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Published: Wednesday, March 27 2013 8:40 a.m. MDT

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Meadow Lark Mark

I can't predict the future. I have said before in posts here that we cannot afford this law. Affordable Care Act--what a bunch of bologna. I hope that things will change, but we just cannot afford this law. It may seriously hurt the economy of this country and put business' in a position where they stop offering health insurance. The company that I work for right now is considering stopping their health insurance coverage for employees. So if this is the case with my company what is the point of Obamacare to just get everyone on the government exchanges? I'm not happy with this so perhaps I need to try to do more within my sphere of influence. As I have said before we CANNOT afford the Affordable Care Act. It is a sick joke meant to destroy us and give too much power to the government.


They probably will be by next election.

Mapleton, UT

Any thoughtful person should recognize that we are desperately in need of health care reform. So I find comments like, "Republicans have been aggressively jumping on any sign of weakness in the new (affordable care) law" very disappointing. If there are problems why not join in and work together to achieve a responsible solution. I'm always troubled by how politically motivated, self-serving and plainly destructive the Republican response has become. Don't they have any feelings or sincere ideas of what might actually be in the best interests of we Americans? The usual Republican refrain of, "Well, our motivations may not always be the best but the Democrats are far worse" is wearing a bit thin.


Of course they are. Today, Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius acknowledged that Obamacare is raising premiums. We all knew this was going to happen when the bill was passed, but the Democrats put their heads in the sand and voted to approve the bill anyway. Nancy Pelosi famously said, "we need to pass the bill to see what is in the bill". They didn't even read the bill before voting on it. This was legislating at its worst. When you get your bill this month, or your employer begins to take more from your paycheck this month to cover health, thank the Democrats!

Lehi, UT

One, two, three say it: "Ohh Bummer!" Better still, let's call it ObamaDare!

layton, UT

I agree with Ajax that there needs to be a healthcare reform. But in my humble opinion this isn't the way to go about it. Anyone who has ever worked in the medical field knows that the insurance companies have all the power. And now, we are going to pay them more money in premiums? How does that seem fair for all of us who currently have medical insurance. I have no problem helping people out who need it, but not when it is going to make someone else rich because of it.

How about we crack down on insurance companies and hold them to do what they say that they are going to do? Help pay for the medical expenses of people who pay them every month? I think that would be a start in healthcare reform.

West Jordan, UT

The company my sister has worked for for the past 15 years, has decided that under ObamaCare, they can no longer afford to provide health insurance for their employees. They have decided that paying the penalty would end up being a much cheaper option for them. They have left hundreds of employees and their families without any form of healthcare coverage.

I am beginning to believe that Obama never cared whether Americans had health coverage or not. He created a system wherein the government would actually benefit from employers discontinuing coverage. You fail to buy health insurance for your employees? Then the government collects money from your company by way of a penalty. It is a win/win for them. Obama can look like a hero, while collecting new revenue (tax) for his pet programs. It sickens me.

What we need is actual reform, which this is not. People, open your eyes.

Burke, VA

In his effort to tell the truth to his readers, Mr. Schulzke should take time to present more than the information that will support his previously established premise. Of all publications, the conservative National Review even quoted a NYT article that included this paragraph:

"The double-digit requests in some states are being made despite evidence that overall health care costs appear to have slowed in recent years, increasing in the single digits annually as many people put off treatment because of the weak economy. PricewaterhouseCoopers estimates that costs may increase just 7.5 percent next year, well below the rate increases being sought by some insurers. But the companies counter that medical costs for some policy holders are rising much faster than the average, suggesting they are in a sicker population. Federal regulators contend that premiums would be higher still without the law, which also sets limits on profits and administrative costs and provides for rebates if insurers exceed those limits."

That last sentence is the most telling - "...premiums would be higher still without the law...". Yes preiums have raised and will raise but not because of the ACA. Journalism 101 - tell the whole story.

Taylorsville, UT

I haven't had health insurance for me or my family now for 10 years. Anything is better than nothing. I have' always thought, people that don't like United Health Insurance....must have health insurance. Reform has to happen....The fact that the two parties can't work together in order to reform anything in a way that will benefit humanity is gross, and has been the pattern. Revise it and put it on his desk, but has anything happened? Nope. Doesn't even make it to the mans desk. It's a joke.

Anti Bush-Obama
Washington, DC

They all gave themselves exemptions from the Obamacare law. This news is 3 years old. Why are you only reporting it now?

Heber City, UT

Just wait until people sell their homes and get 3% of the sales price deducted from their check. This 3% is part of how the Democrats expect to help pay for this rammed-down-our throats law. I will guarantee that 90% of the citizen's are not aware of this tax. They will scream and rant, but where were they when Congress was asleep at the wheel when passing this bill. Did they write a single letter to their congressional representative stating their opposition to this tax or this bill. Doubt it.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

Any thoughtful person should have read and understood a complex law affecting 1/6 of our economy before they passed it.

Too bad your subservience to the DNC and MSNBC does not allow you to see that the repubs DID offer alternatives, but they were ignored or relegated to the back of the bus.

BO never wanted this to work; he and the dems WANT it to fail so we will run gladly into socialized medicine with all the ills and shortcomings associated therewith.

Regardless of whether or not premiums would still be rising without the law, BO LIED!!! He said costs would go down. And the reason for rate of increases slowing was BO’S POOR ECONOMY, not the effects of this bad law. The contention that they would have increased anyway comes from federal regulators, WHO HAVE A VESTED INTEREST IN SEEING Obamacare SUCCEED!!!


No matter how much some of you may believe that the Republicans are more to blame, just remember, it is Obamas health plan, passed in Congress with arm twisting and only Democrat votes. If there had been some sort of bi-partisanship when passing the biggest, most expensive government legislation in history, then maybe you could criticize the Republicans. But they were left out and told to go pound sand when it passed. It is a totally "partisan" program. That whole operation to get it passed by Reid and Pelosi was hardly "working together".


Lobbyists OWN the healthcare delivery system.

The only way the American consumer will ever not be at the bottom of the "pecking order" in terms of dollars spent wisely on healthcare is if the lobbyists are shut out of the process totally!

Pick 4 Repubs, and 4 Demos. along with 5 DRs. (notice 13 people - no tie votes)put them in a room and tell them to improve the healthcare delivery apparatus. No lobbyists allowed.

All we're doing up to now is taking money from the "left pocket" instead of the "right pocket" in terms of funding/payments to the medical profession and health insurance companies.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

Yes. Just like the cowards they are. Although bo is a little smarter than the average democrat. He quickly blames anyone else that he can possibly pass it off to.

Now they're claiming obummercare is a failure because it isn't big enough and they were thwarted at every step.

Really? When you control the majority of Congress the majority of the Senate and control the office of President in the White House. And you can push your agenda through without a single Republican vote. It is all yours dependentcrats. All of the glory and all of the blame that goes along with your march in step to your liberal drummer.

Cedar Hills, UT

why would they "duck" away from Obamacare? It's popular - right???

Othello, WA

Can't blame this one on Bush! Look at the rats run for cover!! And they really can't figure out why the unemployment rate isn't coming down much, even though the rest of the economy is getting "so much better". Go figure?

Tucson, AZ

What scares living daylights out of repubs is ObamaCare is sucessful., people get coverage, and pre existing conditions are history. All their anti-american winning will be exposed. Thank you President Obama for your leadership on this issue.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

When obamacare fails. They'll need to find a group of people or someone to blame. Let's dig through the democrat arsenal of Talking Points of Blame: "ATMS" "Tsunmai" "Old white people" "Republicans" "Bush" "Fox News" "Not big enough" "Tea Party" "Assault Rifles" "High capacity clips" "Sugar" "Racists cops" "Clinging to guns and religion" "Not enough welfare" "Congress".....hmmmm or maybe they'll go back to obama's "gutsy" call that no one else would have made to go after osama (it's not related, but, it's the only positive thing that has happened).

Mapleton, UT

In my career in business I have seen my share of plans for accomplishing something. None was ever perfect. Unintended consequences were common. Those plans that became successful were those that were supported and allowed to evolve over time.

However, even the best of plans were no match for a lack of support. Everyone agreed afterwards that they knew all along that the plan would fail. On the other hand there were unimpressive plans that were highly supported that were very successful. We all knew that they would be.

If your intent is to stonewall the Affordable Care Act at every turn, you're right. It will likely fail. Should you support it and do what you can to make it successful, it will be. Over time it will evolve into something we can be proud of.

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