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Published: Monday, April 1 2013 8:50 p.m. MDT

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Lots of "good kids and scholars" in all the sports programs at Jordan...most coaches do a great job of that. Looks like they finally solved the mystery of the "Geermuda Triangle" where, over the years, many of the state's highly talented players, with promise, enter and end up not moving to the next level or even being successful in HS. Whether it is from quitting, transferring or just suffocating in that program. I see a lot of supportive comments, which is great and obviously came in a coordinated effort from this year's crop of parents once this article broke, but you would get a way different story from any of the previous players "with promise" and their parents who don't care anymore and certain aren't out proactively looking for this article. Bottom line is that coaches should adapt and leverage the talent they have, not force some slow, clunky system that have proven unsuccessful year after year, down everyone's throats. It's about the kids, not the coach! BTW, don't get too excited about this year’s success. HS basketball in UT was way down this year except for Loan Peak obviously.

draper, UT

I completely disagree with Carnak.

How many of those players on the football and baseball team are IN BOUNDARY kids who are supposed to go to Jordan? Let's be honest here. There teams are comprised of recruited out of boundary kids from all over the Salt Lake valley and in regards to the football team kids from California. Anyone can win a championship team with a super-league team. The basketball team from this past season won more wins than any other in the past 30 years at Jordan... and all of the kids are zoned for Jordan High.


Question for Ernie. Do you know who the second highest scoring basketball team was in all of 5A this year? Only national champion Lone Peak scored more points per game than this team.

I doubt either of you saw a game this year, but the "slow, clunky" style of play that you are referring to is definitely not Jordan.

I hardly ever post, but it is hard not to ignore comments that are totally off base.

The answer to the question is Jordan. 66.6 PPG trailed only Lone Peak in points per game. I guess you better check your facts before you post.

Proud to be American
West Jordan, UT

Slow down style of basketball? Did you see Jordan play this year? They were one of the highest scoring teams in the whole State of Utah! I loved their style of play this year!


Hey Carnak, my screen name says it all. How good do you think Jordan football and baseball would be if we went to that sort of a system? Yeah, well below .500.

I only saw Jordan play twice this year. They played an up tempo style of basketball that I enjoyed watching in their tourney finale against East and Utah signee Parker Van Dyke and I also saw them against West Jordan when they beat West Jordan by about 20. In both games I enjoyed watching a solid high school point guard who fed a good high school post. They had good role players around them and that is why they had success. Most impressive to me was the way that their team had a chemistry about them that I believe helped them overachieve this year.

I was shocked to see this article, Jordan High let a good coach go for no reason. Why would anyone want to coach? It's crazy.


Some good arguments on both sides here. I didn't know coach but I know Hunter, like and trust him. Something doesn't add.

Salt Lake City, UT

.... yet he has no job.

Tucson, AZ

As a teacher in the secondary public school system for 17 years, I have come to the conclusion that the way administrators think is a mystery of life. Totally. Their decisions often are illogical and violate any principles of common sense. I swear, to get an administrator's degree (and why does one need a degree in this?), they put them through a transmogrifier which changes their thought patterns. And unless you know the dynamics behind the transmogrifier, you will never know how an administrator thinks. Like this one.

West Jordan, Utah

When you're 2-10 vs Alta and 3-9 vs Brighton, during six seasons, that doesn't bode well, for any Jordan coach against their rivals. Didn't hardly sniff a region title in six years with only three state tourny appearances, having won only one game (1-3 overall). Jordan teams seemed to always peak early, every season, then fade as the rigors of the season wore on.

Geertsen accomplished many other great things, as has been mentioned throughout the story and comment section. His teams looked good and represented their school well. They were in the community, serving both the young and the old. Their Holiday tournament was second to none.

Geertsen is the kind of guy you would want to influence your son, a player's coach, but in this buisness (coaching) it's dog eat dog, the bottom line is that winninig is going to win out, every time, unfortunatley. It's that way at every level of life, from marbles, to jacks, to hopscotch.

I feel for both in this story. The coach, because he is loved and reveered, along with the administrator, who wants to try something different.

Best luck to everyone affected/involved.


"Winning is going to win out every time". Wow. What a statement. I guess then by that measure every single coach with a losing record in all sports should be fired after they are given 3-4 years? (Keep in mind Geertsen was 74-57 at Jordan, I just tallied it up and saw it in another article.) Let me ask you a question. Which coach in the State of Utah has the winning-est record in the last 20-25 years in Utah that has NOT been fortunate enough to have a D-1 player go through his program? Go look it up, I will be curious to hear the answer to the question. I have not looked it up, but I bet the answer is the same guy you are writing about.

Proud to be American
West Jordan, UT

"it's dog eat dog, the bottom line is that winninig is going to win out, every time, unfortunatley"

Are you being serious with this statement? In college and professional sports, I would agree. In high school sports? No way.

Jordan was 17-7 this year, their winningest season in 30 years. They had a 7-3 region record. These facts directly combat your statement, which I believe to be ridiculous.

And we wonder why high school sports are so messed up right now.

Cedar Hills, Utah

When coaches don't win championships and are fired they always point out academics and running a clean program, those things should be a given, winning at a high level is what keeps them employed.

Uncle Sam
West Jordan, UT

Scandrus what you are saying makes a lot of sense to me. So if you are a coach that builds your program around academics, teaching the kids life lessons, and serves the community you should plan on winning some games to keep your job.

Oh wait, Jordan won 17 games this year. That is the most wins in 29 years at the school in basketball. Jordan has not won a state championship in basketball since 1984. Yeah I know they won the state championship in football, but basketball is drawing from kids that live in their boundaries. So you can't really make a comparison there.

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