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Published: Saturday, March 23 2013 8:20 p.m. MDT

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Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

"He didn’t blame me for (transferring) even though he was aware of everything that transpired..." -- Taysom Hill

"Even though..."??? What was it that "transpired" that Harbaugh might have held a grudge over? Was Hill referring to him being recruited while he was on his mission?

Rocklin, CA

No Naval Vet, he is referring to Stanford wanting him to leave his mission early as they do not accept mid-year enrollees, forcing Hill to sit out longer than he desired or to transfer.

Spanish Fork, UT

What is it with people like Navel V that just has to find something nefarious in anything BYU? Is there no end to the hatred, jealousy and envy? See PapaSmurf for the answer any intelligent person would find.

Heber City, UT

NavalVet, it helps to have a memory of previous articles and the storyline which was written about Standford wanting to come home early from his mission, which he was not willing to do. Standford, then wanted him to sit around for a semester after his mission before enrolling. This has been covered fairly extensively, both on TrueBlue, BYU apps, the Deseret News and the SL Trib, as well as in the Daily Universe. A true blue BYU fan would remember these stories.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

I forget, how did Riley's great leadership give us any wins, like in the TCU game where he panicked almost every time he got the ball? Oh, I remember, he could field punts in practice, not throw the ball in games. I hope we are not headed for more of the same.

Magna, UT

Quite honestly, I hope Ammon Olson gives Taysom all he can handle.

Naval Vet u already knew exactly what transpired and u already knew there was no begrudging Taysom Hill by Stanford and u already knew about the mid-year transfer situation and u know full well that BYU did not recruit Taysom while on his mission and u already know u are a ute hack but what u don't know is that u'are not funny.

Springville, UT

Exciting news about all of these QBs. Before we know it it will be August.

And by the way folks, our little friend is still mad for not making the BYU golf team, couldn't grow a beard, had to go to Hawaii, had to sit at home and watch BYU during the recent holidays, still hooked on BYU basketball in the NIT and can't find his Utes anywhere on the program guide.

`Maybe now you will just ignore him. LOL

Salt Lake City, UT

That whole quote about Riley is sure to open a can of worms. I think that his leadership was usually pretty good, it was more that he just wasn't skill wise a superstar QB. And I think he knew that. As good of a guy as Lark was, I do not think that he was the answer either though. Look at the bowl game for that. A mediocre showing when it all comes down to it. True, it was only his second start, but the TCU game was only #2 for Riley as well. Anyway. I think we need to move on about the whole Riley thing last season. Hill is the QB now. Support him and move on.

Provo, UT

Cougars need more than just a "leader." been there done that with Riley. We need a leader who can actually hit a target more than 10 yards down field.

Highland, UT

I don't care if BYU did recruit him on his mission, if that is an advantage they have then put it to use. Guys like the lint are just envious of it and that makes me smile.


Hey cougar blue, Naval V has read all these sites. In fact he's usually the first to read a BYU article and comment on them. So yea, he understands and knows the narrative. He just has a deep hatred for his BYU. Really strange how obsessed some people can be.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Duckhunter

Missionaries make a big commitment and a lot of sacrifices to do what they do. It's important to them and it's important to the LDS church that they take their service seriously. It is disrespectful, hypocritical, and probably unethical, to approach kids with the kind of distraction that football provides.

Danbury, CT

@ Naval Vet,

I just want someone to explain to me how a kid is "recruited" while on his mission. Tell me how that works when the only people missionaries talk to are their parents on Mother's Day and Christmas. Did BYU coaches fly all the way to Australia to talk to Hill? I think one of these so-called "recruits" (or his companions) would have squealed by now about a mission visit or a series of phone calls.

Fact is, it just doesn't happen. More likely, there are other reasons that come up (google "Taysom Hill mission" and read the SL Trib article where Hill explains his reason. Quite logical. Kids going on missions have their lives interrupted and more time to think or rethink their direction. If anyone is guilty of "recruiting" perhaps the peer group of missionaries among who are many BYU students make some feel they want to go to BYU. This may change as kids go out at 18 straight from home.

Like most conspiracy theories, some people just want to believe that things are carefully orchestrated and engineered by dark, shadowy agents. Otherwise, how else could things turn out the way they are?

Danbury, CT

@ Naval Vet,

How come I never see you on the articles about Utah? I don't post on Ute stories. Unless I want to congratulate them. We're talking about a bunch of young kids after all, who are awesome (for the most part) goal-oriented over-achievers.

I invite you and your buddies to go click the tab for "Utes" and cheer for your team...the clicks are rather low over there.

Columbia, MO

@Naval Vet

Left BYU but can't leave it alone?

Omaha, NE

Six quarterbacks and hurting for defensive backs, maybe if one of them wants to play they will ask to move to defense. Once Bronco picks Hill no one else will play for the next three years.

Salt Lake City, UT

Yes, Naval Vet, you are correct. You have uncovered one of the biggest recruiting scandals in recent memory--one in which Harbaugh has not yet said one word. Who's keeping him quiet? What does Mendenhall have on Harbaugh? Quite frankly, I am at a loss as to why you have not contacted the national media to dig into the story. I'm sure you'll get to it and give us more detail after you're done completing your research on how the federal government brought down the WTC, etc. Oh--and to save you from another project? We learned who shot JR a long time ago.

Highland, UT


I know what missions are all about and I know BYU does not recruit kids on their missions. That post was for utah "fans" like yourself and naval who get all worked up and accuse BYU of recruiting kids on their missions, and it worked because you got all worked up about it.


Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"...he's usually the first to read a BYU article and comment on them."

If that's true, then you wouldn't have a hard time providing the name of another cougar article wherein I was first to comment. Can you do that? No? How frantic and emotional of you.


"I just want someone to explain to me how a kid is 'recruited' while on his mission."

If you REALLY wanted to know, just go ask Riley Nelson.

"How come I never see you on the articles about Utah?"

I don't know. Because you didn't read the comments on any of the following articles???

(1) The University of Utah football pro day super-cut (Mar. 21 and 22)
(2) Brad Rock: Kruger and Company open for business on Ute Pro Day (Mar. 22)
(3) Utes Football: Utah opens the Erickson era at first day of spring training (Mar. 21 and 22)
(4) Utes set to kick off spring football (Mar. 20)
(5) Utes upset Florida with perfect performance (Mar. 17)

How come I never see you admit when you're wrong?

St. George, UT

So let me understand this, Harbaugh comes to visit a guy he recruited and they still have a great relationship. Does that sound like cheating has gone on?

Somebody is reading to many romance novels.

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