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Published: Wednesday, March 27 2013 8:40 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

We need a single payer system (MEDICARE FOR ALL!), but the insurance and health care industries had to retain their respective pieces of the action, so we ended up with Obamacare, so-called. Flawed as it is, I don't want to go back to thke old days when insurers could deny access, cut off benefits and condemn people to death.

Burke, VA

lost in DC 12:26 - Wow. You must know the DN monitor. If I use that many capital letters I get totally censored! =)

But seriously, I'm going to be totally upfront with you. As much as I defend the president on the issue of the ACA, I would like nothing more than for it to fail and have us turn to a single payer national healthcare plan. Every industrialized nation in the world, except us, has that type of plan and they do it for less money and in many cases, maybe most, the healthcare they offer is better. Oh sure, I might have to wait a week to have a hip replaced instead of having it done this afternoon but it works better than ours and for less money. That's because they have discovered that the health of our their citizens should be provided without a profit motive involved. As I've said before, healthcare as a for profit business is immoral. That doesn't mean doctors and other healthcare professionals shouldn't be well compensated but the people that make the most money in our system are insurance company executives. For doing what?

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

Obamacare is successful?

then why are dems ducking it?

why is it still unpopular?

Why do the headlines read, "Millions face sticker shock of health exchanges", "Obama's health care law to raise claims cost by 32%", "Obamacare insurance plans may be expensive", "insurance premiums may rise for 80% of Americans under age 30", and "millions left uninsured by gap in Obamacare"?

Those types of headlines do not indicate a successful program.

But then I guess if you get a sliver in your finger and you cut it your arm off, you can say you were successful in preventing any infection from your finger from spreading. That's a pretty pathetic definition of success!

Salt Lake City, UT

Obamacare has a waiver in it that lets states bail out of Obamacare as long as they design their own plan that covers at least as many people and is no more expensive than Obamacare. So far only Vermont has gone this route. I don't see Utah working on a solution so I guess they either don't have one, or frankly don't give a darn about healthcare for the poor and those with preexisting conditions.

Tucson, AZ

Lost in DC...you watch too, much Fox News and only read Desert News. Republicans are driving around in circles with each other. Get out and talk with your fellow citizens and educate yourself. You too can learn!

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Obamacare is a fraud, sold with lies and based on lies, or at least total ignorance or willful disregard of the facts of how health care is actually delivered and paid for.

Repeal it now. Every last word, every last tax, fee, mandate or provision. Everything!

Obamacare has taken more money out of the pockets of patients, employers and providers, and provided exactly ZERO new doctors, nurses or hospitals, or steamlined any bureaucracy. He has institutionalized every bad feature, and made everything worse.

If you though health care was expensive then, just compare the cost and services provided to now when it is "free!"

Repeal Obamacare immediately!

Mcallen, TX

Raising premiums? Obama? Why didn't you keep your promise?

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

thank you for being upfront and recognizing this is just a lie to push us to a socialized system. But I disagree with you about the desirability of a socialized system. Since BO and the dems could not foist such a system on us, and the dems were soundly routed in 2010 because of Obamacare, it appears the majority of the citizenry also oppose such a system.

I see you could not answer ANY of the headlines indicating Obamacare is a failure and a lie.

By failing to do so, you admit Obamacare IS a failure. Thanks

BTW, I do not watch Fox and I have other sources than the DN. But if you think the DN is so unreliable, what are YOU doing here?

m.g. scott

For all you people who think Obamacare is going to work for all, I can tell you from actual family experience that there are procedures being denied old people now that were not denied only a couple of years ago. Death panels anyone? Socialized medicine is medicore medicine, and not for all at that. That is real life folks, not political philosophy. But you can just bet that the rich Democrats who foisted this mess on us will have their concierge doctors for their needs, and won't be denied any medical care they want. Amazing to think that Democrats have made people believe they care about people more than Repbulicans do. The big lie!

Burke, VA

lost in DC - I guess you were on vacation during the Supreme Court decision last year and then there was an election, sometime in November, in which that deceitful president was re-elected and his oppostion in the Congress had their numbers significantly decreased. You should have been there. It was breathtaking!

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

thank you for admitting BO is deceitful. I think that's the main reason he won re-election.

Thank you for not trying to refute that Obamacare is a lie.

Thank you for not trying to refute that Obamacare is failing.

So if the election and the SCOTUS telling us we can be taxed for not eating brocolli (another Dred Scott decision) means that we WANT socialized medicine, why doesn't BO have harry introduce it in the senate?

Mcallen, TX

Will someone please define affordable.

Obama said affordable insurance is what he'll bring to everyone, plus cutting the deficit in half.

Layton, UT

Dems should just legistlate away high prices.

Cedar Hills, UT


I actually have to agree with you on this one. A single payer systems would be better than what this million page train wreck called 'Obamacare' has turned out to be. It's driving up insurance rates and putting people out of work. Not exactly what was promised by Barack. Recall he told us all we would be paying on the average 2500 less per year each and the total cost would only be 800 billion. Well we are probably closer to paying 2500 MORE per year and the new CBO cost estimates are 2.8 trillion with a T! I honestly don't know if America could afford a single payer system like some of the small European countries have - but it appears we are headed in that direction regardless so we just have to hope we don't end up like most of Europe is today with their entitlement nightmare.

Springville, UT

Every year my company pays more money for less healthcare coverage because of insurance companies raising their rates. They have NEVER once given us a break on cost. So now Obamacare kicks in and we are all somehow surprised that costs are going up? They always go up anyway! This is somehow news??

You fox parroting tea partiers have no shame. You all spout off about charity but then in your urge to be on the team against the president essentially say that all poor people without coverage should have no other recourse but to die.

You know, its no surprise that people in Utah hate the president that's old news, we get it, but you know your bunch of obstructionists in congress have offered absolutely nothing to fix the health care issue... They don't have a plan, they have never have had a plan to fix that, or anything else for that matter. So just sit there and parrot what your fake news masters tell you and just hope that you don't ever get really sick and find out what insurance in this country is really like. It's real noble work you're doing.

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