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Published: Wednesday, March 27 2013 9:55 p.m. MDT

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Layton, UT


Can you enjoy what your team is doing in the NIT without bringing up the PAC12? It's little brothers that are always trying to measure up to big brother. This Ute fan enjoys responding to unprovoked comments from the haters. Go Utes.

Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

This proves that BYU should have been in the NCAA tournament. We are restoring the good name of the WCC after the damage St Marys and Gonzaga caused.

Gilbert, AZ


Sounds like little brother is just a tad oversensitive since the Utes weren't even mentioned.

As far as measuring up to your big brother goes, remind us again when's the last time that train wreck on the hill even played in a post season tournament, let alone won a game?

Go Cougs!


This has been quite a ride for Bronson - ending the football season in San Diego and the basketball season in NY. Sweet!

River Falls, WI

The trolls are noticeably absent from the discussion boards today. They must be off eating crow together. The new-and-improved BYU (RPI #55, Saragrin #54) has beat the three teams they’ve played in the NIT by an average score of 86-71 (15 points), and their opponents haven’t exactly been push-overs.

Southern Miss (RPI #33, Saragrin #66)
Mercer (RPI #116, Saragrin #97 )
Washington (RPI #95, Saragrin #73)

Not bad, but they’ll really face a challenge in Baylor (RPI #62, Saragrin #34) next week. It will require the big three all showing up. Even if they lose, at least they’re still playing instead of watching on t.v. (i.e. Utah, RPI #157, Saragrin #111).

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Salt Lake City, UT

You don't know whether you will be hot or not until you take the shot. When you're hot, you go to your spot and trust your team will feed you; ie Zysltra.

I like that Zylstra got his chance to shine. I like that Haws is a team player, but when he needs to take charge he can. And I like that Carlino has the confidence to play his game.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

I panic when watching Kafusi took a hard fall. Glad he is okay but Bronco M.? Anyway, good game plan and glad to see more games to come.

Surfers Paradise, AU

All cougar fans owe a huge amount of gratitude to Chrissy B for once again picking against the cougs. When he picks against us, more often than not, he's wrong!

Oceanside, CA

Great win. Really surprised me that the took a 30 game home win streak. SLS, your an example of why many people dislike your team. You can't even enjoy a great victory.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT


Layton, UT


Can you enjoy what your team is doing in the NIT without bringing up the PAC12?


What are you even talking about.

Bottom line, this is a down year for BYU in basketball, and where are they? On the other hand, a very successful year for Utah basketball, and what are they doing now?

Utah went to the PAC. Because of "Athletic Prowess" according to Larry Scott, yet no postseason in football or basketball.

Ask yourselves, what did Chris Hill do to your programs? How much money is it worth? Utah is not, nor will ever be PAC-10 quality. Seriously...

Syracuse, UT

Didn't Baylor beat BYU early in the season? Baylor has a freshman, around 6'11" who is a very good player. BYU has played the best ball of the year beginning 2 and 1/2 games ago. I hope they can continue. Good luck Cougs.

Salt Lake City, UT

Veritas Aequitas

Utah went to the PAC 12 for money and any other stated reason is strictly confabulation from their PR department. As you pointed out, they have fallen short as an athletic competitor.

Enough about other schools, last night was BYU's night. It may not last, but they were stellar.

Layton, UT

@talkinsportsCan "since the Utes weren't even mentioned."
@Veritas Aequitas "??????????????" "What are you even talking about."

Please read the original comment by @sls that provoked me. You're to quick to respond to me without knowing what your responding to.

Layton, UT


None of the benefits of Pac12 membership are strictly confabulation. To say that they have fallen short as an athletic competitor is premature. Wait till the recruiting advantages start kicking in.

I'll let you guys go back to enjoying what the tds is doing in the NIT if you can leave the Pac12 out of it. Baylor whooped you guys pretty good in Dec. I'm pulling for them to do it again.

the truth
Holladay, UT

BYU lost to Baylor in december on the road 64-79,

this will be a rematch on a neutral court.

BYU is yet to show they can handle taller teams.

There loses were due to lack of support from players other than Haws or davies, poor shooting, or the inability to control the paint against taller players.

They have thier work cut out for them.

Mapleton, Utah

I can't agree more with the great comments. But I am really ticked. The cougars were laughed at coming onto the floor by the SoMiss players and the center would not shake Brandon's hand. Brandon said it was the first time in his basketball life that the other center would not shake his hand to start a game. Brock saw the failed handshake, walked over to the center, said something to him, (rumor is it was laced with just a touch of the profane) and you could see a change in his face. He was mad. He was ticked. He was going to beat the SoMiss team single handedly if he had to, but it was going to be an all out war. WOW!! What a game he played. Just the ten boards would have been huge, but 23 in your face 5/6 shooting from 3?

If the SoMiss coach saw what happened at center court and what happened way before the game started....I would hate to be an SoMiss player today.

Cedar Hills, Utah

@ogmson, Zylstra was 5/9 from the 3, not 5/6. I am sure the story will get bigger as he retells it over time too!

Springville, UT


"This is better than one or two games in the NCAA tournament and it's certainly better than being in the Pac 12 with a season that has already concluded."

Well said. Could not agree with you more! Its been exciting.

Arizona is gone and after today Oregon will be as well and so ends the mighty 'Conference of Champions' from the tournament. See ya, so long, hasta la vista baby, etc.

Meanwhile back in the minds of BYU fans pondering Madison Sq Gardens a collective shout is heard...

"I love my WCC membership!" (thanks Chris B) LOL

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