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Published: Friday, April 5 2013 12:30 p.m. MDT

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American Fork, UT

Too many people on flights, and the world at large, want to be the tail that wags the dog. Recently coming back from Maui we were asked to refrain from eating nuts due to someone with an allergy. This on a plane where one of the remaining food staples is...nuts, and among fellow passengers, many of who's last airport purchase is...macadamias. Once when heading back to Japan I was forced to sit through an incredibly offensive movie. The incredible hulk. It was awful. Rather than throw a snit, however, I put on some tunes, took advantage of the then available cost free beverage service, and went about life. It can be done.

Woods Cross, UT

Hutterite, it is most fortunate that you are not allergic to nuts. As they can be life threatening at 30K feet, I appreciate the great restraint and sacrifice you made to keep the person next to safe. Very magnanimous of you.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

The reaction of United was WRONG on so many levels.
Diverting the flight is nonsense.
Did the captain even talk to the parents? Apparently not.
This is a case of a badge-heavy employee out to prove himself right. He inflated the story to make the parents seem to be a threat. It worked.
Shame on United. They need to change their entertainment if they are going to show it on communal monitors.
I'd put them on the bottom of my list of airlines...if they weren't already there.

Provo, UT

It is ridiculous that they would show that movie on a flight where you couldn't opt out of seeing it. What are you going to do, blindfold your kids? An adult can just turn away or "plug in their tunes", but how can you protect your child when it's right in front of their eyes? Bad move United.


Alex Cross is a totally inappropriate movie to show on an airplane.

New York, NY

I smell a settlement brewing, and it will not be pretty for United (and rightfully so).

joliet, IL

I appreciate the comments on this site about this story. Having read some comments on another site, I was shocked at the viciousness aimed at the passengers involved. I agree that the film was not appropriate for any audience that included children. I have never been on a plane that was not able to fold an individual screen back up. I think the pilot was just angry that there were any complaints at all and took this occasion to make an example out of this family.

American Fork, UT

BYR, my point about the nuts, and the movies, is...if going out into the world is an offensive, or allergic, experience, it may be necessary to either prepare to deal with it or avoid it, rather than expect the world to meet your needs all the time. Because if you do, it may be you, not the people around you, who is making a foolish or selfish decision. If your mere existence in an aircraft or any other close environment represents a significant and unmanageable health risk, should you expect everyone else in that environment to take responsibility to manage that risk when you can't or won't? And just put a jacket over the tv screen, plug in some music, get a few beer and chill out. And give your kid a video game console with some first person shooter game on it. They'll never see the violence on the movie screen.

m.g. scott
clearfield, UT

Re: annmac

The "other site" probably had people commenting who would not object to one of todays R rated movies on an airplane, which not long ago would have garnered an X rating. Typical of the "ME Generation" attitude.

VA Saint
Chester, VA

Hutterite, did you read the story? The parents did keep the children occupied and kept their eyes off of the screen after they had asked for something more family appropriate. It is not 'nuts' to expect the airlines to cater to all ages, and a violent, PG-13 movie is not an appropriate movie for that venue.

Orem Parent
Orem, UT

Just the fact that they tried to show a Tyler Perry move should mean free airfare for everyone that had to endure that garbage.

What passes for entertainment these days is pitiful.

Virginia Beach, VA

The world is turned upside down with no regards to the presence of children. Seems like I always hear cussing from adults around children in public. A few times the inner sailor comes out of me and I've been firm with offenders. I see a lawsuit against United.

Tucson, AZ

Hutterite, where on earth are you coming from? Is it so hard to avoid eating nuts for a couple hours? Do you really think it is appropriate to subject kids to that kind of 'entertainment?' And if they weren't willing to put the screen up, how willing do you think they would have been to let you drape your coat over it? United clearly violated the mores of a significant portion of society by subjecting its passengers to such a movie. In a public place where that movie was not the primary service being purchased, I think customers have every right to expect reasonable accommodations from the airline. Those unwilling to 'inconvenience' themselves for a couple of hours in such circumstances are the selfish ones--not the other way around.

Provo, UT

I flew United one time and will not ever again. I was stranded overnight because of stupidity on their part. They would do nothing to help me.

South Jordan, Utah

The pilot and flight attendants should be FIRED.

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

Flying (and the airlines--at least the American companies) stinks. The last good flight I had was in 1996 on Virgin Airlines. The British know how to do it.

Go Utes, CA

I'm not allergic to peanuts, nor is anyone in my family, but you sound like a very selfish and uncaring individual. I assume you've never needed (and never will need) someone else in the world to make a small sacrifice for your benefit.

Beaver Native
Garland, UT

I appreciate the article. Now I'll know to never fly United. I wouldn't have watched it, let alone let little children watch it. Considering no voices were raised and no threats were made and most people would have considered the movie inappropriate for children, diverting the flight, kicking the people off and having the FBI meet them at the gate were all overkill. The captain should be fired as well as the person who picked the movie for in-flight viewing.

Mark from Montana
Aurora, CO

Maudine....."Alex Cross is a totally inappropriate movie to show on an airplane."


You are trying to sensor what others can see? Have you no shame?

People should be able, should be allowed, to watch whatever they want on the airplane. Why should my right to watch what I choose, not matter how bad or in poor taste it is by infringed upon by anyone else?

I have the right to view whatever garbage I want to see......and of course you have the right to vomit all over my lap.

Ipecac for everyone!

(In case there is any doubt, what I have written above is dripping in sarcasm)


Well, i guess i've been flying on the wrong airline because, except for trips abroad, i haven't flown on a plane in the past few years that offered movies on domestic flights. But my experience is quality of the overhead movies is marginal. One has to use ear buds to hear the movie as well. Alex Cross is rated PG-13. How bad can just the video portion be?

I would've gotten my kids involved in something else, maybe asked to sit in seats as far away from the screens as possible, if necessary. Most kids that age would be way more entertained by a handheld game than a movie they can't hear. But making a big fuss sure would spark the kids interest in the movie. So the family wanted to deny all the other people traveling on the flight (mostly adults) from viewing the movie? When the flight attendents couldn't/wouldn't conform to their request they thought it important that the pilot intervene?


Some people are exquisitely allergic to tree nuts or peanuts. In an enclosed system where the air is re-circulated it can be life or death.

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