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Published: Saturday, March 23 2013 8:20 p.m. MDT

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Herbert Gravy
Salinas, CA

Please don't be mad to "Naval Vet". He tries so hard.

West Jordan, Utah

Frantic and emotional? Indignant meltdowns? Drama central is the never ending theme. Except the one using these silly words is the one who loves meltdowns and stirred emotions. In fact, he laughs out loud when these emotional things occur (or he supposes/induces they occur). The irritation of others puts a smile on his face.

No, I am not making this up. The relative one puts these labels in writing over and over. Maybe the DesNews should see the writing on the wall and use their censorship criteria set forth and realize this stuff is against their friendly comment protocol. Sometimes I can't help but wonder how selective they are with who they censor.

Is this a BYU paper or a fair community place to read and post equally? Honestly, I wonder if this comment will be censored. Don't mind that their is a little thought behind it other than just mocking people.

Although I wish the red and blue extremists would stop the childish insults, I myself don't favor censorship. But if it is present, say in a forum like this, I expect it to contain equal rejection to all.

Highland, UT


As usual you only have your "indignant meltdown" over one side. Par for the course.

Once you admit that it is not a one sided arrangement then people might, just might, take your "frantic and emotional" pleas seriously.

did you read the very first post on this thread? Did you see the completely unfounded accusation and attempt to denigrate that was in that post? It appears not.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


No cut-&-paste quote from me "demand"-ing anything? Nothing?

So in other words, what you're saying is that you did indeed frantically and emotionally made that up. I thought so. Typical Indy-WACer.

Case closed.


Ammon Olsen is picking up the offense much quicker than the other qb's, has the best arm, and is a great leader and proven winner. Hill is more athletic and runs the ball better and has the experience, but doesn't make as good of reads or pick up the nuances like Olsen does.
Hopefully the coaches keep handing the ball to Olsen, he's been with the one's most of this week and looks very good in practice.
Hill would be a great change of pace qb, but Olsen is a prototypical BYU throwing qb which is what the Cougars need at this point.

Springville, UT


There is nothing worse nor more hypocritical than certain "fans" whining about civility on a BYU story. Geesh.

Thank you for being the straight-up no non-sense person you are. It is much appreciated.

Payson, UT

"Leadership is a trait head coach Bronco Mendenhall values in all his players"

question: if they are all leaders, who is being led?

West Jordan, Utah

Why is it hypocritical Sammy? Are you saying I am uncivil? If so, I deny being that way. It's not my objective to cause unrest. I guess you could say I am "whining" but mainly I seek to make a plea for civility now that you bring it up.

As you know, I am a relatively active Ute poster here. But are you sure you want to lump me in with the red fellows who are extreme? You might be confusing me with others because I have strong opinions at times. But I don't say things to upset anybody and I don't know why you and Duckhunter write that I see it one sided. I have stated for years on these posts that it cuts both ways and that some Ute comments are not nice ones. Sure I focus on your end with Duckhunter because I would like to see him tone it down.

Seriously though, I have always admitted it's not one sided. Ironically, I don't EVER recall you two calling out BYU fans although I could be wrong. So why the beef with me when your kettle needs cleaning on the subject matter?

St. Georg, UT

How is 3 scholarship QB and one walk-on (a starter for 2 seasons)not be an abundance? You should think before you post!

Cougar in Texas
Houston, TX

Naval Vet (and others),
Riley Nelson covers the circumstances around his post-mission transfer in great detail in a BYUtv Cougar Conversations episode back before last season. The interview lasts 50 minutes but the portions relative to his transfer are between the 21:30 and 25:30 marks.

I also encourage you to look up the definition of "recruit" as a verb. Saying BYU recruited Nelson during his mission is inaccurate.

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