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Published: Thursday, April 4 2013 9:55 a.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

And teams like Utah and TCU carried the conference in BCS football money.

byu is a second tier team, regardless of the conference they are in. And being a second tier team in a bad/no conference is worse than being a second tier team in a good conference. For that matter, being a second tier team in a good conference is better than being a first tier team in a bad conference.

Salt Lake City, UT

And how is that Pac 12 move working for you ChrisB....other than being a cellar-dweller!

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

How old are you chris. over the long term utah hasn't carried anything but BYU's water. You got invited to the pac because every house needs a doormat. Don't you recall that they wanted Texas and company and you were the boobie prize. Andy you've filled your role admirably, as conference members have walked all over you!

Oceanside, CA

Truth, it's working just fine. You'll see that first hand this fall.

Farmington, UT

@ Chris B

Nice to see Utah getting all the PAC 12 money. That's all they're getting, by the way, since they don't hit .500 in basketball and share the basement in football.

Interesting that Utah wasn't mentioned as benefitting from all the BYU generated MWC receipts. Seems they were a member of the conference, too.

How's everything working with the swim team and the rugby team at the U? You have heard about them, haven't you? What "tier" are they in, relatively speaking?

Layton, UT

The so called "cellar-dweller" owns the tds. Pac12 membership means a long, bright secure future for the Utes. What the haters are in denial about is that it's a very real possibility that if independence doesn't work, the tds administrators will do away with intercollegiate athletics. Give us a couple of years to settle into the benefits of the Pac12 and you haters will be eating your hateful, jealous rhetoric.

Layton, UT

@Real Bass

You should worry more about why the tds wasn't invited than why Utah was.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


The article was trying to hide the fact that Utah has given more to byu in football money than byu has given to utah in basketball money.

Very interesting Utah was left out indeed.

Provo, UT

@Chris B.

Spot on my friend. Very interesting that during the end of basketball season that they wrote an article talking about basketball, and how BYU made money for their former conference. Maybe if the Utes had played post season basketball recently, or if we were in football season and this was a football article and if the MWC was still making money off of your BCS wins, then just maybe you would be included.

Keep thinking that they're out to get the U amigo.

Bluffdale, UT

Chris B,

Please give us an exact dollar amount to back up that statement. I believe that between tv revenues and bowl revenues, BYU dwarfs Utah even with the BCS money. But there is no way of putting a value on what part of the tv money BYU was responsible for other than to look at the current tv contract that BYU has. Although, there are no details there because BYU will not release them.

Which brings us back to your off-the-handle statement.....

Salt Lake City, UT

In full disclosure, I'm not a Mountain West follower (my school was founded in 1701, before the country you're living in was even a "country"). That said, I can't help but notice the blind spot in the author's thinking if he concludes that BYU only makes millions for the Mountain West and not vice versa. If I recall, Colorado State, Utah, Boise State, New Mexico, TCU, SDSU, UNLV, and Air Force have all won Mountain West Championships in one sport or another, and BYU likely benefited from those victories (and publicity), as well. Moreover, comparing a school like BYU to, say, a school like Air Force (where admission standards are much more stringent for athletes), is like comparing apples and oranges (and, yet, schools like Air Force still beat BYU). Finally, if BYU is making all this money for the Mountain West, don't they feel stupid for leaving the conference? It would be akin to the Mormon Church making millions for Notre Dame. Who's smarter then?

Christine B. Hedgefog
Salt Lake City, UT

Chris, if you were any funnier we (including MOST Utah fans) wouldn't be able to handle it. Jimmy Fallon beat you to "The Tonight Show" but maybe you should send in an audition 'comment' sample to CBS. Surely David Letterman will be retiring some day. Maybe you could get his gig. You're certainly laughable enough to get it.

Won't be long now until we're reading about your Rose Bowl "mark it down" guarantees again. That'll be quite a feat even for your self described 2nd tier PAC boys (although based on the first 2 years of your membership you'd be hard pressed to claim anything more than bottom tier in your BCS conference).

Wellsville, UT

@ Chris B.

"And teams like Utah and TCU carried the conference in BCS football money."

How come you don't mention all those years BYU and Utah were in the WAC and MWC? You know those years when BYU was winning most of the Conference Championships. All those years all Utah did was make sure they got their share of the money. You don't want to hear about those, just the 2 years Utah played in BCS games.

Magna Ute Fan
Magna, UT

COme on people. Don't feed the troll. He's no Utah fan. He's just here to stir the pot.

Mesa, AZ

I don't understand why this article is just now surfacing, relative to the date of the original article it references.

I know the byu fanbase utterly despises when I do what I routinely do and that's to paint the picture of reality, not one rooted in myth/spin....Herre we go--

Just imagine the wealth byu-basketball in recent years w/their Tourney-appearances could've generated, IF they weren't, in fact, The Poster-Child for Post-Season Futility and actually consistently won games, once there, thus regularly making deep-runs?

Post-Majerus, UTAH has, even in the face of their struggles relative to adequately replacing their Legend, precisely the same, exact number of Sweet 16s byu has since their sole Elite 8 run, led by Ainge, more than 3 decades ago and only 1 less Tourney-Victory [of course, not inclusive of their play-in game win against Mighty-Iona played merely for the right to get straight whooped by Marquette]....This Sweet 16 occurred under rose and was w/byu's most celebrated-player in their program's history on their roster in his senior year....Sweet 16 = [2] Tourney wins.

[To be cont'd]

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Salt Lake City, UT

And Yale is for reading comprehension. WAC and MWC championships are not the unit gifts that keep giving. Not sure what an MWC championship is worth, but whatever it is, pretty sure BYU has cornered the market on those too.

Maybe if your school had been Harvard. Are you sure it wasn't Dartmouth?

Mesa, AZ


"@ Chris B.

'And teams like Utah and TCU carried the conference in BCS football money.'

How come you don't mention all those years BYU and Utah were in the WAC and MWC? You know those years when BYU was winning most of the Conference Championships. All those years all Utah did was make sure they got their share of the money. You don't want to hear about those, just the 2 years Utah played in BCS games.'

What your analysis here is missing, is what the precise dollar-amount in actualy money-generated/-shared by each school, byu decades ago, in the time-frame you referenced ['70s/'80s], and UTAH more recently ['90s-Current].

I look forward to seeing what your assessment entails, ONCE it's actually completed.

Res Novae
Ashburn, VA


Put that Ivy degree to work spotting your red herrings. You state that BYU gained from other schools' success in the MWC. Sure, that's how conference revenue-sharing works. Since BYU won a majority of MWC championships across all sports while in the conference, by your standards BYU benefitted other programs more than the other way around. But this article was specifically about benefits from NCAA b-ball tournament appearances, not all sports, and not all sports championships. It's clear BYU left money accrued from tournament payouts on the table by leaving. You call that stupid, but perhaps BYU has other, long term objectives in mind that more than offset that money. Like no longer having to share. It's a tradeoff - life's full of 'em.

Air Force athletic recruiting wasn't mentioned, but since you have, I doubt you'll find many who'd argue against the challenges of academy recruiting. But after the academies, I'd put BYU athletics right up there with recruiting challenges given academic qualifications, the honor code, and missions. And AF beating BYU occasionally despite different recruiting pools? I expect no less from determined officer-athletes.

Bluffdale, UT

The author never did say that only BYU made money for the MWC. The article is simply about the fact that the MWC is still receiving money from the NCAA because of BYU's NCAA Tourney appearances even though BYU is not in the conference.

Admission standards at Air Force are the same as they are at BYU. I have seen recruiting letters and information from both schools.

Why would they fell stupid for leaving the conference. Even without the money talked about in the article, Independence is and has been much more profitable than staying in the MWC. On top of that, they are now the benefactor of any money distributed through the WCC because of past teams' appearances in the Tourney.

Mesa, AZ


And this all takes-place during recent years when the perception emanating from down there out of utah county is one of "National Prominence" and out of UTAH Basketball, extreme misfortune....However, reality tells us that byu hasn't even remotely come close to this perception of their own-making regarding success/achievement, nationally, when they realistically have achieved nothing, whatsoever, beyond the individual-accolades/-hype surrounding jf....Reality confirms just the complete-opposite to be reflective of the truth when measured by today's standards-of-success on the National Stage, and this is just simply what success any given school achieves in The Tourney, itself.

The fact is, byu doesn't make deep-runs when it goes dancing....In 17 of 27 appearances, they've exited winless....They're currently the National Leader in NCAA Tourney appearances without ever reaching The Final Four at 27....This is their lack-of any significant post-season success, in a nut-shell....Heck, they've only ever won a conference tourney on 3 different occasions ['91, '92 & '01].

They're even digressing these days in their regular season consistency/losing more frequently at home, as well.

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