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Published: Wednesday, April 3 2013 4:40 p.m. MDT

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Sweater In Rafters
Franklin, IN

A Ute fan here. Congrat's to the BYU team for the wins in the NIT. I find something interesting about the Utah and BYU rivalry compared to the Duke UNC rivalry or the Indiana Purdue rivalry.

In both of those rivalries both teams pull for the other team except when they play each other. As Roy Williams expressed...he loves to be #1...especially when Duke is #2. For UNC to beat Duke...when Duke is unranked is not nearly as fun as beating them in the ACC Championship game.

I love the Utes...and I am glad BYU did good at the NIT...I was pleased to see Weber State got to the finals of their tournament I think we all know how consistently good the Aggie's are...too many injuries to make it this year.

If Utah State returns to standard form, Weber keeps it going like they did this year, BYU can replace the few folks they are losing and the Utes keep progressing, Utah could return to the basketball state that it used to be.

That would be good for all schools I think...

Go Utes...

Marysville, WA

Sweater, if more Ute fans were like you, there'd be fewer despisers among the BYU Faithful.

provo, UT

I do believe BYU did well in the NIT Tournament, not good. And it's sweeter not sweater... You know what a sweater is? Good job Cougars from a Ute fan that can spell!!

provo, UT

I finally got it sweater in the rafters my bad!!!

Roger Jolly
Maricopa, AZ

@Sweater In Rafters

I concur... But I've notice that how much Cougar fans watch how Utah has fallen, they don't notice how their team is going down. Playing in the Pac-12 isn't the same as playing in the WCC or Independence. Join a real conference, then talk. But nobody wants BYU. Why is that?

Mesa, AZ

Yep, Stanford actually won The NIT last season and we saw what sort of a, "boon", they received--A return-trip to this Same, Exact second-tier tournament.

The reality of the post-season for byu, historically/generally, is one of Utter-Futility, in terms of where post-season success is measured these days--In The Tourney....Not even their most celebrated player in their program's history truly made a difference, other than one extra-victory during his final-season....Heck, most people actually fail to realize jf continues to remain, Barely, on a NBA-Roster, he's so Utterly-Irrelevant, Anymore.

And now byu can barely lay claim to 3rd-best in a, Top-To-Bottom, 3rd-Rate conference, At Best, during the regular-season and getting immediately bounced from their conference-tourney, Winless, by a 3rd-Rate team, To Boot.

Blacksburg, VA

@ Roger Jolly

It's not that nobody wants BYU. It's just that they want BYU to make concessions that BYU isn't willing to make. The Big 12 would have already extended an official invite (before TCU got one) if BYU would only relinquish broadcasting rights and if we would play on Sundays. Period. As far as quality of the school, athletic department, facilties, revenue, etc. it's a no-brainer. TCU got the invite because they had no such standards or advantages (BYUTV). Utah got the invite because of geography and their graduate school. BYU is an undergraduate university that doesn't fit the academic profile of the PAC12.

So, if you want to say that BYU is arrogant, or doesn't play nice, so no one wants us, that's partly true. We have benefits, standards, and advantages that other universities don't, so it's just easier to work with them. But having standards and not compromising them (Sunday Play) is a good thing. And having a broadcast facility that is literally second-to-none....well, we can generate our own revenue, thank you very much.

Carthage, MO

@ AZUTE1: Why all the hate for the Cougs? We don't critize the Utes for having 116 wins & 137 losses the last 8 seasons & only making the NCAA tourney once during that stretch. You should be proud that one Utah school - BYU - has amassed a record of 209 wins & 65 losses since 2005 & 7 appearances in the NCAA & 2 in the NIT.

For this die-hard Cougar fan, I hope the Utes do well except when they play us. In fact, like Sweater in the Rafters, I hope all the Utah schools do well...it's good for all of us.

Go Cougs!!

Raleigh, NC

Futility is u basketball and football. Playing in the postseason is great. Sitting at home...not so great.

Rigby, ID


Utter futility??? Two NIT championships and a final four. An elite eight, a sweet sixteen and several more appearances in the NCAA. It's not Duke or Kentucky, but it's not utter futility either.

Doesn't 6'11' Isaac Nielson join the program next year? I remember reading a lot about him doing real well in So. Cal. - just as well as Mika - before his mission.


Congrats to the Cougars on making it to Madison Square Gardens. It was nice to see the Cougars put together three complete games in the NIT and the last game was the best showing against Baylor.

It will be very difficult to replace Brandon Davies next year, but these better played games at the end of the year give me hope. Go Cougars!

Plano, TX

Regardless of the tourney you're in, if you're playing on ESPN you're getting exposure to a knowledgeable audience. Play well, and that leaves a good impression among viewers, fans and college admins. You can never tell in scheduling when something happens and a team needs a good opponent; someone may have seen one of these games and call up the teams in it to see if there's a match - especially across country where the names aren't heard all the time. BYU's name is out there, they have recent exposure to keep it fresh and some good will come of it.

Regarding their run in the NIT, congrats for stepping up and playing with passion. It was all good, in every way. It might have been "tier 2" in the news, but you played like it was "tier 1" to you and we fans appreciated the effort.

Hyrum, UT

Wow... we almost had a positive article about BYU without the trolls stepping up with their negative vibes and valueless comments showing a lack of civility. Just once, that would've been nice and a positive step in the right direction between the fans of both schools.

But then along comes Roger Jolly with his inane "nobody wants BYU" comment and his inference that Utah is so much happier being a cellar team in a "real" conference.

And also AZUTE1 with his even more inane "utter futility" comment which displayed a complete ignorance of "historical" BYU postseason play. As the actual article stated, BYU has had 7 post-season victories in nationally invited tournaments in the past few years. I don't dislike Utah, Mr AZUTE1, but just how victories have they had in post-season play in the past few years? You failed to make any type of meaningful comparisons with your unwanted criticisms. Let's keep your comments in perspective, and with an attempt at getting back to civility and respect between our Utah schools and their fans. Other better commenters have shown it can be done.


Congratulations, Cougars, on a nice season.

River Falls, WI


If BYU and it's players are so irrelevant, why is it that BYU articles continue to be flooded with posts from people like yourself? It must be tough routing for a team that can't even come close competing (lost 11 of the last 12) with such an irrelevant club. Irrelevance is hard, especially when it entails consistent trips to the NCAA tournament with several wins in recent years. Hopefully one day you can experience the "utter futility" of having a winning program that competes with the big boys.

Santaquin, UT

If you don't like the trolls, why do you feed them?

Herbert Gravy
Salinas, CA

Please don't be mad to each other. It's all good folks. And, the games are decided on the court. Best of luck to all teams everywhere.

Pleasant Grove, UT

BYU had a good season. But, does any real high school talent care for one second about how the team did in the NIT? No. If we want to get technical, in the standard of anything that really counts, BYU ended the season as the #70 or #71 best team in the country. BYU athletics is willing to settle for that. Why should the fans? Or the beat writers?

Layton, UT


They are what they are. Truth is, limited by their own standards, win or lose, their recruiting base remains the same. What they've already done, is all they will ever do.

Highland, UT


Their recruting base got them a top 20 clas this year and a projected top 10 class next year. You're right, that is what they are.

Of course utah is what it is as well, which means sitting at home wishing they could play.

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