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Published: Wednesday, April 3 2013 1:45 p.m. MDT

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Alexandria, VA

Remember this - respect is earned not given. Asking for respect without showing what you did to earn it make no sense whatsoever.

Free Agency
Salt Lake City, UT

@John Doe

I agree totally with your post.

When so-called "christians" cry, "Disrespect!" and "You're trying to take away my religious freedom!" to those who are trying to secure the rights these "christians" would deny them, I always say it's like a big bully beating up a little guy--and then, when the cops arrive, the bully whines, "He was picking on me!"

m.g. scott
clearfield, UT


DN will let you criticize religion and or the LDS Church. Just watch the language and you can get your point accross. If necessary, we can read between the lines.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

Today there are a number television channels devoted exclusively or at least in part to religious programming including BYUtv. Perhaps your time would be better spent encouraging people to watch those channels rather than suggesting there aren't enough of them.

Kearns, UT

I would like to remind the author of the article that the Simpson family also attend church every Sunday on The Simpsons. It's a great example that church is for imperfect people who at least try to be better. That family attends church because Marge expects that of them. I think we all know families like that.


I thought the Joan of Arcadia show was more or less respectful too.

Chicago, IL

Not necessarily related to the article, but as a convert who has always had very little tolerance for the negative aspects of the LDS Church-which really boil down to the negative aspects of any religion-I am pleasantly surprised to see honest yet blunt criticism being allowed in the comments here.

Apo, AE

TV must be respected in religion...or else.

Agua Dulce, TX

Don't you all believe in capitalism without restrictions? Sow what ye reap.

Logan, UT

I agree that Hollywood often disrespects religion. However, it is not as one-sided as this article asserts. Yes, Hollywood can be disrespectful towards religion out of sheer arrogance. But, religion is also highly disrespectful, harsh, and self-righteous towards secular humanists, agnostics, atheists, gays, lesbians, liberals, non-religious people, etc. So when secular humanists, agnostics, atheists, gays, lesbians, liberals, and non-religious people (who are all abundant in Hollywood) get hammered by religion, well, what goes around comes around.

bob j
Maryborough, 00

I have ordered "THE BIBLE" and have been told that it is on it's way to me. Am REALLY looking forward to seeing it.
Will compare it with other Bible DVD's which I have. Bob J. (LDS)

Layton, UT

Religion is a cliche'd villain in most shows today. The most "sophisticated" heroes are agnostic/atheistic sorts that preach up their own smarts. Unfortunately noen of us as quite as smart as them, and honestly I believe it sort of abuses people to subject them to a constant barrage of this tripe.

Perhaps the most prevalent is in Science Fiction, which has long had a tradition of seeing religion as obsolete or the subject of derision by authors who projected utopias into the future that didn't involve any sort of spiritual side.

Olympia, WA

I think another big reason why the media doesn't try to produce religious themed TV shows is because they don't have a clue on how to do them successfully. Most of these producers and writers aren't religious and so they don't have enough understanding of the topic to make it work. Also, our society seems to be on a trend of putting all trust and faith in science and the material world to the neglect of spirituality and religious philosophy, and that is getting reflected in the media.

Jim Cobabe
Provo, UT

In our TV watching time at our house we have long missed Michael Landon's family-oriented and productions.

HP in Georgia
Atlanta, GA

I have long been of the opinion that the world can get along quite well without Hollywood. Downton Abby and other quality British programming have only confirmed my view.

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