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Published: Tuesday, April 2 2013 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Mcallen, TX

Naval Vet:

Sounds like bitter envy.

What ever!

Danbury, CT

@Naval Vet,

It's not "typical" when only one out of 22 comments is about the refs. That would be "atypical". That said, I've always maintained that BYU (or anyone for that matter) loses games because they didn't score more points than their opponent. Nothing to do with bad officiating. There are a few Y fans that like to focus on the refs. Most of us just wish they would play better and win the big ones. In the end though, they're just students and young people with lots to be commended.

Try a little positive comment sometime about your rivals. It will make you feel better. There's good in most everyone - even BYU athletes and fans.

Overton, NV

Funny. I don't remember reading much from this "Naval vet" on any of the articles following BYU NIT wins. Suddenly "it" is very active following BYU's tough loss to Baylor.

But let me just break it to you, Mr. "Naval vet." A couple of calls CAN decide a close game. And, yes, foul #4 on Davies was a total phantom call. And it did remove a key BYU player in a key part of the game. That has an effect. Whether it is a good call or not, it has an effect.

I felt during the whole game that Baylor's bigs were able to get away with more contact on the defensive end. They tended to be all over Davies and Austin down low. But as soon as Davies, or Austin, or any other BYU player so much as bumped them on the other end, the ref was blowing the whistle. It would certainly be nice if college referees would call the game the same way on both ends of the floor.

Salt Lake City, UT

Nice run Cougars! The NIT performance leaves me hopeful for an improved team next year. I think Carlino should be much improved, and Haws will continue to be Haws to lead the team. Excited for Colinsworth to be back for sure and for the first year of Mika. I think Bronson would be wise to be done with college basketball and focus on football. The team needed him this year due to a depleted roster due to injuries. Hopefully this does not become the case next year. With that said, I wouldn't mind him back on the basketball team next year. But football is his best sport, where he may have NFL potential. I say he should focus there.

South Jordan, UT

That photo really tells a lot about the game in particular and college basketball in general. How many times did Haws get knocked to the floor in the past two games and no foul was called? It's not just the Cougars, though. College basketball powers have made it clear by their type of calls that the game is just going to be allowed to be rougher.

Naturally, this adds to more inconsistency in the overall game calls. To wit: late in the game, Davies took a swipe at the ball as a Baylor player went for a dunk. NO body contact, no arm or hand contact, yet he got a whistle. Earlier in the game, a Baylor player draped himself over Haws who was about to get free near the basket. Never mind it occurred directly in front of a ref, no call.

The game used to be one of style; now it's just one of 'who gets away with the most'. Haws is becoming an anachronism-a throw back to when hustle, heads up play, and intelligent team play meant something.

Gilbert, AZ


"You never hear Y fans saying "critical calls gifted the win to the Y." Don't believe me?"

No, we don't believe you because your spin is completely FALSE!

IF the play in question had been called CORRECTLY, the missed face-masking of the BYU runner that caused the questionable fumble would have negated the fumble, giving BYU an automatic first down and half-the-distance to the goal. Call it poetic justice, but two "missed" calls resulted in the correct call.

Feel free to review the YouTube video replay as many times as you would like; in the end, the correct call was made.

Get over your hatred and petty jealousy already!

Lincoln Park, IL

I have to admit I wasn't all that excited to see BYU playing in the NIT, rather than the NCAA, but this BYU's run to the NIT Final Four was a lot of fun. The refs did miss a couple of critical calls at the end, but the real reason BYU lost to Baylor was horrible shooting from 3-point range. Carlino found his mark late in the game almost in time to mount a huge comeback, but Brock, unfortunately, after a brilliant start against Southern Miss, reverted to his inept outside shooting, going 0-4 against Baylor. A couple of 3s from Brock earlier in the game could made a huge difference by freeing more space for Carlino outside, and Haws and Davies inside. Austin had one of the best games of his career.

Looking forward to next season, with a good core group returning, and new/returning talent coming on board.

Thanks for the entertaining season BYU basketballers.

Ogden, UT

Great finish to the season Y.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"Funny. I don't remember reading much from this 'Naval vet' on any of the articles following BYU NIT wins. Suddenly 'it' is very active following BYU's tough loss to Baylor."

Do you remember seeing any posts blaming the cougars' poor performance on the refs? No? Well then why would I have posted anything like "Cougs lose, blame the refs," or bring up the 2010 SDSU game?

And what is it with this "very active following BYU's tough loss to Baylor" nonsense? At the time of your post, how many posts had I left on this thread?

Answer: 1

"very active"?

How desperate of you. Don't be so frantic and emotional.

"A couple of calls CAN decide a close game."

I know. I already mentioned the 2010 SDSU game. That call was so bad, the alumni your school stuffed in the Replay Booth all got suspended for it, and a new rule was implemented by the (MWC) conference prohibiting alumni from serving in such capacities.


"No, we don't believe you because your spin is completely FALSE!"

What is "FALSE" is that you don't believe me. You saw that replay. And the officials' suspensions that followed.

Omaha, NE

Naval, give it a rest. Your arguments are WEAK. BYU made it the Final Four in a big tournament in a dominating fashion. Some people are so bitter BYU is DOMINATING utah in basketball, while they think they are dominating in football with 3 little wins in a row. Pretty sure BYU had at least 10 in a row during our lifetimes. I went and counted...8...some to the tune of 27-0, 56-6. Now that was domination. Keep up your sorry attempts to bash...they continue to make you look foolish.

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