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Published: Saturday, March 23 2013 8:20 p.m. MDT

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Cottonwood Heights, UT


"That post was for utah "fans" like yourself and naval who get all worked up and accuse BYU of recruiting kids on their missions, and it worked because you got all worked up about it."

You really need to get out more.

Oceanside, CA

He's the leader "not necessarily by performance". Uh oh,haven't we seen this before?

Idaho Falls, ID

I can tell you this about Hill. He has better size, better speed, and a better arm than Nelson ever had. And if he does indeed have at least the same leadership qualities as Nelson, then he is clearly and upgrade from Nelson. So to all you naysayers, just because Bronco likes the guy and appreciates his leadership qualities, it doesn't make him a lousy QB. Let's reserve judgment at least until the end of fall camp or the opening couple of games.

One thing Hill has going for him. If he performs well at BYU, he already has an "in" with a very successful head coach in the NFL....

I agree that BYU has way too many QB's. Wasted scholarships that could go to the more sparse positions.

Parker, CO

I was super impressed with Hill last year. Given a little more playing time, they would have easily beat BSU last year. He is an athlete. His arm seems fine. Give him a chance to throw the ball and get some reps, and the naysayers will like him.

Roy, UT

Omaha, NE:

"Six quarterbacks and hurting for defensive backs, maybe if one of them wants to play they will ask to move to defense. Once Bronco picks Hill no one else will play for the next three years."
---Taysom himself showed how quickly a qb can be done in by injury...qb's need to be 3 or 4 deep...other 2? maybe a defensive back or two there.
...its the Offensive Line that is key to the offense, if they play well, any of the top three qb's can lead Y to great season.

Syracuse, UT

If you ask Riley you will find out he wasn't recruited by BYU, I like Olsen. I don't see them in practice but I did see Olsen in the state championship game when he was in high school and he is a winner. My brother saw Hill up in Idaho and says the same thing. I guess both are good.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Could be a really dominating year

Frisco, TX

Can we let Riley Nelson RIP? Almost all us were begging for Bronco to put him in when Heaps was struggling. He was not a premiere QB, but he played decent when he was healthy. The problem was the Bronco or Doman continued to play him when he was in pain. He should have never been in the game against Utah, Boise State or San Jose St. I truly enjoyed watching him rally the team against Utah State and Tulsa in 2011. He played pretty well against Washington St this year, but was never the same after the hit against Weber St. The coaches should have sat him until he was well and should have never let him run 15 - 20 X per game.

You watch, he will be extremely successful in real life.

Christine B. Hedgefog
Salt Lake City, UT

Having several quality QBs is a great problem to have. Just be glad that poor recruiting hasn't forced Bronco to put all his eggs from the most important position on the field into a single, fragile, habitually injured basket like, say a Jordan Wynn. And be glad the only backup option available should the starting QB go down isn't a D2 transfer like, say a Jon Hays.

Frisco, TX

Barring injury, Hill will get the starting nod. But it's nice knowing Olsen is progressing so well to back him up. Their styles are similar enough that we won't have to change the offense if we change QBs. Even though they can both run, I hope Anae doesn't call 15 - 20 running plays per game for them.

Does Stewart have a red-shirt available? If so, we should use it unless he moves up to the #2.

Billy Green will likely red-shirt and run the scout team.

It will be another interesting battle to see whether Green or Mangum win the QB job after Hill / Olsen.

Danbury, CT

@ Naval,

I've never heard Riley explain how he was "recruited". No visits. No calls. No contact. No one has EVER explained or proven that any "recruiting" took place. Just third party hearsay. Nice try though making stuff up...

I don't post on Ute articles. Period. You don't need to crank it up on our side. Just cheer for yours.

Now, I may have missed all the places you posted, but you are still in the "wrong" for spending so much time and energy putting down fans of another school. It just sounds like sour grapes in the end.

West Jordan, UT

Children,children, give the Naval guy a break. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Afterall, it's just sports, not life and death or salvation. Relax... And enjoy 3 years of Riley Nelson's sequel. haha kidding. Hill is a great QB, very impressed with him last spring and the 2 games last season of which he went 2-0. Once injured, the risk goes up to get re-injured, so BYU fans need to look closely at the backup race, because he will be the starter at some point

Gilmer, TX

Riley Nelson's "leadership" didn't get the Cougars very far last year. I hope success on the football field means more to Anae than it meant last year to Doman and Mendenhall. I'm quite troubled that Hill is tops for leadership but not necessarily how he is playing.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

Re: idablu

Beyond that, Hill seems to be a lot more QB intelligent than Nelson, along with being much more poised and having a much better presence in the pocket. I think that is likely the biggest difference of all. That doesn't mean he is immune to mistakes (because of the knee incident), but it does mean I think he seems a lot sharper in his ability to make smart on the field decisions, and BYU has lacked that at QB probably since John Beck.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Gilmer, remember? He's recovering from knee surgery? But at that, a much accelerated recovery COULD indicate real focus on doing the hard work to recover as quick as possible. A faucet of leadership, by the way.

You are out of line to indicate that Doman or Mendenhall did not care about success on the field. Cheap shot, and ignorant.

And the season was good last year. Not great, not stellar, but better than some of the neighbors. With a better/healthier qb, it COULD have been top 10, SHOULD have been top 25, but it WAS a winning season and a bowl game. Again. Don't let your bitter disappointment with what COULD have been destroy what was.

And, Wayne? Move on. Time to move on, bro.

Payson, UT

RE:Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

You say Riley Nelson was 'recruited' while on his mission. What inside information do you have that no one else has? Where is your proof? Just because someone repeat a lie don't make it true. If the NCAA has not punished BYU in anyway, if no news paper every found proof to publish facts that BYU cheated then how is it someone in Philadelphia, PA know so much about the recuitement of Riley Nelson. You say we could just ask Riley Nelson. Well Riley has never said that he was never contacted on a mission by BYU. Do you think that the local papers have never ask him that question? If the question has been ask and there was nothing to report what do you think he said?

Highland, UT


1 QB is a sr and this will be it for him, 1 qb will leave for a mission after spring practice, 1 is a freshman and will probably redshirt, and one is a walkon and does not take a scholarship. That means BYU will have 3 scholarship qb's on the active roster next season and one wlakon, hardly an overabundance. You really need to think things through a little bit better before you post stuff.

Highland, UT

naval's "frantic and emotional" post calling someone else out and demanding they admit they are worong is without a doubt the funniest thing I have ever read on these boards.


Rancho Cucamonga, CA


You're wrong about Nelson being recruited by BYU on his mission. I do have inside information about that. His Logan HS coach (Andersen) told me that he would not be returning to USU post-mission, that he would go to BYU even if he had to walk on and/or change positions. He and his father actively recruited BYU before, during and after his mission. He also obtained permission and left at least 2 months before his 19th birthday to facilitate a timely return, in time to get back in shape before Fall camp.

Don't let emotions get the best of you and certainly don't put them on display in your comments. Your attempt to smear BYU and Taysom Hill is what I'm talking about here.

Go BYU!!

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"naval's 'frantic and emotional' post calling someone else out and demanding they admit they are worong [sic]..."

Please cut-&-paste my exact words where I "demand"-ed an Indy-WACer to admit they were wrong. And don't forget the date and time stamp. Can you? No? Well then I guess YOU were wrong too. You frantically and emotional made that up. That was so very Indy-WACey of you.

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