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Published: Wednesday, March 27 2013 9:55 p.m. MDT

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Palo Alto, CA

Congratulations Cougars on an outstanding performance across the board breaking #34 RPI SMU's 30-game home winning streak against non-conference foes on your way to the NIT Final Four in Madison Square Garden!

A 24-10 assist/turnover ratio is exceptional.

Not only are you having a great run in the NIT, you're gaining invaluable experience for another NCAA run next season.

Go Cougars!

Orem, UT

What an exciting post season this has been for the Cougars. Who knew that playing in the NIT could be so much fun?

Start spreading the news, I am leaving Monday, I want to be a part of it, New York, New York.

Go Cougs!

Ute parents - me Cougar
Rathdrum, ID

Check my comments from a few weeks back - I said BYU final four NIT.
Not as good as the Big Dance - but something we can still be very proud of.

Go Cougs!!
oh and the football player in the middle is a nice touch!!

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

Brock Zylstra, thank you for clocking in for this game! My word, what an amazing 1st half effort. Great game, boys! Everything was clicking tonight.

Greenwood, IN

"Where excited to go to the Mecca, Madison Square Garden," Carlino said.

I really doubt he used that particular word to start his sentence. We're is your editor?

West Jordan, Utah

If BYU can come up big in the apple (2 more games) then I would be happy if I were a BYU fan. In fact I would rather win the NIT than lose in the first round or two of the NCAA tournament. But once you get to the 'Sweet Sixteen', then it does get sweet and the exposure is much better.

The NIT is sort of not a big deal but still it's not like you are playing for 69th place because many of the teams in the four regional brackets of the NCCA tournament that are seeded 13 thru 16 are not any better than most of the NIT teams in my opinion. Florida Gulf Coast might take exception to that statement though.

Salt Lake City, UT

4 of ELEVEN Carlino? ELEVEN? Dude, I know you pass the ball. Now if you could learn to pass up a few shots...


Honest Question:

Is it better to make it to the Final Four in the NIT or get bumped in the first round of March Madness?

What is the cut off - win the NIT or make it to the Sweet Sixteen/Elite Eight?

Danbury, CT

Not as good as the NCAA's but best thing about this is the post-season experience and confidence building - something sorely needed. Go Cougs!!

Mission Viejo, CA

Stunning game. Amazing change. Great passing. Great great passing. Excellent defense. I think you can't zone these guys. We're seeing some young guys come of age in this tournament. What a turnaround from the WCC tournament disaster.

Columbia, MO

This is great exposure for the BYU basketball program. On Tuesday night they get to play in the prime time game in Madison Square Garden on national tv against a good team from the Big 12. This is better than one or two games in the NCAA tournament and it's certainly better than being in the Pac 12 with a season that has already concluded.

Allen, TX

They truly exemplified the truth that this is a team game first and foremost.

Unselfish, intelligent play all night. And great shooting.

Question: How many times does Haws come across the middle at the free throw line, turn and pop a 16-footer before they figure out he can really shoot and step up to defend him?
Answer: MANY.

Lone Star Cougar
Plano, TX

I am so glad this team had a chance to play a little more, to find their soul as a team, and to come together as a team. Keep it up guys and focus and continue to have fun out there!

Richmond, VA

After a major disappointment in the women's loss to Gonsaga on the WNIT tournament, it was sure bliss to witness a grand performance by the men in blue. Brock Zylstra was on fire like I've never seen him before. My goodness! What could've been if only he had played like that throughout the year! He, Carlino, and Austin are definitely playing up to their potential now and are making things so much fun to watch. Davies and Haws are finally getting the help they need from their supporting cast.

This is the most fun I've ever experienced in any NIT tournament. Go Cougars!

Cinci Man

WOWZA! What a game. Great job Cougars. I think that cutting down on turnovers and hasty shots really helped last night. And I think the foul situation was huge. Davies wasn't in trouble all night long. Of course, the lack of WCC refs was a huge plus, too.

Who knew that the NIT could be such fun?

Congratulations on getting to play at least 4 post season games this year.

Boise, ID

Rose is had a great game plan in place. Hopefully the hot shooting continues for 2 more nights.

South Jordan, UT

Congratulation to everyone on this team who came to Mississippi to play and to win! Fired up are the words to describe the team. I agree that it is exciting to see other BYU players step up and help Haws and Davies. Congratulations also to Coach Dave Rose for continually believing in these guys and being such a great coach.

Practice hard and come out attacking in New York like you did in Mississippi in a hostile environment. And they thought they couldn't be beaten at home (30 consecutive home wins!). We love BYU and are headed for the big volleyball game in the Provo Smith Fieldhouse tonight.

Go Cougars!


I'll admit it. When we knew that BYU was going to the NIT, I was not excited and just wanted the season to end. But, I was wrong and I have enjoyed the NIT run. I hope they do well in NYC and use this as a building block for next year. The future looks bright for Cougar basketball.

Ogden, UT

The Cougars are playing great right now and with a ton of confidence. That being said, Baylor makes me nervous. If the Y can keep up the hot shooting from three they have a legit chance at taking the whole NIT. Once again, as Carlino goes, so goes the Cougars.

Obviously, I would have preferred the boys make it to the field of 68, but making the Final Four of the NIT is still sweet. Probably better than getting bounced in the first or second round of the Big Dance. Trouble is you just don't know if the team would have won their first two in the dance and that's why I would prefer to have them have a shot in the NCAA's.

Roy, UT

Baylor will present an opposite-type team, with height advantage over the Cougars, their center being a tremendous, though unpolished, talent...Cougars were full of faith and confidence at Hattiesburg, they'll need that in the Garden...go team, Y not win it all? Hoping to read, Y wins it all in the 2013 NIT!

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