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Published: Friday, March 22 2013 3:50 p.m. MDT

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Mcallen, TX

Studies like this, perpetuate class divisions.

Successful people shouldn't send their children to college, because it's unfair?

If poor people can create babies, then they can make it through college.

Roland Kayser
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Studies have also found that the smart kids of poor parents are less likely to graduate from college than the stupid kids of rich parents. That's the real tragedy.

Mcallen, TX

You can debate any topic using the words "studies", or "research".

In many cases, these words mean nothing.

Salt Lake City, UT

College education becomes a "class" issue only because we as the public tolerate expensive tuition at public colleges. Funding higher ed so that tuitions are affordable and financial aid for those who need it are available would largely eliminate the reasons why a college education is a class distinction issue.

Roads, bridges, schools, clean air & water, healthcare, you name it - being cheap with these things so we can run the world's biggest military and keep millionaires in their private jets is bad public policy.

Mark l

Government should stop funding failing schools. The education establishment will never have enough money, it always wants more. People won't stop learning without government funded education. It doesn't really cost that much to teach a child to learn, especially when the child wants to learn.

Mcallen, TX

@Blue-tuition is high, because someone has to pay for the poor students coming through.

Poor students have more/many benefits. That's one reason for high taxes. That's not fair!

USS Enterprise, UT

There are also studies out that that show that poor and minorities are put into situations that they are not prepared to handle in college. For example, in one of the studies they looked at what happens when unprepared minorities are sent to elite universities. They drop out and never return because they were never prepared for the work required. However, when similar students start out at community colleges and work towards a degree at lesser universities, they complete their education.

To "Blue" how do you define expensive? For example I would consider paying $10,000/yr for tuition and fees expensive, but for some people, they would consider that a bargain. What is the quantitative meaning of "expensive"?

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