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Published: Monday, April 1 2013 8:55 a.m. MDT

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Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

I wonder where they will practice on Monday. Go Cougars!!

Iowa City, IA

Lots of history is the Garden, glad the Cougars are part of it. Very happy also the didn't give up just because it's the NIT. There run in the tourney has definitely made the sour go away! Nice job Cougs, thanks for teaching us as fans!

Go get a trophy!

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Maybe practice at Glens Falls, NY. Jimmer Home. Have a good time guys.

Las Vegas, NV

I'm proud of my Cougars in this tournament. Yeah, it would've been nice to see them in the big tourney, but good job making the most out of the postseason. This BYU fan for sure will watch the game on Tuesday. Good luck!

South Jordan, UT

We will be watching for sure! If this team plays like they have been doing in the last three games, it will be very exciting.

Go Cougars!

Richmond, VA

I'm nervous about Baylor. They're tall, physical, and very talented, and they did put a hurting on us the last time we met. Here's hoping they come in overconfident and we play like we did the last 3 games. It's going to be a very exciting night and I can't wait. A reversal of fortune would be awesome this time. Instead of 2 and 0 from the last trip out to New York, what say you we play lights out and bring the trophy home? Now that would be an even sweeter ending to what had been a somewhat disappointing season.

Go Cougars!

New to Utah

This cougar team has been on fire after that horrible loss in the WCC tourney to San Diego. This shows resilence a truly outstanding quality. Zylstra, Cusich, Austin have been huge along with Davies, Haws and Carlino. Every part of the machine or puzzle had to play or do its part. It has been a smooth running machine. Tuesday night should see the Cougars best game of the season and that is all that's expected.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Baylor will do exactly what they did last time byu played them. Impose their superior athletics over a small, slow bunch of church boys.

I look forward to it.

Gone fishin
Murray, UT

Funny how the small, slow bunch of Churcgh boys took it to your lowely Ute. What does that saya about the Utah program? I appreciate the prediction because it usually means just the opposite.

Roy, UT

Hope the Cougars are "in it to win it," build a Legacy, start winning against tough teams...thinking I can go see Weber State win CIT Tuesday night, watch Y win NIT on Thurs?

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

And let's not forget what the small,slow bunch did to the other PAC 10.2 team they played, beating them by 11. Crissy, open mouth insert foot, again.

Riverton, UT

"I didn't even want those sour grapes in the first place" said the Fox!

But seriously folks!
Salt Lake City, UT

Chris B,
Let's see, The slow Church boys ran right past Washington, Mercer, and a highly athletic Southern Miss with multiple fast breaks scoring almost 90 points per game. BYU may be a little small but they certainly are not slow. Thanks for coming to yet another BYU article We can all see the obsession with all things BYU.

Frisco, TX

I can understand some trolls not liking the Cougars, there's some teams (like the Lakers) that I don't like. But I don't understand how a troll can be so obsessed that they comment on almost every BYU article and their comments are filled with such bitterness that there is no objectivity. The troller makes predictions that are right less than 50% of the time (a coin flip would be a better predictor) and promises that she never keeps. Honestly, since I don't like the Lakers, I don't waste my time commenting on their team.

Cedar Hills, UT

Cougars are clearly playing their best ball of the season. They would easily have made the NCAA tourney had they played this way all year, and possibly made some noise there. It's fun to see them run deep in the NIT.

And come on everyone - if you haven't figured it out by now, Chris B obviously dislikes BYU, but his far bigger obsession is irritating the fan base. Post 2 sentences and watch the responses roll in. I believe he'd be way more embarrassed and frustrated if no one responded to him.

Don't feed the trolls.

Mission Viejo, CA

Luckily, these boards feature comments by Chris B and Naval Vet. Otherwise, they'd be as boring as most other sports blogs. Sure these trolls say snarky things, but that's their intent. But here's one thing to be glad of. A good across-the-board quality program like BYU acquires a lot of "haters". You have to be good to be hated.

For example, who hates, say, Iowa State? Nobody. How about, say, Rutgers? Nobody. Utah? Nobody. Nobody cares about them.

USC, Notre Dame, Yankees, Lakers, the SEC? They earned the honor of being hated. BYU? Up and coming, but not there yet. Most BYU hatred is confined to Utah. I look forward to the day then BYU is hated nationwide. Maybe this year the Cougs will make some more enemies in Virginia, Georgia, and Texas.

Sammamish, WA

Chrissy B is ultra jealous that his own team hasn't played in almost a month and that the Cougars are still playing basketball in April. He can't feel good about himself by his team winning because his team isn't even playing. I love it when the Cougars are winning and it irritates the haters so much that the only way they can feel good about their Yewts is to kick the Cougars on these comment boards. Did anyone see that BYU - Utah Soccer game last week? Nice 6-1 trouncing of the yewts huh Chrissy.


LOL @BlueHusky - while I completely agree that haters is often a sign of success, the schools you listed aren't going to start hating BYU even if they lose one game (or even a series) to them. It takes a fair amount of history to build something like this up.

I could however see some hate building between BYU and Boise but, BYU needs to win some of those games first. One point losses don't count (I think two of their three all time losses to Boise are by a single point).

As far as those responding to Chris B, don't waste the effort. He's a frustrated BYU fan trying to get everyone riled up.

New to Utah

Won84 having attended on of the two one point BSU wins over BYU and watched the other. Here are my comments BSU was rebuilding had big time quarterback issues, BYU had offensive line weight advantage and better skilled plays. It should have been BYU blowouts both times but wait a big factor coaching, determination and delvering on critical plays. BYU could not deliver the knockout and BSU found a way to win. It was simply a winning mentality. Chris Petersen had inexperience no depth on the line and an untried QB but somehow he won. BYU has so much talent but BSU deliveres on the talent they have. Chris Petersen in one heck of coach and he gets better each year.

Roxboro, NC

Re: BlueHusky Not that I particularly agreed with it, but SI had a weekly issue in the 90's concerning the most heated college football rivalries. Ironically, they termed BYU sports teams the most hated in America. I would imagine it was appropriate at the time, given BYU's success in the old WAC and with the in state rivalries. I may have to dig that issue out and reread it. It was the Aug 31 1992 issue and I paste the following if allowed by monitors: "Brigham Young is the most-hated team in college football, which may be the best-kept dirty little secret in the game. That's because to criticize BYU openly is to risk becoming embroiled in a heated debate—or worse—involving not only football but also religion and race and attitudes about life." They sum up the source of the hatred quite well, particularly in Utah, where I lived for 12 years.
Good Luck tonight Cougars! Wish I could make the trip up the coast to NY.

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