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Published: Wednesday, March 27 2013 9:35 p.m. MDT

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Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Fort Collins, CO

True, but perhaps a bit harsh. I used to live in RainTree back in the day when it was all that. My life got dramatically better when I moved to Brown House Down on the south side of campus.

I wonder if the church owns that complex, or if they just negotiated for the whole block? I suppose if you were given notice, it doesn't much matter.

m.g. scott

Some say the numbers will stabilize back to the level before the age change after this initial influx of new 18 and 19 year olds. It might however stay high because some, particularly women, will go on a mission at 19 that they wouldn't have gone on at 21. So, long term expansion may still be necessary. In either case, great to see this missionary effort happening.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Boo Hoo.
Here comes my crusty 'ol "I remember when" rant too --

We slept in bunks, in the gym and were "happy" about it.

In the field --
We found our own apartments,
Found our own furnishings,
arrainged our own transportaion,
installed our own phones and utilities,
...and we were "happy" about it.

BTW - I have a picture of me and my companion,
sleeping on couches with cigarette burn holes all over,
without any cushions,
that we had found and dragged out of a dumpster,
using a fly swatter to kill all the roaches,
getting a 50 pound bag of Idaho potatoes from a member,
and with tears in our eyes,
...we were "happy" about it.

Missionaries today are too soft.

Iowa City, IA


Raintree typically works with contracts that expire at the end of each school year in April. The complex usually allows people an option to renew/extend their contract each year (around March), but it sounds like the renewal option was simply not offered this year.

Mike in Salem
Salem, UT

I believe a standard contract for BYU approved housing contains a provision that either party can terminate for any reason up to 90 days before the commencement date of a lease. If it is less than 90 days, the landlord cannot terminate the lease without cause. Any successor to the landlords interests is bound to the terms.

However, most of these leases also terminate at the end of the winter term. I would imagine that most students just assumed that they could renew their lease and haven't actually signed a lease for spring giving them no legal expectation to remain after their lease expires the end of the winter term.

If anyone does have a lease signed for spring, since it is less than 90 days away, the church will need to break their lease and a tenant should be able to hold out for some sort of fair settlement.

Sparks, NV

Wasn't there a guy who lived near there and complained last year that he didn't like it when it was announced that the Church was going to make the MTC a much larger place, possibly 9 stories high?

Blame him.

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