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Published: Tuesday, March 26 2013 9:00 p.m. MDT

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well informed
Salt Lake, UT

Thank you so much for the story Lisa. Finally, a story about the good guys.

Kearns, UT

"Finally, a story about the good guys."

I'm a little bit concerned about what you mean by that. Are you saying that those who are for gay marriage are "the bad guys?" I certainly hope that is not what you mean. I'm tired of hearing people demonize those who have opposing views on such touchy issues, and I hope we can all remember that this issue really comes down to people and how we treat those who are different than the rest of us.

Salt Lake City, UT

"a story about the good guys."

Good guys don't violate the Constitution in order to oppress others.

Layton, UT

Not the bad guys, just the wrong idea guys. I'm proud of our leaders who are standing up for traditional marriage. Utah is awesome.

Voice of Reason
Layton, UT

I was there today but couldn't stay for the whole event unfortunately. It was great to hear the inspiring words in support of the traditional family structure, which the very survival of our civilization depends on. It was a little disappointing to see that we couldn't peacefully celebrate that together without opposing activists trying to intimidate the rest of us, but in the end it was a minor irritant that was easily ignored for the far more important messages, since the signs were full of the same tired, long-ago discounted bumper sticker wisdom that we all know too well.

I'm sure the same gay activists will smile with equally loving acceptance when the next Gay Pride Parade is surrounded by a thousand hymn-singing Mormons holding large signs supporting traditional marriage!

Salt Lake City, UT

From our own Deseret news:

'Gallup Poll: Majority of Americans support gay marriage' - By Elizabeth Stuart - DSNews - 05/20/2011

Now for the balance:

'Poll: Support for gay marriage up among Catholics' – By Jillian Rayfield – Salon – 03/08/13

'A Majority of Young Republicans Support Gay Marriage' - —By Tim Murphy – Mother Jones – 03/08/2013

'Poll: New High Of 58 Percent Support Same-Sex Marriage' – By TOM KLUDT – By Talking Points Memo – 03/18/13

'At a time when the Supreme Court prepares to take up same-sex marriage and the Republican Party determines the best approach to the issue going forward, an ABC News/Washington Post poll released Monday showed a new high-water mark in support for the right of gay and lesbian couples to tie the knot. 
The poll found 58 percent of Americans now believe marriage should be legal for same-sex couples, while just 36 percent said it should be illegal.'


"Good guys don't violate the Constitution in order to oppress others."

Good guys don't oppress others by compelling them to violate their consciences.

Normal Guy
Salt Lake City, UT

"Good guys don't violate the Constitution in order to oppress others."

Most of us are waiting until June to see what the SCOTUS says about the constitutionality of the traditional marriage laws rather than glibly throwing out pronouncements now. Based on the discussions the Justices had yesterday it appears that these laws will be upheld. The Justices understand that a social experiment of this magnitude deserves way more time than it has currently been given and that the current laws were not made to persecute homosexuals but to promote traditional marriage.

Alexandria, VA

No one is asking for the use of Temples, Churches, Mosques, Synagogues or any religious building or being sanctioned by such a group. LGBT people are only being asked to be treated equally - seems strikingly familiar to what most Christian faiths teach. What I don’t understand is why religious organizations want to impose their definition of marriage on a group whose inclusion in marriage will – in no way affect any religious organization.

Centerville, UT

I loved the comment by one of the rally participants: "The one thing we all have in common here is that we all had a mother and a father".

South Jordan, UT

Traditional marriage began long ago with Adam and Eve. The human race began with the union of a man and a woman. This is God's law...nature's law. You don't see anything in the animal kingdom violate it except the human race. Even then, it is a small percentage.

We attended RootsTech in SLC over the weekend. Everything in family history going back in every single family line is a father and a mother. Some lines go back to Adam, ours to the 1400's. It's always documented with a father and a mother and their children from generation to generation. A beautiful plan of God. May it be ever so with our country protected under the Constitution, also God given.

Huntsville, UT

Silly people, you forget something: WE also support 'traditional marriage'. We, however, support the marriages of ALL Americans, not just those who believe like you do. This is about equality, not about anti-marriage.

Somewhere in Time, UT

The fact that this is even an issue shows just how far we can sunk as a culture. I wonder how much longer we have before we just go completely over the cliff like societies of the past--Sodom and Gomorah, for example.

History Freak
Somewhere in Time, UT

To say that no one is asking to perform these marriages in Temples and Churches is NOT TRUE and, in fact, this has already happened in some places. Churches have actually lost their tax-free status for refusing to allow their facilities to be used for gay weddings and committment ceremonies. Catholic Charities has been forced to stop adoption services because they refuse to adopt out children to gay couples. Common sense is gone with the wind.

If Prop 8 is overturned, it will mean that the people of California do not have the right to determine what is in their own constitution. A handful of judges will be able to make that determination over the heads of the people.

When I was growing up, I used to always hear that the world would become so wicked that the faithful would be praying for the world to end and the Saviour to come again. I think we've about reached that point. I wonder how much time we have left.


Hummm, when your paper is covering an event you might give us an accurate idea of what was going on. I was there last night and the pro gay marriage people outnumbered the traditional family supporters. Not that you say one is better then the other because of that, just report the facts. That might also say something of the grass roots support of gay marriage in Utah and Utah might not be as anti gay marriage as everyone thinks. All I ask is you give an accurate report of the event. I think a major part of the story was what a large number of gay marriage supporters there were and how peaceful and respectful both groups were. As a reporter sometimes you need to adjust your coverage as the facts and events warrant. I hope you take constructive criticism of your paper.


@BYUAlum --

"You don't see anything in the animal kingdom violate it except the human race. "

Actually, homosexual behavior is well known in many non-human species. We are far from unique there.

Mcallen, TX

Can believe this is even an issue. Amazing how low people would go for government benefits.

Truth be known, 99.9% of gays weren't born that way. It's a learned addiction.

Nashville, TN

Worf -- "Truth be known, 99.9% of gays weren't born that way. It's a learned addiction."

Why would you think that homosexual behavior is any more "addictive" than heterosexual behavior? Do you truly believe that homosexual behavior feels a whole lot better than heterosexual behavior? Where's the appeal?

m.g. scott

I actually think the well known gay, Elton John, had it right. Just give equal rights to same sex couples, benefits from government and all. But not call it "marriage". I see no problem in that. Marriage as a word should remain unique for what it has always been, opposite sex couples. This whole argument might just really be a debate about definitions.

Salt Lake City, UT

Just don't call it marriage?

American history has proven that 'separate but equal' is never equal. It was called segregation.

It failed.

Civil unions, etc, factually do not give all the benefits of marriage. Recognition across state lines being the most evident.

With the 'Defense of Marriage Act' or DOMA, being responsible.

If you get married in Utah, is your marriage recognized in Texas?

I hope so.

Here is the example of why LGBT need legal marriage recognition in America:

'Kept From a Dying Partners Bedside' - By TARA PARKER-POPE - NY Times - 05/18/09

'...the couples had prepared for a medical emergency, creating living wills, advanced directives and power-of-attorney documents.'

And yet, even with Living Will, Medical Directive, Power of attorney and emergency contact information...

Janice Langbehn was kept from the bedside of her dying partner, Lisa Pond.

They were together for 18 years.

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