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Published: Friday, April 5 2013 12:50 p.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Let kids be kids seriously. Some of you people are too uptight. Unless they broke some laws, there should be no punishment.


Unless they broke some laws? They broke the U of U ones. That should be enough. I guarantee if this was BYU students you would be all for punishing them more.


Amen to that. Let the kids play!

Salt Lake City, UT

Oh my. They broke more school rules after being put on probation for breaking rules. Uptight? Let kids be kids? They might as well spit in the administrations face. Yeah, the world needs more entitled, no respect for authority punks. Please tell me you are not responsible for the rearing of any young life. Your as bad as the annoying homer Y fans that believe they should get every break and that any matter not going their way must be some sort of discrimination.

West Jordan, UT

Not funny, but ironic that one of the infractions is the rugby team's desire to closely associate itself with the university, while U fans were falling over themselves with comments on another article desperately distancing the club from the university.

So, which is it?


Ironhide, I would hate to be your child. First off, BYU has rules against drinking period. I understand the U infracted upon their probation, but it seems there was some grey area in regard to the initial sanctions. When one individual compromises a program, usually the individual is punished and not the entire club or team. Was this the case with Brandon Davies? If I remember correct, it was. Punish the kids responsible for the infraction and let the rugby club live.

Provo, UT

Guys, guys this is a huge black eye for the university of utah athletics and the pac 12. Responsible disciplinary action being taken on a team that's technically part of the intramural program, for as yet unclear reasons? It's the only thing they're talking about on ESPN.

Springville, UT

The pride of U of U sports, having poster children of anti Honor Code behavior.

And then you have the "fans" supporting such 'choice' issues. Priceless.

I'm waiting for a nice P.R. release from the U sports media bunch. If it comes will the rugby team be an officially recognized sport by association or not? Divorces can be messy.

Never a dull moment for 'drama' from the kids 'on the hill'.

I love my WCC conference affiliation with an independent football twist and of course, my little church school world that goes with it! LOL

salt lake city, UT

To all you Zoobs out there, please remember that Utah Rugby is a club sport! Not like BYU where it is school sanctioned. Chris Hill and the University has no obligation or affiliation with this issue.

Highland, UT


If it is not sanctioned by the university, and has no affiliation with the university, then how can the university "suspend" it? All they would have to say is "we have nothing to do with it so we have no comment on it". But that is not the case now is it?

I'm really not sure how you guys can think the universities own rugby team, that they do sanction and obviously govern, is not affiliated with the univeristy, especially when it is the university that is handing down the punishments.


Frisco, TX

I agree with the comment that if it was only one kid the entire program should not be expelled. But something tells me if the university is considering expelling the program, the infraction involves more than one kid. I'm sure we'll hear soon enough.

Truth Teller
Salt Lake City, UT

The University of Utah Recreation Department and the U of U's Communication Director need to read their own Sport Club manual before making official statements. According to that manual the three degrees of punishment to a club that violates the rules are: 1) Probation; 2) Suspension; 3) Expulsion.

To quote from the Recreation Services memo dated March 23, 2013:
"As stated in the Rugby Club Expulsion memo, dated June 18, 2012, terms of suspension included the following:"

"Expulsion of the RC from the Sport Club Program...is effective immediately."

"...Campus Recreation Services and the University of Utah are extending suspension...for a minimum of three additional years, effective immediately."

Not sure why there's talk of 3 years or 5 years. It Is clearly 4 years from 6/18/2012. When such serious actions are taken, they need to know what they are talking about. Such cavalier attitudes are having a profound effect on the lives of more than 35 young men who just want to play rugby. They had nothing to do with whatever took place, yet they may never get to play rugby again during their college careers.

Provo, UT

All other infractions aside, I'm just really disappointed we didn't get to watch the game with BYU that was supposed to be tonight.

Baltimore, MD

"One of the things that was out there publicly, they were identifying themselves in some instances as affiliated with the University of Utah," Sterling said. "They were prohibited from being affiliated with the school. That’s part of the suspension."

So the University of Utah claims that Utah Rugby isn't affiliated with the school, yet the school has authority to discipline, suspend or expel Utah's Rugby program from the school???

Is anybody really buying this?

Utes-Best Lil Brothers
Anaheim, CA

A Tale of Two Programs, the best of times and the worst of times...

The contrast between BYU Rugby and Utah Rugby couldn't be greater this week.

While BYU fully embraces its Rugby program, to the point of arranging live streaming of BYU Rugby matches, the Ute are doing everything they can to disassociate themselves from their Rugby program.

One program looking forward to challenging for another National Championship.

One program being decimated by its own administration and spurned by its own fan base.

Palo Alto, CA

If the drinking had occurred in the Utah football program, Whittingham would have suspended the one offending player for one game against a D-1AA team, and then welcomed him back with open arms.

Unfortunately, the Rugby team doesn't generate much revenue, so it's easy to throw the entire team under the bus because of the inappropriate behavior of one or two players.

Richmond, VA

Sad times for rugby fans of both schools for sure. But even so, this too will pass and hopefully clear heads will prevail in the end. There's always a rainbow after the storm so don't despair. I'm sure things will work out one way or another.

Good luck to all involve!

Holladay, UT

I hope we get some clarity on this situation soon. Utah Rugby has had a proud tradition and has represented the University of Utah with great athletes and teams over the years. Lets hope they can get back to that tradition asap.


Call me crazy, but I plan on waiting until I have more information on the issue before gracing you all with my all-important verdict...

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Good and Bad Examples: We see it all the time, like some kids at some schools (College & Universities) are getting just a slap in the hand and still play. What does that show, other kids think it is okay doing stupid things and still be able to play. So, something got to fix now or more worse things to come. We don't know the whole story here yet and stay tune till next week.

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