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Published: Friday, April 5 2013 12:45 p.m. MDT

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JD Tractor
Iowa City, IA

I agree with Rock. If Hill covered up abuse he's gone. However, he is being "independently" investigated by ardent U supporters, which only means another potential cover up. I hope the parents keep up the heat, they know what happened and are very angry.

Mark B
Eureka, CA

It has to be tough being a parent these days. If you act on behalf of your child too late, then you're irresponsible and selfish. But if you're up in arms too quickly, you catch the disapproval of old Brad, who knows lots of coaches, most of whom are just trying to administer a little Hannity discipline to make up for what the parents lacked.

Cedar Hills, UT

No, no it won't.

Salt Lake City, UT

@JD Tractor
As a Ute fan, if wromg doing ocured than deal out the appropriate punishment. You on the other hand have your pitch fork and torch in hand. Why don't you just wait until the report comes out by the supposed "ardent" U supporters before you claim a cover up.
What if Hill factually did nothing wrong and the report backs that up? You have already labeled it a "cover up" way to keep an open mind.

Centerville, UT


I totally agree! Once again, Rock and the D-News care more about sensationalism more than substance. The truth will fall on either side; let the investigators do their job.

The real irony . . . the bloggers are complaining about Utah;'s handling of the Rugby Team as too harsh. Here, Hill was too soft. Same paper, similar articles, different stance. Criticism on both sides. I guess, it's true, everybody has an opinion . . .

Roberts, ID

Rock's analogy of comparing the GM CEO and a car catching on fire doesn't wash with me. Hill, obviously was aware of the allegations against his swimming coach and stuck with him, just as the Rutgers AD did. They were both hoping the incidents would go away without any one paying the consequences.
In this day of cameras everywhere, one must be very careful.

JD Tractor
Iowa City, IA

@gonefishn: "potential cover-up" is not the same as "cover-up". I'm siding with the families and the abused athletes, I'm sorry that hurts your feelings enough to accuse me of leading a lynch mob. But I felt the same way about Penn St., Rutgers and I'm real furious with Auburn. Sorry but your anger is not justified towards me. Plus we've seen enought of "indepedent" investigations to know they are bogus, especially when the two individuals have been indentified by name and their previous affiliation with Utah athletics is known. C'mon, reality check here fishn.

Highland, UT


One of the "investigators" is a former trustee of the university and alumni of the year. Doubting his impartiality is simply a matter of critical thinking, something utah "fans" mostly lack when it comes to this matter.

As for hill himself, well if he is run out it is utah "fans" worst nightmare come to life. The moderate success utah athletics has had over the last 20+ years is because hill actually understands that for utah to be a successful athletic program they need to embrace local (LDS) talent as athletes and coaches. Let's face it, no non Utahn is growing up dreaming of being a ute. None of them.

If hill goes then whittingham will not be far behind because there is no guaranty a new A.D. will understand what utah has to have to be a success. And if whittingham gets run out for his mediocre record by a new A.D. there is no guaranty the new coach will understand what it takes have even the moderate level of success utah has had. Until utah embraced LDS players they were one of the worst football programs in D1.

Salt Lake City, UT

@jd tractor
I am simply urging patience and knowledge of FACTS. Your comments about a "potential cover up" and "bogus" investigation only poison the well. Hopefully if you are ever accused of something you are treated with more fairness.

Thank goodness you have chimed in to demonstrate to us all what a level headed critical thinker you are. This is a serious discusion to undertake and you, as always, use it as opportunity to take things to the gutter and turn it into a BYU Utah deal. Brilliant, bravo, thank you so much for your contribution.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

I'd like to get Bobby Knight's opinion on this issue.

Sandy, UT

Sadly, at every opportunity, so many Y supporters look for any hope that Utah may possibly fall back toward their level. To wish something bad for one of the best leaders in our state to improve your position is quite sad. Then again, we have also seen this behavior from Utah supporters when the Y has any issues.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Fact is as of today there is no proof that Hill was involved in any cover up. If he was then he deserves to be fired until then I'll just the Rock and Ducky continue entertaining us:

"Until utah embraced LDS players they were one of the worst football programs in D1."
-- Duckhunter

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah

Sadly, some Utah fans are willing to ignore Utah athletes being physically abused, rather than see those responsible held accountable.

IF, the good doctor didn't know that abuse was happening in one of the programs he oversees, then he needs to explain WHY he didn't know.

If, Hill knew about the abuse, then he needs to explain WHY he didn't do anything to stop it.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


Let's face it, no non Utahn is growing up dreaming of being a ute. None of them.


Maybe but winning on the national stage does seem to help:

Brian Blechen
Moorpark (Calif.) High School (non-LDS)
"The first time he became aware of the Utes’ program was when Utah won the 2009 Sugar Bowl." -- SL Trib

And here's a couple more non-LDS that sure thought Utah "is the place":

Joseph Smith (CA)
Kenneth Scott (CA)
Dres Anderson (CA)
Travis Wilson (CA)
Anthony Denham (CA)
Justin Thomas (TX)
Eric Row (TX)

Baltimore, MD


You're so quick to find fault, that you conveniently ignored half of Duckhunter's statement,

"Let's face it, no non Utahn is GROWING UP DREAMING of being a ute."

How many of those kids you cited actually GREW UP DREAMING of being a Ute some day?

Christy B
Salt Lake City, Utah

Just like the AD at Rutgers, if Dr. Hill knew about the abuse happening within his swimming program, and didn't do everything he could to stop it, he deserves to be fired.

Holladay, UT

Makesure those are ducks you're shooting and not geese, because you sure don't seem to have your facts sraight as to Whittingham's or Chris Hill's record.

Herriman, UT

The phrases Dr. Chris Hill and coverup? Are you guys kidding me? Chris Hill is one of the most upstanding guys I have ever known. He would throw anyone out if he knew they were acting against the best interests of the university. It's amazing how we tend to throw people under the bus so easily. When he gets exonerated I hope all of you apologize.

Highland, UT


utah "fans" inability to accept reality is one of the things that keeps me coming here.

Tell me how successful was the utah football program before mcbride took over and embraced the missionary program and also the polynesian community? How successful would the utah football program be if they returned to a state of antagonism towards kids going on missions? How successful do you think the utah football program would be without a coach, and A.D., that understands this states unique LDS culture and embraces it?

How successful was utah's football program before they had an A.D. that undstood this who hired a coach that understood it?

If they lose chris hill, and the new A.D. does not understand it, and they lose whittingham, and the new coach does not understand it, do you really think they can sustain any level of success?

You yourself pointed out that blechen never even knew who the utah program was until the sugar bowl. Do you think utah would have ever made the sugar bowl without the coaches and A.D. that understood the LDS culture and allowed athletes to live it?

Highland, UT


The reality you utah "fans" need to face is that utah is not a dream for any kid growing up anywhere outside of SLC. The university of utah is not a more desirable destination than anywhere else in the pac12 with the possible exception of wsu. For utah to sustain any success they have to embrace the LDS missionary and polynesian communities, with the polynesian community being just a subset of the LDS community as the vast majority of the polynesians that attend utah being LDS.

It may hurt your feelings to know that utah is not a destination on its own that can stand up to the other places in the pac12, but your feelings don't matter. Yes utah "fans" need to pray chris hill survives this, they need to pray whittingham can get some improvement out of his team because if those two go, and you guys get another chuck stobart or jim fassel, who ignores the local culture and tries to out recruit usc, ucla, and oregon, for out of state talent then the utah program will be an abject failure. utah will never compete with them in that way.

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