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Published: Tuesday, April 2 2013 8:40 p.m. MDT

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Frisco, TX

What is going on in SLC? First the swimming program, and now this?

hi, UT

BYU Rugby is the epitome of what college athletics should be-- both on and off the field. I have family in New Zealand who informs me that BYU Rugby is known as an American ambassador of the sport. Good on ya, mates! (Thanks DNews for your growing coverage.)

Syracuse, UT

Sorry, but this is just another example of the little brother trying to keep up with Big Brother and will try to do anything to keep up. They got caught and now they will lose yet another sports program. What else is going on at a school that will try to keep up with the conference they are in. Just listen to their fan base, sports is more important to them than education.


Unfortunately, there aren't really any High School matches this weekend due to spring break. Sad day for Utah Rugby, hopefully they can get this all squared away and get back on the pitch.

Virginia Beach, Va

What is the deal with Utah ? Why is it that BYU has to tell the rugby world about Utah ? Is anyone in charge of Utah rugby ?
Utah owes an honest statement to the Varsity Cup teams and to rugby fans about its problems.

So Jordan, UT

Herriman (defending Utah State Champs) plays Boise Capital (defending Idaho State Champs) on Saturday at 2pm at Herriman Stadium. Should be a great game as both are ranked in the top 25 nationally - I believe Herriman is 4th and Capital is 20th.

Lone Star Cougar
Plano, TX

Ouch! C'mon UU. What is going on?

Salt Lake City, UT

I don't blame Chris Hill. No doubt he wanted to spare yet another Utah team from being decimated on the field by the Mighty Cougars!

GO COUGS! 2012 National Rugby Champions!

Farmington, UT

Wow. More trouble on the hill.

I hope that some partisans won't accuse BYU of being "holier-than-thou" or deserving critisicm because "they supposedly live a higher standard" due to the BYU Coach being interviewed and commenting about the situation.

I hope Utah gets its athletic troubles solved. This must be another embarrassment to the PAC 12, unfortunately. I hope things get settled. Maybe after the facts are known there will be some personnel changes at the U; maybe not. I'll not comment further about that, leaving the Ute supporters to raise that hue-and-cry, until I see what happens.

Good luck to all those who were counting on this being a good, successful program. I hope it rebounds.

AZ Blue & Red
Gilbert, AZ

Too bad and the U rugby always has a great team. Have to admire the fact that someone had the courage to do what was needed. The ones I feel sorry for are the players (probably many of them) that did not do anything wrong and are punished for the others stupidity.

The U always gives the Y all they can handle in Rugby. It is that rivalry thing again.

Will not comment as I have no clue as to what the issue is but I hope they clear it up and move forward. Too good of a program to see die.

Idaho Falls, ID

More scandal at the pride of the Pac-12? Shocking!

Virginia Beach, Va

Another question, what team can replace Utah in the Varsity Cup ? Maybe one of the Canadian clubs ? UBC or Simon Frasure ?

Iowa City, IA

Things are imploding at the U. Chris Hill is now covering all is bases because this swim thing has him in the cross hairs. This rugby fiasco will also get swept under the rug. Maybe another BYU athlete will go after someone for throwing water ballons, that will keep reporters busy for weeks. Scandal at the U? Meh.

Pleasant Grove, UT

Hmmm...runnin Utes runnin scared.

Springville, UT

Big time athletic problems come with wannabe big time conference programs.

I love my WCC affiliation with the an independent football twist and my 'little' church school environment.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"Things are imploding at the U. Chris Hill is now covering all is [sic] bases..."

There seems to be an awful lot of Y fans commenting on Hill and the Pac-12, so to put all your Indy-WACey minds at ease, allow me to clear things up for you a bit...

(1) Rugby is not an NCAA sport. It's a "club" sport. Therefore, Dr. Hill has nothing to do with it.

(2) As Rugby is not an NCAA sport, it's governing board is not the Pac-12. Therefore, the Pac-12 has nothing to do with it either.


Utah Rubgy must have been invited to join the PAC12 conference and playing the tough PAC12 competition week in and week out proves difficult to schedule BYU, therefore, it's not longer in their best interest to continue the rivalry.

JD Tractor
Iowa City, IA

Let's see if I understand:

U football player assaults and threatens his wife, U swim coach assaults his players, U athletic director ignores it, U Rugby team suspended without explanation for entire season.

Which newspaper, news outlet, news reporter is going to do some real investigation and give the pubic answers? Brad Rock? Lee Robinson? Mike Grant? Robert Jackson? Patrick Kinahan (he's so enamored with Anae interviews, this has certainly got to be news with him)?


Naval Vet:

This has been difficult to wrapped around my Indy-WACey mind to comprehend. Thanks for laying it out so clearly because non of us Y fans knew that it was a club and not sanctioned by the NCAA. But since it's not all the more reason to sweep it under the rug. But who really cares anyways? Because at least you're in the PAC12 and football is all that matters right?

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

Rugby is a club sport, just like ultimate Frisbee and fencing. It has nothing to do with the Utah athletic department. It begs the question...who cares?

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