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Published: Friday, March 22 2013 6:35 p.m. MDT

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Eugene, OR

Another excuse to run a story about Mitt Romney.

Whew! I bet you guys were going through withdrawals.

Lindon, UT

If one of our children wants to receive an education at one of the LDS Church schools and is not accepted because of the number of applications received at all of those institutions, SVU would be a great alternative. I would have loved to have had one of my 12 children attend university at that school.

Buena Vista, VA

I am excited. My family and I tried to go to a campaign rally 30 miles away last fall, and we even had tickets, but the last 3 miles took about 2 hours to travel, as the demand was so great and the freeway was stopped, bumper to bumper, and we didn't get in. My 8 year old cried. So Mitt if you read this, to make up for that, while in Buena Vista you should come to our house! And see your bumper stickers still on our cars! (Plus, I had a relative of yours in an SVU class I teach.) We are conservatives and know you were the right choice to get the USA moving again, but unfortunately, "low information voters" didn't agree.

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

Oh what could have been...someone who actually has run a business be president. Oh, I know the tax thing will come up in a thread below so let me make it simple to understand. Mitt made a ton of money, taxed on it the same rate everyone is... Because he re-invested his profits (didn't purchase a hip sports-car, didn't buy himself new threads etc, his gains from the investments he made (again, with his money) are being taxed AGAIN at a lower rate. Yes the things we all wish we could do, he does, so we throw stones at him and call him a cheat. Anyways good luck Mitt, knock it out of the park!

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT


Yet another excuse to criticize running a Mitt story.

Springville, UT

Uncle Rico, love Romney all you like, but you are dead wrong on the tax issue.

Star Bright
Salt Lake City, Ut

I also grieve that we don't have a man who has actually run a business run our country. When I think of what is coming with new taxes and obamacare, it scares me. I wish BYU (my alma) would have him speak at a graduation. BTW-DN - you have a better picture of Mitt in your archives and I surely wish you'd post it. He is a handsome, intelligent man.

Bountiful, UT

It makes me happy to read this. I can't think of a better speaker for ANY university! Mitt may not be our president, but his good examples and wisdom can still make a difference for our troubled country!

Far East USA, SC

"I also grieve that we don't have a man who has actually run a business run our country."
"Oh what could have been...someone who actually has run a business be president."

So then, neither of you would be voting for Paul Ryan or Marco Rubio for president, correct?

And would not have voted for Reagan.

Charlotte, NC

We went to an open house last fall and I was so impressed with the students and faculty. I will send every one of my kids there if I can. President Sybrowski mentioned that even he was surprised when he arrived that they had such a large proportion of students who had declined admissions offers at BYU. SVU is a great place. I wish it had been around when I was in college.

Phillip M Hotchkiss
Malta, Mt

Esquire . Beings you are so sure Uncle Rico is dead wrong. Prove it here and now. Or youe words are void

Orange County, CA


You are dead wrong on the tax issue.

American Fork, UT

Great school (we have a daughter there) great man, great opportunity to hear him speak.

St.George, Utah

We all wondered what Mitt was doing to keep busy these days.

Mark B
Eureka, CA

Will signs expressing any view other than "tax cuts for the rich" be allowed at this event, or will they be confiscated? BTW - I'm sure the DN has at least a hundred pictures of Mitt Romney, all of them flattering.

Ogden, UT

@ThornBirds 11:37 a.m. March 23, 2013

We all wondered what Mitt was doing to keep busy these days.


Actually, we "all" didn't. A lot of us hoped that he would, for once in his life, act for the good of the United States and its people. We hoped he would just go away, keep out of public view, and keep his mouth shut. It's long past the time that he should be inflicting himelf on this country and its people. Enough is enough.

Don't go away mad, Mitt. Just go away. And STAY away.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Uncle Rico
Only his investment profit is taxed at a lower rate. He's not being taxed on the same income twice.

We have had very few non-farming businessowners as President before, but all of them were terrible presidents.

Beaverton, OR

@atl134 - Uncle Rico said that the "gains are taxed at a lower rate". It has been already clarified.

This is one of those times where I wish I could just go and hear the man speak for the love of country, education, and family. Seems like we lack the positive in our media right now. Would love for media to step up and turn that around.

Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

SVU is a private institution and has the right to invite whomever it wishes to speak. Still, I would hope in the name of academic integrity they would invite a balancing voice to speak as well. But I doubt that will happen.

Here, UT

Frankly, I don't want a CEO to run this country, we are NOT a business and government does not function in the same manner as a business.

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