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Published: Monday, March 25 2013 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Overton, NV

It was definitely an exciting game. The Marriot was loud to start the game and loud to finish. On the post-game radio show, one of the Mercer players said he will look back a year from now and be grateful he got to play in such a great environment.

I've been a critic of Zylstra, but he certainly stepped up last night. I don't remember him taking a bad shot, and his defense was usually pretty good. He wasn't afraid to foul either. Usually we are blasting guys when they get in foul trouble, but I feel that Zylstra's 4 fouls were committed by being aggressive in the right spots. I don't think any of them can be called silly fouls.

It seems strange to see that Haws scored 24 points. He had a 'quiet' game.

Davies is making the most of his extra time. Keep it up, please!

And overall the team just really impressed me with the intensity last night. One of the biggest roars from the crowd came on a scramble for a loose ball. No quit in these guys. Play like this on Wednesday and hold your heads high, win or lose.

Omaha, NE

Glad their playing well but these teams are not equal to big dance teams. Look at the sweet 16, no WCC, no MWC teams left. Y is clearly one of the better teams ranked around 70 so they should beat these other teams.


To our resident pedant: "Unnerve" also means "to cause to become nervous," which pretty aptly describes how I (and others, evidently) react to watching a game announced by Bill Walton. Seriously, last night I felt so embarrassed for the guy that I had to stop watching the game at several junctures. I, too, like personality in "color" commentators, but I'd much rather hear Steve Vail say "Wow!" a hundred times during a volleyball match than to listen to Walton run off at the mouth.

Bluffdale, UT

Please tell me that you are smarter than to think that the 68 teams in the NCAA Tournament are the top 68 teams in college basketball. If the selection committee has a 15 seed in the sweet 16, then I am sure there are plenty of teams that should be in the Tourney but aren't. Because of the way the selection process works, it is impossible to select the best 68 teams.

That said, based on the comments here, Cougar fans are really not under the allusion that they belong in the Tourney. Playing well in the post-season does not mean you belong in the Tourney; you have to earn it in the regular season or conference tournament.

I am also not sure that they "should" beat Southern Miss. They are a tough team at home.

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