.

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