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Published: Thursday, April 4 2013 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Cedar City, UT

I'm mostly a left-leaning Mormon, so I'm glad to see Utah politics may be getting more balance. It's dangerous when all you hear are the same ideas all the time, like being in an echo chamber. Especially when those ideas tend to be so extreme and so ideological, which is where I think the center of the Republican party is these days. I absolutely do not think God is a Republican - that's absurd.

I hope, however, we can all move beyond political ideology, and start listening to each other and compromise to find practical solutions. That's how democracy works, and why it isn't working very well in America these days.

Sandy, UT

I just love it how people continue to equate forced confiscation of earnings and property, and subsequent redistribution by the government. Oh yeah, I remember the Savior advocating that the Roman government should pillage "the rich" and then redistribute all their goods to "the poor" so that people wouldn't have to be bothered with making voluntary choices themselves. Yeah, and he also advocated that all the civilized populations go out and absorb all other populations into theirs so they'd make sure those other peoples were cared for in the style to which they'd like to become accustomed. Uh huh. And the Tooth Fairy is asking the Easter Bunny to the spring ball this year.

Salt Lake City, UT

I found Harry Reid's attacks on Mitt Romney (e.g., tax cheat) anything but honest or honorable.

Far East USA, SC


I agree that Harry Reid was pathetic in saying that he had a "source" that claims that Romney had not paid taxes in 10 years. Those types of bombshells should be backed up.

But, keep your eyes open. You will find that sort of dishonesty almost daily on both sides of the political spectrum.

Cedar City, UT

I have learned you have to have a balance. I voted for Bush both times, because I could not support gay marriage or abortion. What I got was 8 years of absolute disaster - huge debts, two terrible wars of questionable benefit, a Supreme Court that has made disastrous decisions, etc.

Obamacare: Jesus said take care of the poor and needy. That doesn't mean you just give them a blank check. However, with one sixth of Americans without health care, and about the same number too poor to get all the food they need, you have to have balance. Obamacare will not be perfect, but we need to give it a try. Health insurance costs continue to rise - we need to get poor people out of emergency rooms and into much cheaper preventative care.

Climate change. There is overwhelming evidence that we are causing climate change. Also destroying and polluting our planet. God said to be stewards of his earth, not to trash it and greedily exploit it. D&C 49:20: "But it is not given that one man should possess that which is above another, wherefore the world lieth in sin."

Walt Nicholes
Orem, UT

I would really like to see a large number of LDS voters join the Democratic Party in Utah. Of course, it would create a shift in the local party values, and ultimately a schism between the true Democrats and the true LDS. The only way this could be beneficial to the Utah Democratic Party would be if many LDS joined the party and at the same time adopted the values of the state party leaders.

It parallels the old expression: "You can take the boy out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the boy."

In this case: You can take the LDS out of the Republican Party, but you can't take the Republican Party out of the LDS.

William Gronberg
Payson, UT

The honoring of Pol Pot and Mao are alleged to be a common idea that unite Democrats. This absurd assertion is found in the MOST popular post to this article. I will take the liberty of changing one word in the title of another DN article in the Friday Deseret News.

Can the cycle of "ignorance" be broken?

Leesburg, VA

@ SCfan
clearfield, UT
You wrote:
"@ Baccus0902

Gee, it's sure sad to hear you think that the two major political parties in this great country are both "evil". Maybe you should try somewhere else to live."

Is that a broken record of limited minded conservatives?

On the contrary my dear SCfan, Capitalism is inherently corrupted by greed, interest groups, etc. But it doesn't mean we shouldn't challenge the status quo. Actually, as a Christian I think is our obligation to be a light to the world and work for social justice.

To live in another country? Is there any country where its political parties are not corrupt? In more or less degree wherever men look for power there is always corruption.

Besides, I don't believe in running away. I believe in democracy and change. Therefore, I always try to do my part as a force for change.

SCfan, as the nation moves to a more fair and equal society you may feel uncomfortable. Please don't leave. We always need an open discourse with a variety of ideas.

Memphis, TN

Never have I felt so marginalized and ashamed of our people. All that is we are missing is a rameumptom from which we can hurl our superior views towards those dreadful Democrats.

Nanook of the North
Phoenix, AZ

I'm left enough that even the Dems are too far right for me. But I'd rather vote Dem than GOP, because even though they are both beholden to the plutocrats and bigwigs who think they should be allowed to run the country just because they have more money than the rest of us, the Dems at least make an effort to make government help all Americans. Policies that the GOP has offered up and implemented seem designed only to help the rich, and to heck with everyone else. As for things like abortion and same-sex marriage, "banning" them doesn't work. Most people nowadays don't remember what things were like before Roe v. Wade. I'd rather women had safe legal abortions than unsafe illegal ones that killed and maimed them. And I'd rather gay and lesbian people were encouraged to have long-term monogamous relationships than for them to have more promiscuous lifestyles.

Birmingham, AL

I am profoundly saddened by the realization who some of those who call themselves my brothers and sisters in Christ really are. Most of the comments above are by Mormon Republicans (although Democrats are certainly not immune) who are spewing such negativity and condemnation, standing in self-righteous judgment of fellow Saints who happen to support the other major political party in this country. I have a hard time believing that these comments are prompted and inspired by the Holy Spirit of Promise or that the One we serve would approve of the animosity and intolerance displayed by your claims. As an African American Mormon convert, I understand all too well why the Church is having such difficulty attracting and retaining minority converts--the challenge is harder when members vocally condemn and view as less worthy any brothers and sisters who do not share their Republican ideology. During election years I always feel like I need to stop coming to church until the election is over to avoid losing my respect for many of the brethren and my testimony that the Church is true. I certainly pray that nonmember friends don't hear this unChristianlike vitriol.

Cedar Hills, UT

You don't have to be a member of the GOP to be a Mormon but I honestly don't see how you could be a Democrat and be a Mormon seeing that the party platform is built on abortion - even late term abortion as well as homosexual marriage. If you find yourself not wanting to be a member of the GOP and you can't tolerate the out right anti Christian culture of the Democrat party then choose to be an Independent!!

Rick for Truth
Provo, UT

Dear SouthernPalm'

I hope you can pray just as hard for those who support abortion, nationalized socialism of our health care, loss of the first and second amendments, and destruction of the financial stability of our nations with never increasing debt, immorality and debauchery..... and the list goes on and on and on ….

Leesburg, VA

@ SouthernPalm

Thank you for bringing some perspective into this debate.

But I can assure you you that they started it :)

Peace and love to all!!


Why I am not a Republican: materialism, greed, disregard for the poor, corruption, hypocrisy (no welfare for the poor but plenty for big business)

Why I am not a Democrat: hatred of religion, moral relativism, "tolerance" only for those they agree with, destruction of moral values our country was founded on

As a lifelong democrat, I cannot honestly call myself one anymore. My party has left me. But I cannot honestly align with the republicans either.

Solution: Study the issues by looking at both sides, prayerfully vote my conscience based on the issues most important to me, and follow Christ (who does not affiliate with a political party either).....



Thank you for your comments. I truly hope that our fellow brothers and sisters will read them with an open heart and mind.

Republicanism does not equal Mormonism. Until we as Latter-Day Saints rise above the world and live as disciples of Christ in all we do, we will not be seen as a "light upon the hill".

Eternal life is far more important than winning some petty, temporal, political arguments.


@Rick for Truth:

I pray for all people equally.

We are all children of a loving Heavenly Father.

Jesus Christ atoned for the sins of everyone.

salt lake, UT

Like many here I am no fan of today's GOP. However, after skimming many of the comments here from democrat mormons I am amazed at the powers of self delusion we humans possess. In the ward I grew up in we had a very sweet elderly sister of German decent. She spoke to us on a few occasions of her and her first husbands membership in the Nazi party and told us of how her husband was killed in action fighting for Germany. Mind you, they did not agree with rounding up Jews and murdering them. They never did that themselves. They just liked how Hitler was going to fix their economy and make them proud to be German again. That is what I see now here. "If your against abortion don't have one", or "I don't personally support gay marriage and abortion, but... " It seems to me that when you support and give power to people who will do these things it is as good as. What truly frightens me is that these statements are just a hop, skip and jump from "I was just following orders."

Nanook of the North
Phoenix, AZ

I'm actually very disappointed that so many Mormons in the western US (it isn't like this everywhere, honest!) are so automatically knee-jerk Republicans. For the last 30 years, the Republican party has been all about Mammon, not God; and when they DO invoke God on "moral issues" (which seem always only to be abortion and homosexuality, never, for example, the immorality of poverty), it's a God I don't want any part of. No, the Dems are far from perfect; but I wish Mormon Republicans would step back, and take a serious hard look at what elected Republicans have ACTUALLY DONE in the last decade or so. Like starting two wars and cutting taxes at the same time, which is now responsible for at least half of the US total debt. Like making it harder for people to vote. Like bringing in laws of dubious constitutionality that infringe on our freedoms (e.g. the PATRIOT Act). Honestly, that one Jon McNaughton painting should have shown W. holding the burning constitution, not Obama.

Leesburg, VA

@ Redwing:

You wrote;
"Eternal life is far more important than winning some petty, temporal, political arguments."

I agree 100 % with you. However, I say is not important (at least for me) to win or loose an argument. But being able to express yourself and learn from others how you/they perceive God in ourlife.

The problem, from my point of view is that our religious and political lives don't need be inconsistents . Yet we see inconsistencies. I'm reminded of the words by John.
1 john 4:20 "Whoever claims to love God yet hates a brother or sister is a liar. For whoever does not love their brother and sister, whom they have seen, cannot love God, whom they have not seen".

When in our self righteouness we condemn other brothers or sisters because they don't live our same life style, or don't believe what we believe. We consider them not good LDS or whatever....it just shows how human and weak we are.

If we are Democrats, Republicans,or whatever, we should be able to put that sectarianism notion aside for the well being of our country.

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