Comments about ‘Nation's first helium well planned for Utah may help with worldwide shortage’

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Published: Saturday, March 30 2013 5:15 p.m. MDT

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Taylorsville, UT

Not one mention of how it will be extracted but my guess it will be by fracking or blowing up the bedrock formations and pumpkin nonrecoverable polluted water into the ground and aquifers in the same manner they extract NG and oil from shale formations.

Utah is a very arid state and to loose any or our water resources no matter how remote they may be is setting this state up for a natural disaster we can never recover from, so they better do some explain about what process will be used to recover this helium. Sacrificing a nations population to evacuation and death is not worth making the wealthy people richer.

Death is not a solution to recover shortages for any element for industry or monopoly.

Clovis, CA

Hydraulic fracturing may improve recovery at this well as it does many others. By law and in practice, fracking bypasses the water table, which is far, far above the target depth of this well (and all gas wells). It is as safe as anything you do in your own home and yard that may impact our water sources. The folks at the BLM are not stupid or careless.

Fear generally comes from ignorance. Some people seem to want assurances, others want everyone else to be afraid too.

American Fork, UT

I would be really curious to know what the percentages are for helium usage, what percentage goes to medical uses, vs military, vs filling up party balloons?

Everett, 00

Helium is the inert natural by product of nulcear fusion.
In fact, it's the only way it can be produced.
What helium we have here on earth are the remanants of spent nuclear reactions of stellar Nova.

We need fusion reactors, for both the power and the Helium.

lehi, ut

airnaut, The only way that helium could be produced was as a byproduct, that my friend is no more, now there is a variety of ways we can get it, such as separating it from natural gas.

greenie gus
Grand Junction, CO

I've heard some talk that this helium well will be drilled with air and will not be frac stimulated. If this is true, there will be virtually no negative environmental impact below the surface. We'll see.

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