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Published: Tuesday, March 26 2013 10:30 p.m. MDT

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What was absolutely beautiful about the straight couple coming down the steps in their wedding attire.. was how big of an applause they got... FROM THE GAY MARRIAGE SUPPORTERS!!!

See? We're not trying to destroy your marriages. We honor them, too. We just want you to honor ours, as we honor yours.

Wallsburg, UT

Oh good grief, Doug10. Despite your skewed views of gender and gay men, please remember that more than half of GLBTs wanting marriage rights are lesbians (i.e. women). If you look at the demographics of attraction, lesbians have fewer STDs, less promiscuity (less sex in general), and lower incidences of pedophilia than your demographic of straight males. Perhaps we should be prohibiting straight men form getting married....

Wallsburg, UT

According to a number of recent studies, two parents have better outcomes with children than does one parent. The gender of the parents appears to have no correlation to success in rearing children. In another study, lesbians were found to have better adjusted children than straights by at least one criterion. Therefore, a belief that gay families should not have the same benefits and protections as straight families is not reasonable or kind. If it is, in fact, based upon animus (dislike of gays), then enshrining that belief into law is unconstitutional [see Utah's Amendment 3].

Salt Lake City, UT

I guess traditional marriage isn't "tainted" by abusers and adulterers? As long as it is between a man and a woman? Maybe that is who should be called out and not "allowed" to marry.

You need a license to get married, you don't need anyone's "blessing", not even a deity.

Children need a parent who loves them, period. They need someone who will not abuse them or anyone else in the family. Just because you have a man and a woman doesn't mean they will be good parents.

How can you pick and choose what still applies and what does not in the bible? Unless you are willing to obey all of the laws of the bible, don't tout anything as being gospel just because it is "in the bible". I really doubt that most of you are still going to sell your daughter into slavery, or kill your brother for planting the wrong crops side by side, or stone someone for working on the sabbath...

How sad your God must really be to see you treating all of his children thus.

Mcallen, TX

This is a distraction from more important issues. People wanting more rights, and benefits is getting old.

John Pack Lambert of Michigan
Ypsilanti, MI

Marriage is an institution created to encourage the raising of children by their biological parents. It needs the form of a man/woman union, one that actually can produce children.

If you remove it from its form, it will loose its meaning and become something else. It is a disruptive process that will have negative effects.

John Pack Lambert of Michigan
Ypsilanti, MI

The point of man/woman marriage laws is to focus marriage on the interest of the children. If you move away from a basic definition that shows the institution is focused on children, it no longer becomes about children at all. These are issues of symbolic teaching with forms.

There is no reasonable purpose served by the government recognizing marriages that lack the form of creating children. This is about form and not substance. The law draws a basic form that will create children, and anything within that form can work. Things that do not fit that basic form will not work.

John Pack Lambert of Michigan
Ypsilanti, MI

There are no adequate studies that take into account same-gender parenting that can be used. I will trust in the word of the prophets of God that the best way to raise children is by their biological parents.

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