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Published: Sunday, March 24 2013 8:40 p.m. MDT

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Beverly Hills, CA

WHile it is nice they are experiencing some good thing, the mistake by her husband was to leave his own home and pursue when he should have called the police. Would she be saying the same thing if the family had completely come off the rails?

I'd rather not be in jail and be there for my family then let them flap in the wind hoping things turn out ok.

Tucson, AZ

Prayers are with you and your family. You display such an incredible strength. I hope that your husband finds mercy in the court. It is appalling how crime victims are being persecuted and prosecuted.

Bountiful, UT

If he is innocent and this was destined to
happen, this implies her husband had bad
karma he needed to deal with.

That is the other half of what she is saying.

Beverly Hills, CA

"It is appalling how crime victims are being persecuted and prosecuted."

He left his home to look for a man and cut his car off and got out with gun pointed. That is not a lawful act. Had he called police and sat in his home, he would be a free man today instead of a convicted criminal. He is lucky the other guy didn't die or else he would be in jail even longer. Also, if the other guy had died, he would not have been prosecuted for crime against a minor.

I appreciate that the family is trying to be resilient but I am not going to excuse criminal behavior.

If the guy had chased your daughter into your home then by all means use whatever force necessary but that is not what happened.

Diligent Dave
Logan, UT

I've never been charged (or guilty) of anything criminal. However, even in small claims court for me, and in accusations of others in school matters, etc, I have seen enough times when "the law" is not a matter of "justice", but more a matter of "legal zeal". The article is written certainly to favor the Campos side of things. With that said, however, I would, if I were making the decision at his hearing, likely give him, and what happened to Mr Campos in court, the benefit of the doubt. (Not just because his wife is LDS, but mostly because his version of the story, especially given his accuser's apparent other misdeeds, to me, tells me Campos' version is more likely to be the truth. The way that prosecutors prosecute, and the way stories are conveyed via the media, often, IMO, convey to most viewers to believe that what people are accused of is so. I've come to appreciate that VERY MANY of the stories in all media are often distorted at best, and completely misleading and wrong at worse. Judges can and do do many things wrong, and juries can and do often enough misjudge.

Oh My Heck!
Vernal, UT

My heart aches for you, and I do understand how you feel. My husband was convicted of a crime he did not commit, but we could not prove he had not done what our granddaughter accused him of doing. He spent 6 months in jail, on probation for 5 years, and is now on the sex offenders' registry for 10 years. While he was in jail, I lost my job, and it took about 6 weeks before I found another one. He has been through a High Council court, and they found him not guilty, which was a blessing. Doesn't help the legal problems, but it validated what we already knew to be true. I do know about the depression and frustration, and even anger that you feel. But I paid my tithing, attended the temple and church meetings, and we survived. However, it will be a life sentence for him, and for our family, in many ways. And this experience changed our lives in so many ways. We learned to never take each other for granted, and never miss a chance to say "I love you."

Best wishes to you and your family, and God bless.

Ogden, UT

An unfortunate situation brought on by the understandable impulses of a father wanting to protect his daughter.

But storming out of the house with a gun to go on a vigilante chase across the neighborhood when your daughter is already safe with you at home...What other kind of result do you expect? Someone shot. Someone jailed. A morally muddied situation where family members are left searching scriptures for some kind of meaning behind it all. There was no likely positive outcome from Campos's decision, and no defense for it. What he did was inexcusable.

Charlotte, NC

My goodness, what a devastating turn of events, all because one person let his emotions get control over him for just a moment. You would think that somebody smart enough to be a CPA would be wise enough to call police rather than pull a gun. This is what most people would have done and certainly the wise thing to do. But being smart and being wise are all too often independent. My heart goes out to this family. While it is good to try to find some good in situations like this, the only reason it happened is because of very, very bad judgement. Guns and bad judgment are a devastating combination.

Springville, UT

Excessive presence of guns and the accompanying attitude. No good comes from it. None.

Dietrich, ID

A crime is never meant to be. Should of called police. Meant to be I think is justification for a crime.

Cache county, USA

The whole dream home thing is lame.
The CPA went postal.

Kaysville, UT

It will be interesting to see John Swallow's Attorney General Prosecutorial process in this case of he said and they said type of thing. However, gun ownership doesn't mean you can be a vigilante group when cell phones and 911 are only one tap away. If a gun was in a locked box in the bedroom, it doesn't take forethought to get it out and use it and that is the concern for some that are fearful of gun owners taking the law into their own hands.

Neighborhood watch doesn't mean that you are an authorized deputy of the law authority for the area. I had an employee who was a reserve officer in a sheriff's department and authorized to carry a weapon when on-duty. However, when he showed up at work with a weapon he was authorized to have as a deputy on-duty, he was not authorized to have it at his place of employment for me. It was against the law for that and he was let go for that action as it was against the law, since he had other violations of having a weapon and threatening with it.

Mchenry, IL

The point isn't his life changed in an instant. It's that her life and the life of her kids changed in an instant.

Clearfield, UT

This is a perfect example of what happens when everybod is carrying. Guns and out of oontrol emotions are not a good combination. I am not anti-gun. Just concerned that we as a society are moving towards vigilante justice instead of rule of law.

Beverly Hills, CA

As I recall, he could have received a lighter sentence had he apologized but instead he demanded (..by the power of the Holy Ghost) to have the judge set him free. Sorry man, that is not how the Holy Ghost works. If we could link articles here I would.

I support responsible gun ownership. I support neighborhood watch programs. I support the right of a homeowner to do whatever is necessary to neutralized a threat inside a home. I do not support hopping in your car to chase a guy down when your daughter is already in the house. If he had come in the house chasing your daughter then by all means "Let him have it".

Last thing I would do if I were his wife is to bring attention to myself or my family after a mistake like this. If life is good for them great, but somehow this story comes across as missing the point of being preventable. What of the guy shot was shot had been arrested that night for stalking? The charges in the other case may have still come forward. Beats sitting in jail with murderers and rapists, that's for sure.

Edmond, OK

It is relevant that he made a choice to take a gun to go search out a threat to his daughter,but it is also relevant that the man later proven to be a sexual predator also had a gun. And if he had left it up to the police to find the man following the girls, what would they have charged the predator with? There's something to be said for prompt action. If nothing happened that day, the liklihood that a few girls would have been victimized seems pretty high, doesn't it? If my mail had been stolen and my garage burglarized, I'd be doubly alert to threats specifically against my family, too. Why do we think that a bad guy has to bust into our homes before we do anything about it? The predator had made the threat clear by following the girls. I don't argue that once he'd identified the man's vehicle that he should have called the police and the story doesn't mention how many times he fired, but I think the verdict of attempted murder is probably too harsh.

upland, CA

I don't presume to know all of the circumstances in this situation, but visiting him only once a month when you only have to drive three hours? Sounds like there are other reasons you're not visiting the man you love every week...I drive three hours to work (one way)some days!

Cache county, USA

The only problem is, the court got involved.
We need more of this type of thing, to start sending a message to the purps.

Somewhere in Time, UT

I think this man had the best of intentions, but he used bad judgment in what he did. I'm glad the real bad guy was convicted, but Compos should have just called the police that night. I believe he probably told the truth about what happened at the scene, but it would have been better if he had just avoided the confrontation and called the police.

Clue Bay

The sexual predator got out of his car with a gun. If the dad would not of stopped him - what was his intentions? He waa stalking girls and was committed enough to chase them in his truck and get out of his car and flash his gun. This started the self defense dynamics. He was probably shocked that a male got out with a gun also and then it is "He said - He said" claim. The Sexual predator sounds like he was trying to find girls to molest/rape and then it is validated in 2012 with the charges being brought against thie perp that landed him in prison. Under age girls were molested. The dad probably wished he would of called police, but this sexual perp was brazen enough to stay in the area and keep chasing under age neighborhood girls. I know I would of defended my neighborhood. I definitely believe the fathers story and logic more than the sexual perps and would of defended my neighbors daughters as much as my own children. We all just can not stay in our houses while bad things are happening around our neighborhoods.

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