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Published: Friday, March 22 2013 4:45 p.m. MDT

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Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

Truly a gifted player. Next year should be fun to watch. If Carlino can get his act together and BYU can get a gifted big man they would be much improved. The future looks bright for BYU basketball for many years.

Columbia, MO

The word is out. I wish it weren't. Washington had barely two days to prepare for BYU and couldn't come up with anything to harass Haws the way that WCC opponents did. But Mercer has plenty of time to get ready for round 2 in Provo. I'm nervous about what they will do to Haws. I hope he has another 37-point night in him.

Lindon, UT

Haws is the man. Little sister up north wishes they had a scorer half as good as Haws.


Klay Thompson (not Tompson), is in his second year with the Golden State Warriors. Did he come back to play a game with his old college teammates against the old in-state rivals? Come on Dick! Poor reporting aside, Haws is a great player.

Washington, UT

SLS has it right. BYU must have Carlino playing a real, top, high caliber game, and if Davies plays dumb and spends the first half on the bench, BYU is done.


He is a great player and scorer and is only a sophomore. He has a tremendous future.

One correction is needed for this article, however. Tyler tied Jimmer's 20+ point output from his junior year with 22. Jimmer had over 30 games his senior year where he scored 20+ points.

Hayden, ID

The only way to defend Haws is to knock him around and the refs allow it. If the refs call the fouls, Haws scores from the foul line. The only way defenders can stop Haws is if the refs don't call fouls.

Salt Lake City, UT

What kind of name is "Haws"?

Orem, UT

There's little doubt that Tyler will be a huge factor in BYU returning to the Big Dance next season.

Tournament records by conference for this year's Big Dance
Atlantic 10 (5) 6-0
MVC (2) 2-0
Atlantic Sun 1-0
C-USA 1-0
Ivy 1-0
Big Ten (7) 6-1
ACC (4) 3-1
SEC (3) 2-1
West Coast (2) 2-1
Pac-12 (5) 3-2
Colonial 1-1
MEAC 1-1
Big 12 (5) 2-3
Mountain West (5) 2-3
Big East (8) 3-5
Sun Belt (2) 0-2

Orem, UT

"What kind of name is "Haws"?"

A name that will be giving kids on the hill nightmares for many years to come.

Salt Lake City, UT

Borrowed from Snack PAC

Summary after the round of 64

WCC - 2-1(66%)
PAC - 3-2(60%)
MWC - 2-3(40%)

#1 seeds Gonzaga and Kansas both got scares, but survived
#2 seed Georgetown lost to Florida Gulf Coast, a team playing in its first NCAA tournament
#3 seed New Mexico lost to Harvard, a team that won its first NCAA tournament game
#4 seed Kansas St lost
#5 seeds Oklahoma St, Wisconsin and UNLV lost
#6 seed UCLA lost

7 of the Top 24 teams didn't make it to the round of 32

Gonzaga, Arizona, and SDSU appear to have the most realistic chances of making it to the Sweet Sixteen

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

"And so it does with BYU’s Haws in a different way."

Different way indeed... every other player cited made the Big Dance, Haws didn't.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

"In one game this season, the guy guarding him kept giving him uppercuts to the ribs whenever he could sneak them in."

Really Dick? Really?

You, really believe that Haws was punched repeatedly and the Cougar Nation didn't whine about it incessantly.

You really believe that Haws was punched repeatedly and the offending player hasn't been reviled endlessly on the Cougar message boards?

One question... which game? You don't even need to call out the offending player.

Just say which game so the tapes can be reviewed and the veracity of your claim can be verified.

Otherwise, I'll just be left to conclude, yet again, that if it weren't for made up facts the Cougar Nation would have no facts at all.

Alpine, UT

I don't know about the uppercuts to the ribs but I do know that in the Utah game, Tyler was literally taken down on the first two BYU offensive possessions without a foul being called and that set the tone for the night and the rest of the season for teams to play him very aggressively on defense to try to take his game away from him. I have talked with Tyler about this and he freely admits that he was beaten up pretty good by the end of the conference season. Nevertheless, he was still the leading scorer in the WCC and number 10 in the country. His future and BYU's future look very, very bright!

Salt Lake City, UT

Howard S

"every other player cited made the Big Dance, Haws didn't."

LOL at a jealous Utah troll throwing around NCAA tournament smack. When was the last time the Utes won an NCAA tourney game?

As a sophomore, Haws has already played in twice as many NCAA tournament games as the Utes have in the last 8 seasons combined.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


Twice as many? Sounds impressive.

That massive one game BYU advantage is the result of that Tourny run when BYU failed to advance out of the sweet sixteen despite having the the national player of the year.

Well... at least Haws won't have to worry about deep Tourny runs that occupy most of his March schedules.

provo, UT

My Gosh Brother Haws would average 30 pts a game but those dang refs hate us because we are so good!!

Cardston, Alberta

Let's be somewhat realistic here friends. No team can hope to win with only 2 1/2 players scoring in double figures game after game. WE know Haws is good for his average every game. (37 pts vs UW) We know EITHER Davies or Carlino will get double figures as well. Find one more player who scores in double figures EVER. We are not deep at all when it comes to scoring .

Salt Lake City, UT

Howard S.

"That massive one game BYU advantage is..."

Obviously, you're completely clueless about tourney history for the past 8 seasons. Study a little more and get back to us when you have a cogent rebuttal.

Bountiful, UT

WCC done and gone! Gonzaga done and gone! Arizona and Oregon to the sweet 16! PS PAC 12 Teams! Just say'n

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