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Is this a sign of things to come in Utah?

Published: Sunday, March 24 2013 11:20 p.m. MDT

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Phoenix, AZ

Why does Utah care about what Arizona does?

Provo, , UT


I'm hoping that that is simply a sarcastic comment. Otherwise you are not looking very bright at the moment...

Kearns, UT

Same stuff waters lawns down in Flagstaff too. No one seems to care.

Plano, TX

Great example of making local use of treated water. The good thing is, it's getting back into natural situations where biota can work it over even more. They'll eventually get to where they're filtering out all the pharms etc and we'll be in a continuous loop where the treated water gets blended in with source in water for all use. Hey, we better do our best as reusing water, because we're all downstream...


With water becoming a scare commodity, we will need to incorporate more of this in the future.

Park City, UT

I think that PCMR uses reclaimed water out of the mining shafts and tunnels. Maybe sewer water is cleaner.

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