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Published: Sunday, March 24 2013 8:40 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Okay, let me point out something. The guy who got shot, Serback, if he had shot Campos and killed him or injured him he would have got off on a self defense charge. Campos chased him down, cut him off and forced him to stop, and then got out of his vehicle with a gun. Serback would have very much been within the law to "let him have it."

Something else, Campos did all this with his daughter in his vehicle. Really? What was he thinking there? The dude is worried enough that a situation might get violent that he has a gun, yet he still confronts Serback with his daughter in the vehicle?

Another thing, there was someone else in Serback's vehicle. Right? I imagine he also testified in court. And he would have had a front row seat, as it were.

Orem, UT

AS the father of a son who was molested, I'm on the side of the Father...Sexual Predator with a gun? Why? He got out with a gun?

How aimlessly we excuse the poor sexual predator...and jail the Dad...lovely. Just lovely.

Praying for the family and the man...holy ghost or not.

Salt Lake City, UT

Most truthful and patriotic:

Call me sentimental, mushy, whatever. I still have to hope that I can find the good and the blessings in whatever circumstance I find myself due to the unexpected paths I may be (and have been)thrown into. Can't imagine going through life with a bitter attitude about the hand one is dealt. I would like to give Mrs. Campos the benefit of the doubt, that as she has chosen to make lemonade out of lemons so far, she will continue to do so. She sets a good example. I wish only the best for her and hers.

West Jordan, UT

Campos shouldn't have let his temper get the best of him and he was wrong for taking his gun out but I don't believe the problem would have been solved by calling the police either. Serbeck would probably still be roaming around with his gun under the guise of neighborhood watch and terrorizing people. The cops would have told Campos the girls were acting suspicious and it was a misunderstanding. We had an incident where a man followed my husband into our neighborhood because of road rage and threatened his life. My husband had done nothing wrong and we called the police as we watched him stalk up and down in front of our house raging and punching his fist into his hand. The man spoke to police first and lied and my husband was threatened with charges. He had done nothing wrong and was depending on police to solve the problem and not take things into his own hands. My husband has a completely clean record. I reminded the police officer we had called and did not engage the man but she just smirked at me. Nothing was done.

Salt Lake City, Utah

@ CWEB: How did the father know the man was a sexual predator? Oh, wait - that's right - he didn't.

The father knew nothing about the men who were following his daughter and her friends. And with this complete lack of knowledge, he put a loaded gun in the car - with his daughter, whom he was soooo desperate to protect, and went looking for the vehicle his daughter said had been following her. When he excited his car, he took the loaded gun with him.

Regardless of which story you buy, he had his gun with him when he got out of his car after cutting the other vehicle off and forcing it to stop.

He knew nothing about the men in the vehicle, or why they were following the girls, and he got out of his car with a gun.

Nothing that had happened up to that point that evening justified his behavior.

Tooele, UT

Can we really trust the Utah Attorney General's Office?

SLC gal
Salt Lake City, UT

I forget why this guy thought leaving the house with his gun was a better option then calling the police???

Sacramento, CA

Thing is, before he shot anybody, he had seen that all the young ladies had made it home. If I understood the article correctly, the only girl out was his own daughter, I must assume to help him find the guy in his vehicle while Daddy drove. That's how I read it. There was no reason, since no girls were in danger, why this dad couldn't have simply called the cops on his cellphone and reported his whereabouts. He could have also reported the information on his vehicle from his home, or done both, whatever the police preferred. It's a shame this had to happen. And as to the presence of guns, did both men have a carry permit? In the real old west, anyone coming into town had to leave their weapons at the Sheriff's office--of course, they couldn't keep dead bodies cold very well in those days...something to think on...

Jackson, TN

This man is a HERO! If the scumbag had gone after my daughter he would have died SLOWLY and PAINFULLY!

Jackson, TN

If he hadn't stopped this scumbag a liberal judge would have had him back on the streets in a few months and he would have been stalking MORE girls.

This man did what he should have done, rendered JUSTICE.


If you want to protect your daughter, you do not bring her along as you confront the suspect. This was about a vigilante acting out his own drama, high on a gun-induced rage state. If he had not been allowed to have a gun, this would never have happened. Support gun control!

Sandy, UT

I believe in the second amendment. I was raised in a home with a father and brothers who hunted and continue to take care of their guns responsibly. That being said, anger and guns are a deadly combination. Police officers are trained for these kind of situations, and vigilante justice is never appropriate. Calling 911 and giving himself time to cool down and think more clearly would have been the right and legal thing to do, since the girls were not in immediate danger. It is so easy to let our emotions get the best of us, especially concerning our children. This is why people unemotionally involved and far better trained with firearms must be allowed to do their jobs.

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