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Published: Friday, April 5 2013 12:30 p.m. MDT

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Hauula, HI

I hope this makes a change and airlines more carefully consider their movies. It is not just the rating of the movie that needs to be considered - but the non-verbal content. It is easy to eliminate the auditory portion of the move but not so much the visual. When my daughter was three we were assigned "bulkhead" seats with the large screen just beyond arm's reach. We did not get headsets and I did my best to distract her. She didn't seem at all interested in the movie- but it is hard to totally and consistently ignore a very large screen planted in your face. When the movie depicted the chasing, kidnapping, and rough handling of a young child my daughter glanced up and was so disturbed by the film that she was in tears and very concerned that "They are going to hurt the boy!” I got up, explained the situation to the stewardesses and asked to be moved to another seat where the back of the seat in front of us would block my daughter's view. They refused to even try to reseat us.

Goldies Pa
Hurricane/Washington, UT

And airlines wonder why some of us will do just about ANYTHING to get out of flying commercially. I think they should get the lowest, dirtiest, scumbag lawyer they can find, and sue the heck out of the airline!

New to Utah

This is clearly abusive action and United should pay dearly for it. Those involved were breaking every rule in the book as to customer service. The diversion to Chicago was so over the top that it begs any justifiable reason. United screwed up big time and it should pay.

one old man
Ogden, UT

Mark from Montana -- that is an absolutely GREAT comment!

Salt Lake City, UT

deeisme, you might want to consider that the quote you provide is from the person that was removed from the plane. You realize that perhaps this person is trying to minimize their own actions? No? It seems that there is more to this story that the parents that were removed aren't telling. I would love to hear from the flight attendants and captain about their side. But most likely they will never tell it publicly. So we just get one side.

As far as the movie I would have just had my kid do something else. And complained to the airline afterwards, if the attendant can't help me right then.

With that said, the choice of playing Alex Cross by the airline was wrong. I wonder how movies get selected. I just went and read about the movie and the movie plot sounds terrible, it also got terrible reviews. Are their no better movies? And also taking content into account in a setting like this is neccesary. This is pretty much a captive audience with screens put basically right in front if them.

bob j
Maryborough, 00

My wife and myself have been more fortunate. In the first instance, we were guests at a private party during which a film was shown, the contents of which - in parts - were far below our standards of living. We therefore just got up and walked out. It was later that we learned that others had followed our example.
The second time was at a film being shown to elderly and retired people. There we also left when the showing became unsuitable.
I am now 95, and looking back I can recall when going to the movies meant that the film was a treat to watch - alas, not always so these days. It is good that there are some DVD movies of those days and that we can choose to our liking.
LDS. Bob J. Maryborough, Queensland.


When the wicked rule, the people mourn.

Kaysville, UT

Airlines get graded on baggage handling and delays. Morality should also be an issue but we don't want to have the government get involved on that as they will be like the marijuana, marriage and other forms that government is involved with in religion of choice. They have made our religion the government and not God.

Anything to demoralize our youth that are subjective to the captivity of being on an aircraft where everything is open and choice is cut out of it. I remember living in Mississippi in the 1970s and involved with trying to get the television stations to show more family oriented programs. Several of those stations came back with letters saying to not listen to their station as they wouldn't change. That was in the southern Bible belt area. Media has not been friendly to families and it is 100s of times worse now with media and the propaganda they put out. We used to be worried about the Pravda propaganda the Communists put out but we are being captive on airplanes with what the media and airlines put out.

Put the frog into the cold water and turn on the heat. Cooked.


Usually the movie screens on planes drop down automatically. I'm not sure an individual screen could be retracted manually without damaging it or the system. Anybody know?

Here's what the pilot should've done:

Told the flight attendants to turn off the movie.
Explained to the passengers the movie was being turned off because some passengers found it unacceptable for their children and if they had a problem with shutting it off they could:
a) Let him know when the flight was over
b) Write a complaint to United Airlines
c) complain to the passengers sitting in row 21 seats d and e
f) all of the above

United States, UT

I am well aware the quote is from the parents and you are correct we are only hearing one side of things and will not likely hear much information from the airline. However, there were lots of other passengers on that plane and what I do not hear are stories that conflict. If there were a conflicting story out there you can be sure somebody would be reporting it.

Another thing to consider is that United made arrangements for the family to continue their journey. If there had genuinely been a security issue as claimed and if the captain had acted appropriately in landing the plane and having the family escorted off the plane and questioned by the F.B.I. would it not be the responsibility of the family to find a way home or to their destination not the airline? If you are the cause for a plane having to be diverted and require removal for security reasons it is no longer the airline's responsibility to get you to where you are going, is it?

Was the way the airline handled things after the fact telling of what truly happened on that plane?

United States, UT


My goodness, why are you being so reactionary about my remarks? There have been comments here that have depicted selfish and rude attitudes and that was what I was referring to. Hardly an attack on anyone specific, more of a concern for the callous attitudes shown by some members of society that have been voiced here and other places. I will not name names but I think you will find some comments here have been quite selfish in nature (eg. nut comments). Yes, I stand by my comments and believe there are some members of our society who need to be taught standards, compassion, morals etc. Can you honestly look at society as a whole or some comments here and tell me this is an incorrect statement? (You even agreed the movie was inappropriate.)

If there were people on that flight who felt the story was not being accurately depicted you can be sure they would be speaking to someone. They might only speak to a friend for example but eventually the story would come out and the media would run with it. That has not happened.

The airline continuing to fly that family also says a great deal.


I agree with the other comments that the crew should be fired for not listening to the customer's concerns. The captain should've addressed this situation by talking to the passengers before making such a drastic move as to divert the plane to remove those passengers involved. Where is the quality service these days. Airlines is no different from restaurants and department stores. You have the freedom to choose who you want to fly on and this incident is not one to encourage me to fly on United Airlines.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

We fly UA on a 12+ hour flight RT two times a year (been doing this for 20 years!).. Each time we board the plane my kids look at the movie selections and then ask me which they can watch. The inappropriateness of the films for "general viewing" has been a problem for years. In Coach, you cannot "opt out" or switch channels like you can in Business/1st class. I have noticed over the years that the selection has changed from "multiple g or pg" movies to mostly pg-13 & R rated choices. They are supposedly edited for "older general audiences", but as a parent of 5 children, I can say that I don't always agree that what is left in is "appropriate" for young children, tweens & teens. I agree that UA, along with all the other airlines, needs to spend a bit more time considering what movies they will show and how they are edited.

Anaheim, CA

What would they do if you complained about the food....call the CIA or shoot you?

Eagle Mountain, UT

Power trip on the Captain's part. How humiliating for this family, just trying to do the right thing.

SLC gal
Salt Lake City, UT

Interesting that the family was kicked off the flight for being in the wrong - but United is now fully investigating their in-flight entertainment.... hmmmmm

Salt Lake City, UT

"Alex Cross is a totally inappropriate movie to show on an airplane."

Sometimes I wish you all were as zealous about limits on the second amendment as you are on the first.

Provo, UT

The 2nd amendments has no limits on it.

Casey Ryback
Chapel Hill, NC

1. Movie in poor taste. Lousy choice.

2. Reminds one of opening scene in movie "Anger Management." Just asking a question to worker today, you get called al-Quida. Insane.

3. Had an experience like in (2), worker refused to follow basic request. Afterwards, sent letter to CEO. That worker no longer works at the store. Not my fault -- his fault for refusing to honor a basic request. That's on him.

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