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Published: Monday, March 25 2013 5:50 p.m. MDT

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USS Enterprise, UT

To "plainbrownwrapper" I hate to tell you this, but "sister wives" is a reality show. That means that the people are filmed in their natural environment without a script. You are confusing it with "Big Love".

I have known some polygamists that are in the Salt Lake area, and unless you were told that they are polygamists, you would never be able to pick them out.

Apparently suing does work, look at the gay marriage advocates. They keep suing anybody and everybody who stands in the way of their adgenda.

Mesa, AZ


"People can sue all they want -- that doesn't mean they will ever win in court."

Another argument that was used before homosexuality was decriminalized.

I am afraid that once the definition changes there will be no excuse tp prevent polyggamists from legally getting married unless you wish to create a new group who are having their cvil rights as well as religous violated.

West Jordan, UT

The problem is that they are not really challenging a state law, they are challenging the state constitution. The challenge to try to find the state constitution "unconstitutional" is a tough fight. The equal protection clause in the 14th Amendment isn't strong enough to overturn, which is considered a state sovereignty issue.

The Supreme Court also hinted earlier this week that they will likely leave the gay marriage "experiment" up to the states to decide. In a couple of months, this will likely all go away.

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