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Published: Tuesday, April 2 2013 6:45 p.m. MDT

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Sioux City, IA


Orem, UT

If you have ever had to deal with the immigration system, personally, front and center, you would not say it is "not broken." It is not just broken, it's embarrassingly mangled. To put it simply: We make entering the country way too hard for good guys and way too easy for bad guys. Then, we blame our problems on the immigrants, we treat them like criminals, and we ignore the glaring failures or our own systems. Time to "cowboy up" and fix the system...while dealing humanely with the people who came here to survive. Yes, they broke "broken" laws to get here...but they came to make a living and most of them could never afford the time or money required to get here legally.

So oldcougar can you explain why it is too difficult for these people who just break the law when 1 million other foreigners have no problem entering legally each year?
Please show some data to prove where it is broken and how it is broken.

Sioux City, IA

In describing America, chapter after chapter identifies “foreigners” and minority members who became successful in the US and how they’ve contributed to our society. However, most struggle in their efforts and need guidance in UT or Anytown, US. Perhaps intelligent immigration reform, concerned Americans, business/labor cooperation, and books like this can extend a helping hand. Good luck to all!

Why do we need to reform our immigration lawswhen we could simply set up local resources for those who immigrate legally to our country? If those who have been granted permission to come here are struggling I don't see how changing any laws that they have already complied with and been accepted into the US will gain them a better pay level or understanding of our language or culture?

bountiful, UT

we do not need immigration "reform".. existing laws are fine. they just need to be enforced.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Why have immigration laws? The bad guys are just going to break them anyway.

South Jordan, UT

I'm with Senator Lee. Let's fix stuff, but I really don't think handing over citizenship is as much of a fix as it is throwing gasoline on a fire.

Hyrum, UT

To oldcougar:

Do you honestly think it's justifiable to allow anybody who comes here illegally to just be forgiven and given citizenship just because "they can't afford the time, nor the money" to go thru the established legal process?
That's one of the worst arguments I've ever read about our illegal immigrant problem. According to your philosophy, we should open our borders and allow citizenship to the over 2 billion people of the world who currently "can't afford the time, nor the money" to immigrate here legally.

The reason those people can't afford those fees is because they lack the education and skills to contribute in their own country, and consequently have very little, if anything, to contribute to American society. When people can't contribute to our American way of life, they become a growing burden, and then become experts on how to milk our overly generous system of entitlements and welfare. Then even more illegals become encouraged to do the same thing. That then contributes to making our terrible federal budget deficit problem becoming even worse than it already is. We don't want to denigrate into a socialist welfare country.

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