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Published: Monday, March 25 2013 5:15 p.m. MDT

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Woods Cross, UT

See, I told ya there was good in the world.

Danbury, CT

Great story. My sneaking suspicion is there are millions of these kinds of positive stories taking place every day but we end up focusing on the crime, terror and selfishness that is out there rather than all the good.

Keep up the good work!!

Salt Lake City, UT

Hey, a little kindness, compassion and just being plain nice. It isn't hard and makes the world or our little corner of it a nicer place. I agree with eastcoastcoug, we ought to hear more of this and less of me, me, me buy adults who should know better.


A little kindness indeed goes a long way!

Turtles Run
Missouri City, TX

I will be taking the family to Chili's tonight. Great customer service!!!

Millbrae, CA

I don't get it; why didn't they just tell the girl they cut the burger up for her health? Now we're wasting food.

City, Ut

Thanks to all those out in the public-- restaurant workers, flight attendants, church members, teachers, neighbors, store employees, etc etc and just average people you might run into at a park or movie or grocery store--who have figured out there are a LOT of kids on the autism spectrum, and that they need to be given a little slack.

Your kindness and patience and attempts to help and understand--instead of rude remarks and judgment and smirking are making life easier and happier every day for the parents and families of these kids--not to mention the kids themselves, like in this story


Cottonwood Heights, UT

Replacement cheeseburger = $8
Positive PR generated by kindness = Priceless

Steve G.

It's nice to see an uplifting story for a change!

Clearfield, UT

All the talk at work this morning was what a non story this was. Sorry folks I feel the same way. This is not what I watch news for.

Tucson, AZ

@NeilT, if that's the way you feel, then I sincerely pity you and your workplace colleagues. This is what I wish news was more of. What a wonderful story, highlighting human goodness.

Free Agency
Salt Lake City, UT

If more businesses could just understand that *people*--both customers and employees--are the foundation of their business and not profits-above-all, then profits would increase tremendously.

Not that that *should* be the reason for treating people well. But isn't it wonderful that the two do seem to go together?

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